Panel on the wall with their own hands: photo in the bedroom, how to make a forged, fabrication and master class, beautiful in the living room

If you want to create in your apartment a unique and original design, but there is no money for this idea, then you can make a picture on the wall with your own hands If you want to create in his apartment a unique and original design, but funds for this idea does not, then you can make a mural on the wall with his hands panel on the wall with their hands do not so difficult. Note that there is no limited rules for the techniques used in decorating the interior using this method. As, however, and materials that can be used to create decor. What are the variations of the panel and how to implement different decor ideas with your own hands from improvised tools?

    • Wall panels in the interior of a modern house
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Wall panels in the interior of a modern house

What basically hang panels on the wall?Is not it easier to do the most ordinary painting, and even do without any additional decor?It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to this question, but it should be mentioned that the wall panel is, at a minimum, a modern trend in the interior. This is a kind of new step in the decor, which is a logical continuation of ordinary paintings.

In addition, with the help of a panel can be:

  • Hide some holes design;
  • Add individuality to the interior;
  • Save on buying finishing materials.

Dimensions of the panel are not limited to any frames - you can hide behind it all the roughing.

With the help of the panel you can hide the unevenness of the wall. Also, you can visually reduce or increase the size of the wall With the help of the panel you can hide the unevenness of the wall. You can also vizulno increase or decrease the size of the wall

The process of creating a mural can all make fun. You can do it even with children in a semi-game form. Moms must take note.

If we talk about current trends, it is now mostly under the panels mean textile modular composition or visual arts( when the whole picture is composed of several smaller, but not necessarily located close to each other), ornament. And examples with photos of such in the same Internet - a myriad of. Just choose and do as you wish.

How to make a picture on the wall in the bedroom

What can be done in the bedroom panel?You need to focus on simple, gentle, you can even say - pastel colors. They will look like a beautiful pelmets, for example, at the bottom of a piece of furniture or cabinet or as individual compositions on the bare wall. It is possible and at all to make a panel from buttons or a paper, the rests of wall-paper.

When creating a panel on the wall in the bedroom, you can show all your creative imagination and ideas When creating a mural on a wall in the bedroom, you can show all their creative imagination and ideas

Popular materials

By the way, the most popular materials for the creation of a panel are:

  • Paper;
  • Beads;
  • Fabric( patchwork - ideal for ornaments);
  • Puff pastry( dried at a temperature of 60-80 degrees);
  • Threads with nails( can be replaced with pins);
  • Tree.

As for crafts for bedrooms, here you can place an image or abstraktsionnye same composition in the same table. Something fantastic, in which dark and calm tones prevail. This decoration is not only complement the atmosphere of rest and sex, but also the emotional state of human sleep.

How to choose a panel on the wall in the living room

The living room is the one that the guest comes first. In most cases, the entire meeting, communication, tea drinking takes place here. And, of course, each of the owners of a beautiful house wants the living room to impress with its interior, decor. With the help of this "reception" you can also demonstrate your social status. That's why the best option for the living room is a forged panel. True, it is not so easy to create it by oneself. In most cases, you will need to contact third-party companies that provide services for the creation of forged products.

Choosing the design, shape and color of the panel on the wall in the living room, you need to take care that it fits into the interior of the room choosing the design, shape and color of the panels on the wall in the living room, you need to take care to make it fit into the interior of the premises

Living room decorate and simple metal panels, which, for example, is in addition to the fireplace. And someone and does stop at steampunk style - it's a kind of union of retro and modern.

In general, the variations are many, and from the bottom of the best can be called panels of:

  • metal( forged - ideal);
  • of Swarovski stones( or a combination of such paintings);
  • Costly fabric, trimmed with precious threads( even silk will do).But it is difficult to work with this material;
  • Glass.

You can make the panel yourself, and you can buy virtually ready-made sets that need only be correctly combined( for example, from the same pictures).

Metal forged panel on the wall: made correctly

Metal forged panels, as a rule, do not attach, but cut into the wall. For him, a preliminary deepening is created. The easiest way to do this is if you use a false wall as a finish. In it, you should make an oval cutout with an electric gun. Otherwise, you will have to use a puncher to prepare a recess for the future panel.

A metal forged panel on the wall is harder to make than the usual one made of paper, beads, fabric, puff pastry, wood or thread with nails Metal forged panels on the wall to make more complicated than the usual paper, beads, fabric, puff pastry, wood with nails or thread

best variations of forged compositions:

  • Ornament;
  • Flowers;
  • Curved abstraction;
  • Addition to the fireplace( can even be in the form of fire).

