Cross-stitch embroidery schemes: free of charge vintage, large and small pictures, download by cell

Detailed schemes allow you to embroider with a picture of flowers, which will be an excellent element of the decor of any room Detailed schemes allow you to perform embroidery with the image of colors, which will be an excellent element of the decor of any room. Embroidering with a cross is a favorite hobby of many needlewomen, as a result of this hobby you can recreate beautiful pictures with your own hands. For work, no special skills are required. Enough minimal knowledge of needlework, the ability to read and understand the schemes. Cross-stitch patterns are a kind of graphics of the image of a flower or an entire picture on paper with the help of symbols on individual cells. Each cell corresponds to one cross in the work. Today the girl-needlewoman can not rack her brains on inventing schemes herself.

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Cross stitch patterns with large colors: master class

Tissue. It should be folded four times and the center marked. The middle will be the upper right corner, which should be marked with shallots. Next, you need to determine the location of the circuit on the fabric, and cut off the excess, leaving the edges to 20 cm. Then you need to select the thread and needle.

Needles for embroidery are divided into two categories:

  • Embroidery;
  • Tapestry.

Needles for this job have a blunt end and a large eye. Starting directly to embroider large flowers, you need to use not the full thickness of the thread, but cut in length from 25 to 85 cm, according to the type of cross. The necessary segment should be straightened and dismantled for a certain number of parts. At the end, the nodule is unnecessary, and the thread is secured with a special stitch.

Selecting schemes with the image of large colors is recommended for those people who have experience in embroidering, since they contain many complex elements It is recommended that people who have experience in embroidering choose the schemes with the image of large colors, as they contain many complex elements.

Buying ready-made circuits, the kit includes threads and needles. To make such a purchase is better in daylight, as in poor lighting the color of the threads can be distorted.

Stitches of colors of large sizes are embroidered so that from the underside on the front part corners are displayed. The stitch is sewn, and the needle and thread are stretched diagonally in the opposite corner. Then in the lower right corner we extend the needle from the wrong side. Next, we perform the stitches diagonally in the same way. After the last, we begin embroidering the second part of the cross. To do this, the needle and thread must be passed along the front side from the lower right to the upper left corner. Going to the next cross, you need to stretch the underside of the thread in the lower left corner. To finish the path of the stitches, you must move from right to left. Thus, we perform the stitches of the whole pattern.

Vintage patterns of cross-stitch embroidery:

techniques The ancient embroideries conceal a special charm and mystery. A harmonious combination of colors allows you to imbue with ancient motifs.

In the old schemes basically use two techniques:

  • Petite-point - from French means "small semi-cross".It is embroidered as a simple semicircle, and on the seam seams lie along the diagonal.
  • Petite-stitch is a "small cross".In size, it takes a fourth of the main, i.e. Instead of one it is embroidered 4.

Often on the old schemes for embroidering colors, not one kind of flowers is depicted, but several Often the old schemes for embroidering colors show not one kind of colors, but several

These vintage stitch techniques are used to make the flower natural, and the desired details are rounded. The old schemes were often used by masters of the French and Dutch school of painting. Making only such a paper sample is a painstaking and careful work. Prepared drawing of colors by means of paints transferred very thin brush on a paper so that the painted square was responsible for a stitch of the necessary color. The basis for embroidery is a very thin silk net.

In the application of ancient schemes, you can use a magnifying glass, since this embroidery is very miniature.

Performing such a scheme with a cross, you can get 120-485 stitches per 1 sq. Cm.

Mini cross stitch pattern: flowers

Miniature cross stitch patterns have always been popular for the beautiful home decoration. Mini scheme involves embroidering miniature pictures with a cross. Usually, such pictures require the use of a minimum number of thread colors, so the work takes not too much time. Presented a lot of mini schemes for embroidery of beautiful flowers.

In the mini-scheme, the embroidery process is described in the same way as in the conventional scheme In the mini-scheme, the embroidery process is described in the same way as in the conventional

. The most common schemes are:

  • Violets;
  • Carnations;
  • Gerberas;
  • Poppies;
  • Lily of the valley;
  • Lilac;
  • Sunflowers;
  • Peonies.

Miniature patterns and colors can be used to decorate panels, pads, napkins and pouches with gifts.

Amazing embroidery of mini flowers looks equally unmatched in both paintings and towels.

Flowers: cross-stitch patterns for older children

It's easy to get involved with an embroidered child because this is a very fascinating and interesting activity. To simplify the work, you can buy a ready-made set for children.

For older children, it is better to choose such schemes that require a minimum number of threads of different shades for embroidery.

The set for a child's cross-stitch embroidery includes:

  • Canvas with a finished image scheme;
  • Needle;
  • Threads in the required quantity and required colors.

Very often in the sets of "Masterpiece" as a picture there are flowers - these are quite simple schemes. To create them you need a little threads and their shades. For such embroideries, one or two evenings will be gone. But the result will please not only children but parents, because a child can embroider your own picture yourself.

