Tapestry panels: large sizes on the wall, paintings of Provence, Corsica in the interior, photo on the lining

Tapestry panel - a work of art, amazing with its beauty Tapestry panel is a work of art amazing with its beauty Variants of solutions in a variety of textures, as well as nothing like a weave of threads and a colorful palette create a unique picture. The light that falls on the picture makes it even more fascinating. The shadow also gives the panel some mystery. Such tapestries can contain a variety of landscapes - from historical events and reproductions of famous paintings to images of a Christian character and the most picturesque corners of the world, still lifes.

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Home decoration: tapestry panels

Any panel from the tapestry carries its information in the image and, admiring the stories, each person receivessteticheskoe fun and opens up something new.

When buying a painting, it is necessary to take into account the purpose of the room. For example, canvases with landscapes or images of animals are suitable for location in the living room.

If you need to decorate the kitchen with tapestry, choose still-lifes and images with flowers. To decorate the cabinet use tapestries with images of the sea landscape or hunting, for example "Corsica" on the lining. The quality of production is guaranteed. The interlacing of the yarns of the web is made densely. The filaments are of different thicknesses. Thanks to this, the image volume and sharpness are created. Tapestry is simply indispensable for decorating an apartment, house or cabinet. Also, such panels are considered a remarkable present for almost any celebration. Giving tapestries to friends, relatives and bosses is a sign of having a taste and good tone.

Tapestry panels will be a wonderful alternative to traditional wall carpets with boring patterns Tapestry panels will be a wonderful alternative to ordinary wall carpets with boring patterns.

A tapestry panel in the interior is an excellent way to decorate a wall in a dwelling. An interesting decor will bring novelty and individuality to the interior of any apartment and not only. All gobelin panels contain a special lining, it has a hole through which the cornice is inserted, by means of the cornice, the tapestry is suspended on the wall. Such a hole, called a pocket, is usually located on top of the panel. There are tapestries that are equipped with a pocket from below in order to weight the picture in order to avoid the occurrence of assemblages and distortion of corners. Thanks to the presence of two pockets to place the panels on the wall easier and faster.

The main curious detail of the tapestry, which made it famous, is in a unique weave of threads that have the ability to reflect the variety of colors under each of the lighting angles.

The buyer can purchase a panel without a frame or in a frame frame, as well as in the design of wood. The decoration underscores the uniqueness of the plot on the canvas, and it must also be combined with other details of the decor in the room. In order to decorate niches of small sizes, narrow tapestry panels fit perfectly into the interior. Large wall hangings look great on a large wall. Above the sleeping area of ​​the room are horizontal paintings of tapestry.

Tapestry panels of large size for interior

Everyone has the opportunity to choose a model panel suitable for the size and price. After all, look at it every day.

The selection determines the tasks to be solved, which must be solved.

Choosing a large tapestry wall, remember that it should be combined with the interior and match the size of the room When choosing a large size tapestry panel, remember that it should be combined with the interior and match the room size

Before you make a purchase, you need to do:

  1. Choose a room where the panel will look the best.
  2. Determine the size of the dwelling in order to correctly choose a tapestry in height and width, without violating the harmony of the room.
  3. To select several panels at a time according to the plot.
  4. Choose the best option, complementing the room in style.

Before you buy a tapestry panel, especially large sizes, you need to think carefully - how it will look in a particular home.

A panel of Provence tapestry for connoisseurs of the beautiful

A competent consultant will help in the correct selection of a tapestry panel for any interior. Catalogs contain an astounding assortment, from which no client will remain indifferent, even the most demanding. It produces a constant update of fresh supplies of luxurious panels for every taste. Without a purchase, no buyer will remain.

After all, a tapestry is not only an excellent option to make your home more refined, but also a gift that will bring to a complete delight a loved one or a colleague at work.

Tapestry panels in the style of Provence impress with its beauty and color saturation

Everyone care about the prices when buying tapestry panels. The supplier interacts with the most famous manufacturers of these tapestry products, so it may not overstate the value of the product and it is affordable and democratic. With delivery across Russia there are no problems - it is made in deadlines. Convenience and time saving customer - in the first place. It is necessary only to issue an order and the interior will play with fresh colors, will please the eyes of the hosts and their guests.

History of the creation of tapestry paintings

The weaving of tapestries began a long time ago. Numerous excavations, chronicles and other sources speak of this. The princely mansions were richly decorated with such tapestries. They were not only an exquisite decoration of the dwelling, but also served as an object for performing magical rites. Centuries earlier, tapestries served as adornments for the homes of nobles and royalty. In our country, under the tsar, the creation of a tapestry of tapestry was not easy to read. Only a skilful master, who sensed a combination of color and design, could create such works of art. Tapestry today will make a room, an office with no attractive walls in a cozy and comfortable space. After all, every woven painting is a true work of art. Tapestry panel will make any room original.

The panels from the tapestry create a special atmosphere in the space - they do not throw themselves into the eyes, but correctly place the accents.

Since ancient times, the tapestry panel was considered a sign of wealth Since ancient times, the tapestry panel was considered a sign of wealth

By means of such paintings from the fabric there is an opportunity to highlight this or that piece of interior. Lighting in the room creates a game of light and shadow on the canvas, which makes the atmosphere more comfortable.

Products look bright and natural due to the selection of the color of the threads and the volume of the image. Tapestries often depict landscapes of marine and forest subjects, cities and so on.

Tapestry panels with landscapes( video)

Tapestry from tapestry today is an indispensable part of the interior, giving an elegant touch to each room and available to a wide range of customers. Tapestries create a truly unique picture. Cloths are produced through high-tech machine tools. Manufacturing is strictly under the control of highly qualified specialists. The range of drawings today is very wide. Gobelins serve not only stylish decoration of the interior of any room, but also a welcome gift for any holiday.

Tapestry panels in the interior( photo)