Naturally, creating such a panel will require the ability to control metal and forging, or at least a welding machine.

Forged panel in the form of an ornament

Probably, this is one of the most difficult variations of the panel. As a rule, they already have it on the facade of the house, and not inside the building. As mentioned above, it can be placed in a special opening or directly attached to the wall with dowels, anchors. For those who with forging on "you", you can try to make an ornament using electric welding. Everything is simple enough - a galvanized sheet is taken, on which any pattern is drawn from above with the help of a live rod.

Forged panel in the form of an ornament will perfectly complement and decorate any room wrought panels in the form of ornament is excellent and complements any room

In carrying out such work should adhere to the following rules:

  • sure to ground the plate;
  • Work only in overalls( insulating layer);
  • Do not change the brand of rods when doing the same drawing( of course, if it is not specifically needed).Otherwise, the depth of welding will be different. As a result, the ornament will be simply distorted.

Textile panel: create a masterpiece at home

The comfortable fabric to create a panel, so the fact that this material is easy to work with. In addition, you can simply use the old remnants of the flaps left, for example, after sewing some dress.

To create a picture you need:

  • Plywood;
  • Pieces of tissue or flaps;
  • Adhesive;
  • Scissors.

Textile panels you can create yourself without difficulty, the main thing - the desire and creative imagination Textile panel, you can create your own easily, the main thing - the desire and imagination

It's not difficult to guess that the panel itself will be placed on the plywood( you can replace any other wood plate).Fabric patches can be stitched, stapled, and then glued to the base. What it will be is not so important. Maybe a Christmas tree, a snowman, a Snow Maiden( on the eve of the New Year), or something fantastic, a simple ornament. The main thing is that I like the "master" who will work on his creation.

Wall panel in the interior of the children's room

When it comes to the children's room, absolutely any variations will be successful here. Cartoon characters, just a bright composition of colorful ornaments or the child's imagination - there are no restrictions at all. And children can be instructed independently, create a panel, for example, on the day of the mother.

Which materials are suitable in this case:

  • Newspaper;
  • Herbarium;
  • Dried leaves;
  • Colored paper and cardboard;
  • Fabric;
  • Buttons.

The wall panel in the children Wall panels in the nursery can be made from the remnants of wallpaper

course, that we should not trust the children to work with hazardous materials, glass-type, different beads and the like. And this is not only a developmental activity, but also simple - fun, interesting. Especially important for toddlers, restless.

Panels with your own hands: a master class in style patchwork

So, patchwork - a patchwork, if we speak in plain language. The master class for its creation implies only an explanation of the methods of connection. If textiles are used, the best option is stitching, with the seam inward. Visually the connection points will be invisible. Although you can beat and seam, giving him some decorative edging.

A knitted panel is also not a bad option. Especially it will be relevant for those who are fond of knitting.

Lovers working with fabric will like the creation of a panel on the wall in the style of patchwork lovers to work with cloth will appeal to the creation of a panel on the wall in the style of patchwork

Only here you need to consider the fact that when mating:

  • connection loops rows runs diagonally( just an extreme number of stretchesFrom one end to the other);
  • It is advisable to select flaps from the same material or at least the same texture.

Again, the final panel - it can be like ordinary pictures of small rags, and just an ornament, a mosaic in a chaotic order. If the wool is sewn, it is desirable to first treat it with a comb( raise the pile), then fix the result with a conventional hair spray or colorless glue( varnish).

The panel itself: a master class from the newspapers

Newspapers are the stuff that everyone in the house has in abundance. Why not use them to create a unique decor?Of course, this option is not suitable for decorating a swimming pool or a bath, but as a temporary decoration - just right. By the way, such crafts are now being taught to do at school.

The panel of newspapers is done quite simply and does not require much time boxes of newspapers is quite simple and does not require a lot of time

option for a panel - a few. The most refined, in the opinion of handmade masters, is a spiral.

done quite easily:

  • few sheets of newspaper twisted into a single tube( not together, and laying out one after the other).In the joints - we glue the paper with a glue pencil;
  • The newspaper is cut into thin strips;
  • From the obtained spirals, any patterns are created, by the type of flower forging.

Panels of newspaper tubules( video)

Similarly created sunflowers, where the stem will be, for example, conventional branch. Naturally, all this can still be decorated with artificial flowers, "drops" of glue, beads - at the discretion of the master.

Panel on the wall with your own hands( photo)