Cucumbers for Siberia in the greenhouse are the best varieties: what are the most yielding, good seeds for the Moscow region, the German beams

For the cultivation of cucumbers in Siberia, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of variety For cultivating cucumbers in Siberia, you must carefully approach the selection of . Cucumbers are the kind of vegetables without which we can not imagine any of your holiday, be it New Year, birthday or any other. On the tables of the vast country and neighboring countries from time immemorial there were pickled cucumbers, canned cucumbers, salads with cucumbers and even pies with cucumber filling. Cucumbers are grown on the open ground beds and in a greenhouse or greenhouse, from early spring to late autumn, and someone can afford not to stop growing their favorite vegetable culture even on the coldest winter days. All this is possible not only for special high-tech equipment of greenhouses and greenhouses, but also for selected cucumber varieties, this choice will also depend on how quickly and often you will be able to harvest from your plantings.

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The best sorts of cucumbers for a greenhouse

It is known that not every plant will survive under uneasy conditions of Siberian weather, but extremely high-living and unpretentious ones. The sun is small, constant high temperatures, suitable for growing cucumber, are practically not observed, this complicates the process of growing vegetables and their ripening.

The best varieties for growing in Siberia are universal or salad hybrids The best varieties for growing in Siberia are versatile or salad hybrids

Consider , what are the common types of cucumber varieties for the territory of Siberia:

  1. Salad hybrids - such fruits are usually ripe, suitable for all kindsFresh salads and for eating fresh. Zelenians are found, both long-bodied, and in the form of gherkins.
  2. Cucumber for salting. It is a type of greens that are excellent for subsequent preservation in cans and storage during the entire winter period of time.
  3. Universal.

Salted cucumbers can be grown, both in summer and winter, are also long and short. Any housewife prefers to use her fruit size for harvesting.2 main cucumber species that can be found in almost any garden, whether in the South of the country or the North, especially when the culture is grown in greenhouse conditions, where the temperature can be maintained at the level of one indicator suitable for each particular variety.

Experience shows that most often cucumber bushes under Siberian weather conditions are grown under conditions of closed landings.

Initially, in order to find a suitable variety of cucumbers, you should decide for yourself which type of cucumber is needed, for consumption in fresh food or for pickling and preparing different snacks?Also it is necessary to solve at once when you want to harvest and in what volumes?This will determine whether it is worth looking for cucumbers early ripening or medium ripeness. If a large family and many relatives, it is best to take high-yield varieties, so that without consequences for yourself you can feed your entire large family. If you live alone or in a small family, it is better to take a variety with an average yield, then there will not be a question, where to put everything that was not used until spring?

New varieties of cucumbers for the Urals in the greenhouse

Let us consider specific examples of cucumber species that should be grown in the Urals, without fear of harvest. Hybrid variety of cucumbers Cupid F1 - specialists classified as early-ripening varieties, well experienced temperature changes, due to this, Cupid can be planted in both winter filmhouses and in the open. This hybrid is self-pollinating, and this is a big plus. In addition, cucumber Cupid F1 is suitable for eating fresh, as the saying goes, "from the bed," and for conservation in banks for the winter.

In order to get a good harvest of cucumbers, you must carefully monitor the growth of plants In order to obtain a good harvest of cucumbers, it is necessary to carefully monitor the growth of plants

The entire plant care complex is classic:

  • Watering;
  • Feeding of plants;
  • Weeding;
  • You can gather cucumbers almost constantly;

Podmoskovnye evenings F1 - this variety is also a hybrid and is great for the Urals. The early-ripening type of cucumbers, on average, yields a harvest for 45 days from the moment of planting. This is a variety with shrubs that are shade-tolerant, that is, they are suitable for cultivation in darkened areas of a garden plot. Hybrid bushes of this variety are resistant to a number of diseases, for example, powdery mildew, olive spot and others. Voyage F1 - a hybrid type, which is related to early maturing. A cucumber is suitable for eating fresh, that is, a so-called salad cucumber. In order to grow Voyage F1, it is better to use a sheltered greenhouse or a corresponding greenhouse, since they prefer heat more and do not require any additional pollination. Hybrid grade Arina F1 - fruits are high-yielding, have high cold resistance, this allows to classify the variety to a group of the best varieties and hybrids of cucumbers for the territory of the Urals. You can eat only as a variety of fresh salads and fresh.

This hybrid variety of cucumbers is resistant to many specific diseases.

These are the most popular hybrid varieties for planting in the Urals. Some are saline, others are suitable only for consumption "from the bush", while each of the varieties is suitable, both for experienced gardeners, and for beginners only.

Which varieties of cucumbers are the most productive for growing in a greenhouse

Many of the gardeners do not quite understand why high-yielding cucumber varieties are needed, when there is not much need for an average family. And what do you do with the remaining non-eaten blanks?It is worth noting that high-yielding varieties were bred not so much for planting at home, as to ensure that it was possible to cover industrial volumes without large expenditures, since from one square of planting of such varieties, it is possible to obtain 15-30 kg of cucumbers.

