Polypropylene pipes: heating technical characteristics, PPR what pressure can withstand, how to choose

Polypropylene pipes occupy a leading place in terms of application Polypropylene pipes occupy a leading place in terms of application Polypropylene pipes are among the latest inventions, now available to everyone. The range of application of the material is large enough, so it can successfully take root in any home. The most important thing is to observe the installation technology and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

    • How to choose polypropylene heating pipes
    • Quality polypropylene pipes for heating: technical characteristics
    • Advantages of polypropylene for heating
    • Material polypropylene for pipe: installation features
    • Selection of heating pipe for heating
    • Characteristics of polypropylene pipes( video)

How to choose polypropylene pipes for heating

Buying pipes is quite a responsibilityconstant prices procedure.

The buyer can cope with it in two ways:

  • Having carried out the transaction independently;
  • Having entrusted the purchase to professionals.

The first option gets a significant savings, because the buyer can choose the product that he likes. However, excessive saving is not recommended, because, according to the famous proverb, the stingy always pays twice.

Pipes for heating have a special reinforcement Heating pipes have special reinforcement

There are several disadvantages here which must be taken into account in the selection process:

  • Time consuming;
  • Costs of forces;
  • Need to get into the question.

On average, the study takes up to one week. It is desirable to highlight the basic nuances and clearly follow the task.

Selection criteria can be specified separately, so that you do not forget yourself and prevent fatal errors. And, the time spent in the beginning will pay off with interest after the purchase.

The second, more simple variant - simply to address to the expert. Not the fact that he will pick the cheapest option and, most importantly, his services will also have to be paid. However, a kind of consolation will be the fact that a qualitative and suitable in all respects goods will be guaranteed.

Quality polypropylene pipes for heating: technical data

The main quality criterion for polypropylene heating pipes is their resistance to high temperatures. The standard pipe can withstand up to 95 degrees Celsius, but there are also specimens capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 110 degrees. At the same time, it is allowed that the operating temperature slightly fluctuates in the greater or lesser direction.

Polypropylene pipes can be easily welded in the desired configuration Polypropylene pipes are easy to weld in the right configuration

The material slightly expands under the influence of high temperatures. It is this fact that is important to consider when designing a heating system.

In addition, the operating pressure in polypropylene pipes is an order of magnitude higher than in standard metal structures.
Another, not less important technical characteristic is the low thermal conductivity of the material, due to which the water in the system practically does not cool.

However, in order for the pipes to really work for many years, it is important to take into account other technical characteristics of polypropylene:

  • The best "grip" is provided by materials from the same manufacturer with similar parameters;
  • The most effective way to fasten parts of a pipe is welding, which should be selected based on the parameters of the products.

If you follow the instructions clearly, nothing bad will happen, and the pipes of the PPR fully justify the expectations.

Advantages of polypropylene for heating

During operation, the polypropylene coolant always fulfills the customer's expectations. At the same time, different brands position themselves quite differently, therefore, the existing proposals may differ slightly from each other.

Manufacturers of polypropylene fully meet the need for the necessary fittings and stop valves Manufacturers of polypropylene fully meet the need for the necessary hardware and valves

However, before making a purchase, it is important to understand the advantages of such an acquisition:

  • The opportunity to save, because the price of the material is fairly loyal;
  • Minimum coefficient of thermal conductivity, so that heat losses are minimized;
  • Impressive life( compared to collet connections).

In addition, when making a purchase, it is important to know and the expected pressure in the system. If it does not exceed 10 bar, you can take thin-walled proposals, the price of which will be even lower. However, most often, they are purchased for cold water supply. If the target is the thermal effect, it is best to purchase works with a wall thickness of at least 2.5 mm.

A distinctive assistant in the choice will be the marking, explaining how much pressure a specific section of the heating system will withstand.

To increase the service life, it is advisable to use reinforced models with fiberglass, which ensure minimal expansion of the material. What is remarkable, they can be used both in private and in industrial conditions.

Material polypropylene for pipe: features of the

The use of polypropylene for central heating systems requires the need for preliminary work. Everything begins with the design of the heating system scheme( choosing the place where it is necessary to put heat carriers), according to which in the future the material will be selected.

Soldering of pipes takes place in a matter of seconds Pipes are soldered in seconds

Here it is important to consider:

  • Locating the system;
  • Estimated temperature( maximum);
  • Potential pressure.

The development of the primary scheme is a key point that must necessarily be carried out by a professional. If you can not do the work yourself, it's better not to risk it, because the maximum responsibility falls on the developer!It is much more reasonable to trust a professional who realizes the project in a matter of hours. The customer will receive guaranteed high-quality work taking into account all individual requirements.

Selection of heating pipe for heating

Selection of pipes - the procedure is simple, but very responsible, therefore a special approach is appropriate here. The system is installed for one year, so the conditions of its operation must be calculated very accurately. The key factor is the price that each buyer pays attention to. It is based on many of the classification of the material.

Errors in heating installation, as a rule, are very expensive Errors in heating installation are generally very expensive

Saving is always good, but sometimes it can be fatal, because:

  1. A good product simply can not cost too cheaply.
  2. "Clearances" usually promise certain flaws in quality, because such a running product does not have any sense to discount.
  3. The price is affected by the diameter, pipe size, wall thickness, etc.- Factors that should not be neglected.

The low-quality goods have no warranty obligations, therefore to return it or to compensate it does not turn out. Will have only to put or overpay for a new one.

Characteristics of polypropylene pipes( video)

Of course, every homeowner independently chooses polypropylene pipes in his own house. However, under no circumstances should you not be vigilant!Low-quality goods entail a huge number of problems!And it's certainly not necessary to risk the welfare of your own home. On average, the PPR pipes can withstand operation for a period of 5-10 years. In order to artificially not reduce it is better to choose a worthy product, which has a high rating among similar proposals.