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You can use the money topiary not only for a gift, but also for decorating a room You can use the money topiary not only for a gift, but also for decorating a room. Everyone who has at least minimal manual skills can make a money topiary. Unusual in all respects a gift like a friend, family or boss on his birthday. It is believed that such trees bring good luck in financial matters. Regardless of the goal, you will need to make a sketch to complete the work.

      • Topiary from money: choose the basis
      • Topiary from money: prepare everything you need
      • How to make money topiary by yourself: turn-by-turn instruction
      • Topiary from paper money: secrets of registration
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Topiary from money: choose the basis

The basis of the future composition will be real or souvenir money. The last word remains for the master, but designers recommend giving preference to the souvenir option. It must be remembered that real paper money has a limited lifespan, therefore, under the influence of external factors, the topiary will not last long.

If it is a gift of handmade work in honor of a solid occasion, it is better to use real coins and banknotes If it's a handmade gift in honor of a solid occasion, then it's better to use real coins and banknotes

From a practical point of view, compared to traditional gifts, the money tree has several advantages:

  1. It is not only a gift, but also a beautiful decoration of the office or living room;
  2. Creative replacement of a traditional envelope with money, which is handed over to a wedding or other holidays;
  3. Symbol of happiness and financial well-being.

A correctly compiled project will successfully cope with the production of a monetary composition. It should be as detailed as possible to take into account all parameters of the composition. These are the sizes, patterns and various small decorative elements in their parameters. Subsequently, professionally designed step-by-step implementation will be very useful.

Topiary from money: preparing everything you need

Attention to detail allows you to solve several problems at once. First, it is easier for a beginner to make the necessary adjustments to the composition at the design stage. Secondly, it is possible to determine in advance the required amount of materials. After the final sketch is approved, you can safely proceed to the selection of materials. It starts not with a choice of money, but a pot.

From an aesthetic point of view, similar compositions require a pot of dark red or burgundy color. Such an option will emphasize the official status of the gift.

A made bow in the middle part of the barrel of the topiary will create the necessary visual accent The made bow in the middle part of the topiary barrel will create the necessary visual accent

. Regardless of the complexity of the project, you will need the following for work:

  • From 30 to 35 present or souvenir banknotes;
  • Gypsum;
  • Desirable decorative elements;
  • Floral tape;
  • Small pot;
  • Copper wire;
  • Adhesive gun;
  • Crown preparation.

Among all the mentioned elements, the most time you need to spend on harvesting for the crown. If it is too easy, then under the weight of paper money the composition will constantly fall. The workpiece must not be too dense, otherwise it will be very difficult to work with it. For those who can not build a foundation on their own, you can recommend contacting the goods store for needlework.

How to make a money topiary by yourself: Step-by-step instruction

Having collected the necessary parts for work, it is necessary to place a sketch in a conspicuous place. Creating a composition with your own hands, every step should be checked against the plan. The practical stage begins with the making of a flower from bills. Time will take away a little if the photo or picture of the version you like will be before your eyes. Regardless of the proportions of the flower, it is recommended to fix its individual elements with heat-resistant glue.

Beginners will help to avoid a lot of mistakes, if the manufacturing of monetary topiary in front of him will be a sketch of the finished product Beginners will help to avoid a lot of mistakes if, in the production of a monetary topiary, there is a sketch of the finished product

The following procedure is as follows:

  • A long and durable material creates a temporary stem with subsequent fixation onNem of the flower;
  • Correct fixation of the flower provides for short-term holding of the flower by the fingers in the place of applying the glue;
  • Each succeeding flower is fixed around the base clockwise / counterclockwise;
  • The main stem is made of copper wire, bent 3-4 times. Its high plasticity makes it possible to create any necessary shape;
  • The wire is decorated with floral tape;
  • Remove the temporary stem, and insert the decorated wire into the remaining hole;
  • Secure the free end of the wire in the pot with gypsum;
  • The instruction provides for moderate use of gypsum. It is highly recommended that about 1-2 cm remain from the upper edge of the pot to the lower layer of gypsum;
  • You can put small coins on top of the top layer of frozen gypsum or decorate everything, as if the tree melts on the lawn.

Topiary of paper money: secrets of registration

The code before you is a ready money tree, do not think that the work is done. Visiting the master class or opening a thematic magazine, it is easy to find various options for decorating the pot itself. The simplest of them is connected with the use of paper money. To begin with, they must be twisted into thin and long tubes. They are fixed with glue.

When making monetary topiary, avoid excessive accumulation of decorative elements in one part of the composition When manufacturing money topiary, avoid excessive accumulation of decorative elements in one of the parts of the

. After that, the side surface of the pot is pasted with the prepared tubules. Glue is necessary without gaps.

In addition, designers pay attention to a number of other unusual ways to decorate the topiary:

  • To focus the attention of the person looking at the composition will help the bow. Optimal will use a ribbon of pastel tones;
  • If the resources permit, then the ribbon placed in the middle part of the stem should be decorated with a bead. The size of it should not be too big, otherwise the money trees will not look so attractive;
  • If you receive a money sprout will be a lady, then decorate the sidewall pot of the note can be tied with a bow. It is advisable to use a variant with horizontal strips.

How to make cash topiary( video)

Money topiary is a stylish and unusual gift in every respect. You can make it at home. The main thing is to think in advance everything to the smallest detail. Pedantry will save a lot of time, which could be required to correct many mistakes. A ready-made tree can be presented as a gift to a colleague, friend or relative. If the calendar has no holiday dates, then you can use the composition as a stylish interior decoration.

Money Topiary( photo)