Ballerina panel: with your own hands a pattern, small on the wall

The ballerina Ballerina's panel will look appropriate in any room

The most favorite and pleasant colors for the eye are pink and blue, but sometimes the kids are delighted by quite unusual combinations: green and yellow, red and gray, etc..
The most important thing is that the colors are not too bright and do not conflict with each other. You can ask the child what shades he likes or watch independently for his preferences. The result of such attention will surpass all expectations.

The kids, in whose room the pictures are, develop imagination several times faster, train memory and attention.

And what if you attach a small room inhabitant to the process of making a panel?For sure after that, admire the masterpiece hanging on the wall, it will be many times more pleasant. Over time, when the child grows up, you can show him a picture, which will now be a pleasant memory for him of his childhood.

How to make a skirt: master-class step by step

The bright accent of any ballerina is his unusual skirt, called a pack. And, if in real life the manufacture of this element of the wardrobe is handled by professional designers, then in the process of manufacturing the panel, the responsibility lies with the master himself. Of course, it is undesirable to involve small craftsmen in the sewing process, but they can observe the process. However, if the child has already passed into the category of school age, to entrust to him this matter, even under the supervision of adults, is quite realistic.

To make a skirt for a ballerina is very easy. You can make it with your child It's very easy to make a skirt for a ballerina. You can make it with your child

Manufacture of skirts is carried out in the following order:

  • Selection of suitable fabric( it is best to have a three-dimensional net or light satin);
  • If necessary, the fabric needs to be slightly starched;
  • It is necessary to cut out a suitable piece of cloth and pull it down with a thread;
  • The received pack should be attached to the waist of the ballerina with the help of glue;
  • Seal the seam with beads or rhinestones.

How to make a 3D ballerina panel( video)

On average, the production of a ballerina panel takes only a few hours. Having become skilled, the pictures can be prepared for every holiday and make them happy with their friends. The most important thing is not to overdo it, because even such a minimalistic picture, with excessive zeal, can be spoiled.

Panel dancer( photo)