Cross-stitch embroidery: cross-stitch patterns like embroider, for photo program, monochrome for free

Embroidered work can become a true family heirloom, which will be passed on from generation to generation embroidered work can be a real family heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation Photos captures a person at a certain stage of his life. With the advent of cameras - it's especially simple. However, as before, portraits made by hand are especially appreciated. It can be not only painted, but also embroidered images of a person. How to embroider a portrait from a photo - read on.

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monochrome embroidery: scheme

girls persons Before starting to embroider a portrait of a cross, decide - it will be standardcolorful cross drawing or monochrome embroidery. Schemes of such works will differ, so this moment should be considered immediately after selecting a photo.

Monochrome cross stitch is distinguished by a small number of colors used in it. With this technique crosses the whole canvas. Thus, at the output you get a black and white image.

Despite the difficulty in embroidering a portrait, even beginners will cope with it, because monochromy usually uses no more than 4 colors Despite the difficulty in embroidering a portrait, even beginners will cope with it, because monochromy usually uses no more than 4 colors Despite the difficulty in embroidering a portrait, even beginners will cope with it, because monochromy usually uses no more than 4 colors Despite the difficulty in embroidering a portrait, even beginners will cope with it, because in monochromy usually not more than 4 colors are used.

Which portraits look better in monochromy:

  1. Monochromia can be depicted as Chinese ladies, Walking around the garden in their long kimonos. Such works are related to portrait embroidery, but they are rather an ornament of the interior, rather than paintings with historical value.
  2. Female faces also look interesting, if they are embroidered in dark shades. The features of the girls will be clearly visible through crosses of black color. For such works, you do not need to take photos of your relatives, you can use the schemes, free of charge we have.
  3. The ancient graphs and countesses are very noble looking embroidered in black colors. Such works can make your interior more unusual and noble.

embroidered monochrome photos and portraits can be if you do not set a goal, to achieve maximum realism.

Make a chart for cross stitch

portraits to put their idea into practice, and embroidered portrait, wait out all you need to choose an appropriate photo. If you like color works, then you need to have as few extraneous colors as possible in the photo you are about to embroider.

The faces of the people depicted on it must be placed as close as possible to each other, also, the photo should not have any glare.

In order to make a scheme out of the photograph, you will need a special program. There are quite a few of them, but today we will consider the reincarnation of the Fotov scheme using the example of Paterrn Maker.

With the help of special programs you can make absolutely any scheme for cross-stitching portraits Using special software, you can do absolutely any scheme for cross-stitch portraits

How to make photos of the scheme:

  1. First we look at the portrait in Paterrn Maker, subject to 200 cells, Anchor, 90 colors. Brovs liked the drawing, and then 5 times click the button further. Now mark the part of the photo that is most worth paying attention to( of course, this person).
  2. At this stage, you must select the size of the circuit and the thread brand. Usually the size varies from 150 to 250 crosses. Determine suitable for you can be a little experimenting, with the ideal size of the pupils should be clear, and the view should be transmitted. At the same time, the picture should not be very small. As for the brand, experienced masters recommend choosing specifically for this program, Anchor, as it will accurately convey the existing version of the thread. Experiment also with the number of threads.
  3. In the diagram, if you zoom in on the scale, you can see the colors that paint only 3-4 cells on the whole portrait, they do not affect the beauty of the final result, but because of them you will have to buy a skein of additional color threads, so we advise youReplace these areas. To do this, right-click on the selected area and delete it. Next, select all, and in the menu we find the edit, where there are functions fill with the selected color, empty cells in the selected area, full cross. We choose everything and save.
  4. Now extract the schematic. To do this, select the view - symbols in the tab, and in the file tab - export to a graphic file. Print out the resulting scheme in A4 format.

These instructions are very general, so you can create simple embroidery schemes. For a more detailed study of the photo, you need deep knowledge in this program and the ability to work in Photoshop.

Portrait of a cross: prepare tools and materials

To make any embroidery special materials will be needed. They can be purchased at craft shops. They are the same for all works, only the color and the brand of threads are different.

For embroidering a portrait with a cross, it is better to buy a canvas of high quality For embroidering a portrait with a cross, it is better to buy a high quality

What materials and tools are useful for embroidering a portrait with a cross:

  1. Canvas. A portrait is a complicated kind of embroidery, so it's better to take a special fabric, canvas, as a basis. The size of the canvas should be 5 cm more than the size of the embroidery, then the picture will look as harmonious as possible.
  2. The embroidery frame is needed to fix the fabric in a comfortable position. Beginner embroiderers can not do without them.
  3. A special needle for embroidery has a rounded blunt end. She does not rub your fingers during work, and do not damage the fabric.
  4. Colored thread mulina. The number of colors and the number of such threads is calculated by the program when drawing up the scheme.
  5. Scissors and steamer. Small scissors are needed to cut the threads, and the rasparivatel helps you to correct errors in the work in time.

Embroidery of a portrait without all these materials is impossible. After all, for such a complex work you should have everything at hand.

How to embroider a portrait on a photo with a cross

In order not to make mistakes in the process of embroidering, it is better to fill the portrait with fragments. This method is called parking, it is used to work with a large number of colors and shades.

Embroidering a portrait with a cross by parking method will make your work much easier Embroidering a portrait with a cross by parking method will ease your work at times

Experienced craftswomen advise to apply the parking method from top to bottom and from left to right.

The meaning of parking is that you divide the entire canvas into fragments. First you embroider one piece with all the colors, but do not fix it, but park the threads, and only after that go to another fragment.

Master-class on embroidering a portrait with a cross( video)

Embroidery of portraits is a very laborious and laborious work. If you do not know how to work with a computer, then you can order a scheme from people who understand such programs.

Examples of portraits embroidered with a cross( photo)