Topiary of napkins: hands of flowers, photo how to make, master classes for beginners, heart step by step

To make topiary, such everyday items as, for example, wipes For making topiary, everyday items such as napkins are suitable. For example, a topiary made of napkins belongs to the category of very unusual and, at the same time, exquisite souvenirs that you will not be ashamed to leave at home or give to an expensive person. A little perseverance, diligence and patience will become faithful assistants in matters of creativity. To create with your own hands the most real masterpiece is much easier than it seems at first sight to an inexperienced master, moreover, as an inspiration, anything can be anything: quaint pictures, natural landscapes or works of another master. Every creator has his own muse.

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Topiary of flowers from napkins: simple and beautiful

Typically, creating a topiary made of napkins takes several hours. Of course, at first the whole process can take several days, but do not worry too much about this. A couple of works and hands will get used to doing all the actions almost automatically.

But first you need to prepare all the necessary materials:

  • Threads;
  • Stapler;
  • High-quality glue;
  • Wooden stick;
  • Brush;
  • Cotton pads;
  • Acrylic paints;
  • Wipes.

Napkins are the most economical material from which you can perform a variety of forgeries. The problem is that this material is very short-lived, however, with proper storage, and it will be able to please the eye for several years.

As a rule, an ordinary pot, both ceramic and wooden, is taken for the basis of the work. But than to fill it?

The main advantage of napkins, as a starting material - their availability, and the main shortcoming can be attributed to the fragility The main advantage of wipes as a source material is their availability, and the main drawback is the short-lived

There are a lot of options:

  • Gypsum;
  • Papier-mache;
  • Plain paper;
  • Polyfoam.

The last option is the most preferable, in view of the fact that it allows you to get the most straightforward design.

Now we have to do the tree itself. The easiest way to make its base is to pick up a smooth wooden stick, later wrapped in satin ribbon or twine. In turn, the "crown" is made of crumpled paper, thoroughly rewound with a strong thread.

Topiary with your own hands - it's simple, beautiful and economical. And, most importantly, such a souvenir is capable of conquering any heart.

Flower for topiary made of napkins: instruction step by step

Having made a tree and sitting it in a pot, you can start decorating, which is a very fascinating process. Create a flower is not difficult. The main thing is to choose the technology, according to which the actions will be carried out.


  • The usual napkin of the color you like should be folded twice so that the result is a square;
  • In order for the resulting form not to decay, it should be stapled in the middle;
  • Attach to the workpiece an object with a round bottom, to circle it;
  • Cut the circle;
  • Crumble each of the layers of the circle to the middle, forming a flower, but leaving the last layer untouched, which will be attached to the topiary.

Make a carnation from a napkin is not at all difficult Make a carnation from the napkin is not at all difficult

Carnations can be any colors and sizes. Everything depends on imagination and desire.

Classic paper flower

  • The napkin is folded along to make a long strip;
  • The strip is wetted with water and wrapped in a spiral;
  • The tail of the flower is fixed with glue.

It looks interesting combination of large and small colors - spiral. Then the topiary has every chance to play in a new way.

To make a classic paper flower, for example roses, you just need to roll a strip of napkin from a spiral For making a classic paper flower, for example roses, you just need to fold the strip from the napkin


  • You need to unfold and fold 3 wipes of different colors;
  • Short side bend accordion;
  • Tighten the resulting fan thread;
  • Spread both ends of the napkins in one direction and cut at an acute angle;
  • Carefully straightening the product, form petals.

By placing a different number of napkins, the flower can be made more or less fluffy. And, as practice shows, topiarias of flowers always turn out different.

The flower of dahlia can be made with the help of three napkins of different colors You can make a dahlia flower with three different napkins of different colors.

MK: topiary of napkins, decoration of the product

After the master has managed to make all the elements of the topiary or the tree of happiness, you can proceed to the final stage - theirConnection with each other. Of course, for beginners, this process will be rather laborious, but do not be upset. In the end, everything will necessarily happen.

And it's best to start work from below:

  • In the pot or pot, the base of the tree is installed, which is subsequently filled with gypsum and left to dry;
  • On the base of the tree, a pre-prepared ball is placed, symbolizing the crown;
  • Decorative elements are neatly attached to the ball with glue or pins;
  • the bottom layer of pots is decorated with satin ribbons, gypsophila, etc.

To start making topiary is best from below, that is, from the preparation of the base Start making the topiary best from below, that is, with the preparation of the foundation

There is no limit to perfection. Elements of decor can be advantageously arranged among themselves, supplemented or completely changed, resulting in exquisite creations.

What to look for

When teaching beginner handicrafts, all master classes focus on what materials to choose, how to observe the manufacturing technology, etc. However, the instruction is one thing, and the real life is completely different. Getting to work, do not immediately take on the most difficult, even very beautiful option.

It's better to start with a simple topiary, after mastering which will go to the next level of skill.

It is this step-by-step training that gives a very quick result and allows masters to reach unprecedented heights. In addition, it is not necessary to pursue expensive hardware, the use of which is not always justified.

It is better to start with simple options that involve the use of available materials, gradually moving to more complex compositions Start better with simple options involving the use of available materials, gradually moving to more complex compositions

Any topiary is:

  • Self-repayment;
  • Fantasy;
  • Desire to learn.

Napkin Topiary( video)

Napkin Napkin is a simple and, at the same time, an interesting technology that anyone can learn. Different flowers, different color compositions. This simple material is a real gold mine for the craftsmen!

topiary Examples of napkins( photo)