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The oil cooler heats up to a temperature of +/- 60 ° C, so it does not dry the air The oil cooler heats up to +/- 60 ° C, so it does not dry the air. One of the most popular household appliances is an oil heater, without which it is difficult to imagine any private house. Standard panel houses are not always equipped with a normal heating system, so increasingly residents of apartments purchase appliances for heating rooms in the cold seasons of the year. The difficulty is in choosing a heater, because there are a lot of its types.

  • What is the oil cooler
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What is the oil cooler

? In appearance, the technique is similar to a battery in the form of several sections.

The oil cooler is similar in appearance to a conventional battery The oil cooler is similar in appearance to an ordinary battery

Inside the metal case is:

  1. A container with special oil, connected to heating elements. On top, the heater is coated with an anti-corrosive agent that performs a protective function and extends the life of the heater.
  2. In addition, the instrument is equipped with a simple panel, with which you can control the power of the heat. Often an indicator is mounted in the body, indicating that the unit is working, as well as a knob for adjusting the temperature.

The most advanced models are equipped with a special relay that operates when the desired temperature is reached, and the heater is turned off.

This simplifies the use, the only thing that is required from the owner is to disconnect the heater from the network during its absence at home.

The oil heater is also convenient because, thanks to the wheels, it can be moved from one room to another without lifting. The cord, at the same time, is retracted into the compartment, made laterally in the case.

How the oil coolers work

The main working element of any heating structure is the radiator, which is made of ferrous metal. It is made with the help of precise welding, and then pressing.

The circulation of the liquid in the heater evenly distributes the temperature across the device The circulation of the liquid in the heater evenly distributes the temperature of the

The parts are connected in a nipple way and thus leakage is achieved.

When the radiator is ready, transformer oil is poured into it, an electric tubular heater and panels with a thermostat regulating power at different temperatures are installed.

The principle of operation of the device is very simple:

  • When the cord is plugged into the mains, the spiral inside the housing begins to heat up;
  • The technical oil in the container is gradually heated up - it gives heat to the body of the device, in turn, heating the air in the apartment;
  • The maximum temperature that the heater produces is no more than +160 degrees, so it practically does not dry the air.

If a conventional appliance heats air in about half an hour, models with a fan heater produce warm-up much faster.

Technical characteristics: oil heater

Radiators can have different dimensions, weight and shape, not to mention the power. Therefore, it is always possible to choose exactly what you need for a particular apartment or house.

Heaters are divided by capacity depending on the area of ​​heated space Heaters are divided in capacity according to the area of ​​the heated space.

Key features of the device:

  • The hull form can be flat or bulky;
  • Weight categories can range from 5 to 30 kilograms;
  • The height, width and depth of the unit are different;
  • There is a difference in the number of sections - small radiators have 5 or 7 sections, while large ones have up to 12 links;
  • Silver and white color devices are found most often - this is due to better heat output.

An important criterion for any heating technology is its capacity.

It is possible to select a device with the values ​​from 0.5 to 3 kW.1 kilowatt can heat the room, the size of 10 square meters.

For small areas, the use of equipment can be dangerous. If the room is too large, it makes sense to buy two heaters or one powerful.

Practical advice: oil cooler for the house

The house heater must have certain criteria.

You can also choose a radiator according to aesthetic preferences The

  1. First of all, the power of the device is important - it must always be chosen taking into account the size of the room. It is best to choose a radiator with 3 modes of temperature control and a little more powerful than you might need.
  2. The home appliance should have an aesthetic appearance and, at the same time, high functionality. It can be small in size, neat, not bulky, and a neutral color suitable for any room.
  3. If it is a question of heating a children's room, then it's good to choose a safe model with a protective screen. Heaters with dryers and other additional elements are also sold - they can be useful in the home environment.

With standard ceilings for a room measuring 8 square meters, a power of 1 kW is required.

But if the ceilings are higher or lower, the calculation is done as follows:

  • The length of the room is multiplied by the height and width;
  • The resulting digit is divided by 25.

The apartment should always use caution with heating technology. In order to protect yourself and loved ones from the explosion of the heater, you must follow the instructions for use, and when you want to buy equipment, view the rating of certain types of equipment. This will help to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Advantages and disadvantages: the best oil heater

It is important to find the best suitable radiator for your home or office. It's all about comparing different types of devices for different needs. But, besides this, you need to be well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of this technique.

Some devices are equipped with temperature controllers and overheating protection

  1. As all devices are able to generate high temperatures, they are made with safety in mind - this is a closed enclosure thatCan only be heated up to +60 degrees.
  2. In high-grade mode the device can work up to 3 days without shutdown.
  3. Heaters do not take up much space and work noiselessly, radiators differ in harmlessness to human health also because they do not emit fumes, dust, harmful substances and odors.
  4. The devices do not overdry the air in the room, so the constant humidity remains normal( about 50-60%).

You should also be aware of the shortcomings of the heating system:

  1. The heater warms up the room for half an hour, but if you buy a technique with a built-in fan, this process will be faster.
  2. The weight of the whole structure is compensated by easy movement of the room at the expense of the wheels.

Knowing all these details, as well as what additional equipment is equipped with a heating device, you can always find the best radiator for heating an apartment or house.

Purpose and varieties: how to choose an

oil heater

Heating devices can be very different for certain purposes, so it is not necessary to purchase a standard floor heater - you can acquire a technique that can be placed in a wide variety of sectors of the room.

Customer reviews show that this approach guarantees high functionality of the devices, depending on their location.

Radiators have different appearance and a set of options, which greatly affects the price Radiators have different appearance and options, which greatly affects the price of

There are such types of heating equipment:

  • Floor, the most common;
  • Table options for radiators;
  • Equipment intended for wall-to-wall use;
  • Special heating systems for baby cots.

It should be borne in mind that the models are equipped with a fan, humidifying the air in the room, with a built-in dryer, and also with the effect of a fireplace.

The choice depends on what is required for the heated area in the first place. Of course, the manufacturer of this equipment is also very important.

The most modern and safe oil heaters are produced by such companies as Bimtek and DeLonghi. Equally successful is the equipment of the Dutch company General Climate.

Characteristics of oil heaters( video)

If you properly measure all the requirements and properties of heating technology, you can choose the best model for your home or office. The main thing is to correctly calculate the required power and determine the additions. As the equipment is selected for a long time, it is better not to save on such a purchase and take a high-quality model from well-known manufacturers. So you can protect yourself from frustration about the work of the device and always be calm for the safety of household members and colleagues. Examples

oil heater( photo)