Quite popular and popular for cultivation in the Urals are hybrid varieties of cucumbers Hybrid varieties of cucumbers

are quite popular and in demand for growing in the Urals. We consider high-yield hybrid species. Zozulya F1 - a hybrid, related to the early ripening. Zelenets has a weight of 250-350 gr. And has excellent taste qualities, there is no unpleasant bitterness.

fruits are universal in terms of use:

  • You can eat directly;
  • Can be used for salad preparation;
  • And you can also use it in blanks for the winter by preservation.

The bushes bear fruit almost simultaneously. By themselves, the bushes are immune to various diseases, for example, fungal, or putrid. Masha F1 - gherkin type, the maximum size of the fruit reaches no more than 11 cm. It has bundles of ovaries. The cucumber is crispy, dense, the taste is sweetish. Cucumbers of this type are ideal for use in salting and preserving. Courage - flowering is a nodule, and one node gives up to 7 ovaries. Fruits are elongated, they are distinguished by light green stripes and white spines. Zelenians can reach a length of up to 16 cm and have a weight of up to 170 grams.

The green has excellent taste qualities, there is no bitterness. Seeds inside the cucumber are small. The cucumber itself is not prone to overripe.

Hermann F1 - bushes tall with weak weaving. Cucumbers are no longer than 11-13 cm, their weight varies from 122 to 185 grams. The green is covered with pimples. Like the hybrid variety Zozulya, is universal in terms of use in food, the fruits are delicious.

Parthenocarpic pollinated sorts of cucumbers for a greenhouse

What are parthenocarpic species of cucumbers?All is simple, this means that cucumber varieties do not require additional pollination, that is, they are so-called self-pollinated varieties. They are great for growing permanently in greenhouses, even in winter.

No less popular are the parthenocarpic pollinated varieties of cucumbers for the greenhouse Equally popular are pollinated varieties and parthenocarpic cucumber greenhouses for

What as of varieties and hybrids should be treated?Define the name of some of the most popular types and varietal hybrids of domestic selection, among which there is a new list:

  • Zozulya F1;
  • Pasamonte F1;
  • Anyuta F1;
  • Green wave F1;
  • Björn F1;
  • Premium F1;
  • Black-cheek types of cucumbers.

These cucumber varieties are popular not only on the territory of our country, but also abroad, in Belarus, in Ukraine due to their excellent taste and ease of care.

best seeds of cucumber varieties for cultivation in greenhouses Moscow

If you have only recently begun to engage in the cultivation of cucumber plants, you can use dedicated for your neighborhood grades that accurately take root and will be well to bear fruit on the ground, for example, varieties that can be planted andGrow on the territory of the middle lane of our country. So we should highlight varietal hybrids, which are grown on the lands of the Moscow region.

For the cultivation of cucumbers in greenhouses near Moscow experienced gardeners recommend choosing early maturing varieties for growing cucumbers in greenhouses suburbs experienced gardeners are advised to choose early-maturing varieties

Here you can find the types of varieties, differing in ripening time:

  • Early-maturing;
  • Medium ripe;
  • Late cucumber varieties, which can be enjoyed fresh even in the autumn.

In addition, it is worth pointing out that it is possible to find varieties like good undersized bushes, so choose tall and medium-middling variants. This depends on the wishes of the gardener, as well as on the possibility of placing the bushes in a sheltered place or in an open area.

Bunch varieties of cucumbers for planting in a greenhouse

There are in view of cucumber varieties with the type of ovary - a bundle. These should include, for example, Ajax. Has a greenery of 8-11 cm, is an early ripening variety, Maturation occurs on 45-50 days from the moment of planting. High-yielding variety. From one square you can collect up to 10 kg.

In greenhouses, you can grow and bunch varieties of cucumbers, which are characterized by a rich harvest can be grown in greenhouses and beam cucumber varieties, which have a rich harvest

There are varieties Tescha, King beds( pcheloopyljaemogo variety Zelentsy length ranges from 7-10 cm, with one ovary can be 3-4Fetus, and from bushes per 1 m2 you can harvest up to 6.2-6.5 kg of harvest), Acorn and Blizzard( at a fruit size of up to 12 cm, from a single square you can harvest up to 15 kg).Such varieties have high reviews, thanks to which you can find out in detail about all the pros and cons of these cucumber varieties, as well as those discussed earlier.

Sorts of cucumbers in the greenhouse( video)

So, the selected variety will depend on how large the fruit will be, and what yields the cucumber bushes will have. Cucumber varieties can be very different even in their place of breeding and selection: Russian, Dutch, Chinese, German, etc

Cucumbers Herman in the greenhouse:. Reviews( photo examples)