You can start embroidering flowers anywhere.

The finished work will be an excellent decoration of the children's room and a reminder of their experience in the work. To create a picture frame, you can use watercolor paints or pencils.

Diagram of cross-stitching a child with a flower: where to start

The embroidery pattern "child with a flower" is often recommended for beginner embroiderers. For a basis it is better to choose a cloth of white color, thus the image of the child will be more realistic. Such topics are calming and not too difficult to perform.

Embroidery with a picture of a child and flowers will be a good gift for my mother on March 8 Embroidery with a picture of a child and flowers will be a good gift for the mother on March 8

Necessary material and tools for embroidery:

  • Picture of a child with a flower;
  • Fabric;
  • Needle with blunt end and wide eye;
  • Threads of a mulina or DMC of green, pink, red, beige, black, cream and sand colors, as well as terracotta shades.
  • Embroidery frame;
  • Marker.

Having prepared everything you need, you can start working. It is necessary to use such types of stitches as a full cross and straight stitches. Embroidering, it is important not to forget that the stitches are clear and are located in one direction. It is not recommended to perform wide broaches, since the beautiful reverse side does not come out.

Buy ready-made circuits in a set better in specialized stores. Thus, you protect yourself from the acquisition of substandard threads.

Ready work can be done with a miniature frame made by own hands.

Interesting diagrams of cross-stitch embroidery flowers: two colors

Embroidering a cross, you can decorate the interior of a house or apartment with a painting. More attractive look embroidered with a cross flowers. Embroider them according to one rule, only first you need to think through all the little things that affect the quality of work and the final pattern.

If you plan to use 2 colors in the embroidery, then you should choose those that will radically differ from each other If you intend to use 2 colors in the embroidery, then you should choose those that will be radically different from each other.

Before you start, you need:

  • ;
  • Choose the right fabric;
  • Prepare the required yarn colors.

There is an opinion that embroidering with a cross is too simple to do compared to other embroidery techniques. It is in the stitches of the cross that there is nothing complicated, they look like crossed lines. Although, on the other hand, in order to embroider flowers, you need to pay special attention to the stages of preparation for the process.

Beginning needlewomen should start with a small number of thread colors, for example two, and then with experience you can move on to complex patterns, with a lot of color palette. Quite attractive are paintings with a picture of flowers in pots or spring delicate flowers embroidered in two colors, for example black and white, blue with pink on a light background.

It is very important to do the wrong side neatly, because the work should be beautiful on both sides.

Symbols of colors on cross stitch patterns

There are three types of schemes in cross-stitch embroidery. The difference between them in the way of coding the numbers of threads. They are located on a grid of squares-cells, corresponding to one cross on the canvas.

The symbols on the diagram help to make the work ideal in technical terms Symbols in the diagram help to make the job ideal in technical terms.

Schemes are:

  • Colored .These are images in the form of a diagram visually similar to a mosaic. The color scheme consists of colored squares, as close to the color of the moulin. This scheme is convenient and closest to the finished version. The only drawback of the scheme is the load on the eyes during operation.
  • Combined .The combined scheme consists of colored squares and symbols, which are close to the color tone. This method makes it easier to embroider paintings, in which very similar shades are used. Hints in the form of symbols make it easy to read the diagram and distinguish crosses of a separate color. Such schemes do not greatly burden vision during operation.
  • Black and white .Black and white scheme consists of a set of symbols, where each color is reflected by a special designation. Such schemes are the safest for the eyes.

Usually, for the convenience of notation, schemes are allocated with thick dotted lines on the sites of 10:10 crosses.

For working with small circuits, always use a magnifying glass, so you reduce the load on your eyesight.

Simple embroidery designs with a small number of colors.

Embroidering with a cross is often used in various colors. It can be chic bouquets in a vase, images of flowers in a field or lonely field plants. In such cases, it is convenient to use the minimum number of thread colors.

An excellent option for beginners is a simple scheme that involves the use of 2-3 colors An excellent option for beginners is a simple scheme that involves the use of 2-3 colors.

Quite common schemes in embroidering flowers by cross:

  • Roses .This is an amazing beauty of flowers that delight the female sex. They symbolize loyalty, devotion, love and respect. That is why embroidered roses in the picture will bring harmony into family relationships.
  • Peonies .Lovely and refined flowers, symbolizing well-being, success and joy.
  • Maki .Despite the simplicity, poppies on the general background have an interesting and original look. They in some way serve as a guard and protection against evil spirits.

For image data of plants, green or green light strings and corresponding to a specific kind are required: red, pink, orange, etc.

Before embroidering the fabric should be washed, if it is colored. This method can determine whether it is shedding or not.

How to embroider flowers: diagrams with a cross( video)

Most girls prefer to work with flowers and similar ornaments. Their diversity is very great. Flower miniatures are used to decorate living rooms and bedrooms. Very often, ready-made patterns and embroidery kits can be purchased at igolochka stores. There are specialized shops like a needle in almost every city.

Examples embroidery Cross: color scheme( photo design)