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Topiary in the shape of a heart perfectly suits as a gift for a loved one The topiary in the form of heart is perfect as a gift for a loved one Topiary "Heart" is an interesting and unusual addition to the interior. Jewelry of this type appeared relatively recently, and for the whole period managed to gain immense popularity. Due to this excellent external data, and the ability to create a tree on its own. According to Feng Shui, the topiary brings joy, happiness and financial well-being.

      • Topiary made of coffee heart - beautiful and simple decoration
      • Topiary heart in the heart - an unusual design decision
      • Topiary hearts by their hands: step by step instruction
      • How to make a topiary in the form of a heart or a few basic secrets
      • Master Class for making the topiary in the form of the heart( video)
      • Heart-shaped topiary in the interior( photo)

Topiary made of coffee heart - beautiful and simple decoration

The heart of coffee is an interesting element of decor, which can easily be created with your own hands. First, you need to prepare special materials and tools.

For this purpose, the following mandatory components are taken:

  • Cardboard.
  • Wire.
  • Coffee.
  • Yarn.
  • Wadding or cotton wool.
  • Green paper or paint.
  • Pot.
  • Adhesive.

True connoisseurs of coffee will definitely like the topiary with coffee beans True connoisseurs of coffee are sure to like the topiary with coffee beans

To begin with, you need to draw a heart on the cardboard and cut it, all you need to prepare 2 blanks. On one cardboard glued cotton wool or cotton wool, then they are applied to the second part of the paper. The received heart is wrapped with yarn, it is desirable to pre-treat the surface with glue. Depending on the material, it is necessary to wait for some time until the workpiece has completely hardened. Then you can proceed with further decorating. On the surface of the yarn is applied glue, and coffee beans are applied. You can put them in solid lines, or only partially cover the workpieces.

The trunk is attached to the upper part of the heart. It is made of wire, it can be pre-positioned between two cardboard blanks and cotton wool. This will make it more durable. The trunk is decorated with green paper or paint. Shades can be chosen any, depending on personal preferences.

At the last stage, the topiary is installed in a pot. It is desirable to fix the trunk at the base with coins or pebbles. In some cases, a building gypsum is used, which is decorated after drying. Thus, a unique coffee tree is created.

Topiary heart in the heart - an unusual design decision

Decorative trees created by their own hands are gradually gaining popularity. This is due to its simplicity in manufacturing, and the opportunity to beautifully decorate the apartment, without the special financial costs. Especially popular is the technique of facing. Thanks to it you can create interesting compositions, in particular in the form of a heart.

Topiary with two hearts is perfect as a gift for newlyweds at the wedding.

The facepiece is a three-dimensional appliqué based on crepe or corrugated paper. It is possible to create an interesting composition of ordinary napkins. Everything depends on the person .

Topiary made of napkins is the best gift, especially if the financial situation does not allow spending. A heart made of wood is a good way to surprise a person, and present him with an interesting gift made with his own hands.

Necessary materials for creating topiary

  • Polyfoam.
  • Red wipes.
  • Wooden skewers.
  • Construction gypsum.
  • Ribbons.
  • Scissors.
  • Adhesive.

To give the room a romantic atmosphere, it is recommended to place in a prominent place a topiary made of flowers in the form of a heart

Create beauty is recommended from the ground up. To do this, a diluted alabaster is poured into the prepared plastic pot. Then a wooden skewer is inserted into it, and the workpiece is removed to the side until it is completely solidified. In the meantime, it is necessary to start creating the heart itself. To do this, the desired shape is cut out of the foam plastic( the use of this material will make it possible to obtain a three-dimensional tree).The end parts are recommended to be pasted with sticking plaster or paper, this will eliminate looseness.

Next, you need to take napkins and cut them into small pieces. Then alternately in the center of each square you need to put the skewer and start scrolling it. Without removing the scrap from the skewer, it must be dipped in the glue, and attached to the foam plastic blank. Thus, all the heart is covered. Then the finished part is attached to the base, the pot is decorated with bright beads, and everything, on this the manufacturing ends. The result is an interesting element of the decor.

Topiary hearts with their own hands: step-by-step instruction

Every mistress can create a unique element of decor. You do not need to have artistic skills for this. The design and manufacturing process are so simple that anyone can understand this technique.

To make such a topiary, you will need the simplest materials that can be found in every home For the manufacture of such a topiary, you will need the simplest materials that can be found in every home.

The following items must be prepared for the master class:

  • Napkins.
  • Adhesive.
  • Heart shape.
  • Paper.
  • Wire or pencil.
  • Beads.
  • Nail polish.
  • Satin ribbons.
  • Food film.
  • Scissors.
  • Brush.
  • Stones.
  • Construction gypsum.

For the beginning a heart is made. It can be made both from cardboard and cotton wool, and foam. In this issue, everyone decides on their own what to choose. Decorate the heart with napkins. They are glued to the workpiece according to the technique of facing. In addition, the heart can be decorated with beads, which will give it originality.

The obtained elements are interconnected and supplemented with beads, ribbons and stones. In this case, everything depends on the imagination of the person. The manufacturing process of the topiary is standard.

To make the heart shape is very simple with the help of tangles of threads. It is better to choose a red color, and you can diversify the composition with the help of miniature white roses It's very easy to make a heart shape with the help of tangles of threads. It is better to choose a red color, and the composition can be diversified with the help of miniature white roses.

Then it is necessary to start producing the trunk. It can be based on a pencil, wire or wooden skewer. The trunk is placed in the base of the heart and the pot. For strength, it is necessary to pour diluted alabaster into the pot. After hardening it can be colored with colors, beads, paper and varnish. The trunk itself turns into satin ribbons and stains. You can decorate and pot.

How to make a topiary in the form of a heart or a few basic secrets

Topiary make it simple, but you need to know some of the nuances. Pay attention to the main elements, and the materials from which they can be made.

These include:

  • The basis for the crown.
  • Trunk.
  • Reason.
  • Pot.
  • Decorative materials.

As a barrel for the topiary can be an ordinary wooden stick, and for the manufacture of the heart is suitable foam plastic, decorated with petals of any fabric As a barrel for the topiary can be an ordinary wooden stick, and for the heart is a good fit foam, decorated with petals from any fabric.

So, at the base of the crown can lie various elements. It is made of foil, polystyrene, old Christmas toys, cloth or children's ball. The trunk must be strong, for this purpose a wooden skewer, thick wire, pencil, thin plastic or cardboard will do. The base is made of stones, coins, coffee beans, foam, mounting foam, sponge or alabaster.

A pot is the simplest part. It is enough to purchase an ordinary design, designed for indoor flowers. Suitable and round tanks, wooden boxes and containers.

Decorative materials allow you to make the decoration bright, colorful and interesting. To this end, coffee beans, beads, colorful paper, decorative stones, coins, foil, shells and pebbles are used.

There are many varieties of topiary, it's almost impossible to get acquainted with all. The photo in the network is not so small, but each of the presented designs is created according to a standard algorithm and fantasy.

Master Class for Making Topiary in the Heart Style( video)

Topiary from the heart is an unusual decoration. It does not have special design features, but it is unique. Every person is able to create an ornament, it is enough to purchase the necessary materials and "include" the imagination.

topiary in the shape of a heart in the interior( photo)