Shower cabin with your hands in a private house: shower in the wooden, photo room design, homemade, make and install

If necessary and a great desire, you can make a shower with your own hands If necessary and a great desire, you can make a shower with your own hands The shower cubicle can be installed even in a house made of wood. It is not so difficult, but the material features will have to be taken into account. The tree is considered a capricious material in terms of relationships with water, so high-quality waterproofing will be the No. 1 point in the construction of a shower room.

      • How to start: a shower room in a wooden house
      • Choose a material for a makeshift shower in a private house
      • Modern design of a shower room in a private house
      • Design of wooden shower cabins
      • How to make a shower cabin yourHands( video)

Where to start: shower room in the wooden house

The first thing to do is to come up with a layout. It is necessary to note the places of installation of the booth, washbasin, toilet and bidet. Of course, not all of this can be in the country house, but in principle, to equip such a corner is real. Sometimes there even you can put a washing machine.

It is important that before the installation of the shower tray the walls are already lined It is important that before the installation of the shower tray the walls are already faced with

Usually a shower in the country or in a private house is mounted in a corner or just by the wall. You should consider where the hood will be. Much depends on the size of the room. You can not do so that there is a toilet in front of the door - it's just not aesthetic. Well, if at the entrance to the room looks at the mirror. A mirror, by the way, visually increases the space, which for a small footage of the room is very necessary.

In a small shower room:

  • The more free the floor, the more the room looks, so take care of the free surface of the floor;
  • Give up shelves in favor of niches, so you will also visually increase the space;
  • Sometimes in the niche itself you can put a washing machine, making shelves above it.

Is it compatible with the shower and toilet?The question of personal preferences, at times in a different way and do not. Even in the apartment often resort to this decision. The main thing is that the decoration of the room was qualitative, the layout comfortable, the installation literate, and everything was combined, representing a single interior.

We choose the material for a self-made shower in a private house

Shower cabins can have a pallet, and can be without it. The pallet is, of course, more practical, but it is easier to install the design without the pallet yourself. If the room is small, it is possible to install a shower cubicle with an inclined floor. What is the pallet made of if you decided to install a booth with it?It can be made of bricks or concrete, and then it can be finished with tiles.

Shower trays are an alternative variant of the inclined floor Shower trays are an alternative version of the inclined floor

Glass is often used for the manufacture of a moving system. But this part can also be arranged from other materials. Instead of the same moving wall, plastic cheap curtains are often used.

Material selection for booth:

  • Plain glass. Glass sheets with a thickness of 6 mm are used. In this case, it is recommended that the outer side be pasted with a self-adhesive film, preferably transparent. It is necessary that, in case of injury to the glass, it does not scatter into pieces.
  • Tempered glass. This is the best option, since it keeps the shock load perfectly.
  • Polycarbonate and acrylic. These materials must be framed in an aluminum profile.

Some complicated design elements can be entrusted to professionals, and save only on what you are sure of. It is not necessary to buy a booth if you know that materials and equipment can be purchased cheaper than the finished structure. But in general, the arrangement of the cabin should be equal to modern standards.

Modern design of a shower room in a private house

Maybe you want to see a certain style in the image of the whole house. For example, you want the shower to be in a rustic style, and you can do it. The country style, by the way, there are many directions - from country to chalet.

Wooden shower cabin for the villa is useful to the owner and guests Wooden shower enclosure for the villa will be useful to the owner and guests

If you want romance in such a delicate place, refer to the style of Provence. It can be visualized in any home environment, just choosing the right materials, colors, accessories, creating the right mood.

The style of the loft somewhere resembles a slightly bored high-tech, but it looks fresh. Then the shower room will look a bit like an industrial room or even an attic. And maybe not a little. But the styles that require special chic and glossy, like Empire style, classicism and baroque, are successful only in large rooms.

Design of wooden shower cabins

Wall decoration raises special questions. It is necessary to protect the walls from the influence of moisture. If you leave the walls wooden, cover them with moisture-resistant lacquer. Alternatively, it is possible to use flooring from moisture resistant plasterboard. Recently, very often walls in such a room are finished with aquapanels or panels made of extruded polystyrene. And after that you can paint the walls, trim with siding or tiles.

Many begin to create a booth for taking a shower with their own hands. All materials and work are available, there would be a desire and time Many are starting to create a shower cubicle for their own hands. All materials and work are available, there would be a desire and time

The next moment is quality ventilation. Without it, it is impossible to remove mold and excessive moisture. The simplest device in this case is a miniature fan under the ceiling. It turns on after taking a shower every few minutes.

Taking care of the reliability of the water pipe in the shower room, remember that modern sewage systems are new, durable materials. Doing something from old kinds of old pipes that have seen them is empty. If a new door is installed in the shower room, there is a good booth, but the sewerage and pipes in some kind of self-made skeleton kind of doubtful reliability, how long will this structure last?

Go to to make a shower with your own hands( video)

Make a shower from scratch difficult. But picking up materials, understanding the schemes of water supply and sewerage, shifting the accents of the interior in the right direction, you can save on the services of specialists. At least, a lot can really be done by yourself.