Heating of a private house: the system and the circuit is autonomous, how to make the wiring for the boiler, the types of heating connections

Water heating is the most common type of heating a private house Water heating is the most common type of heating private houses The simplest is the water heating private house - you can install it without the involvement of qualified professionals in the home. Such equipment is easy to operate, but before mounting it, you need to be well aware of the water supply system, as well as have experience in agreeing technical documentation for installation. Other types of home heating can also be carried out by yourself, but they all have their own characteristics.

    • choice of the heating system of a private house
    • Water heating: how to make heating a country house
    • selection of suitable heating circuits
    • Types of heating the wiring of the boiler in a private home
    • Additional heating system for private homes
    • Air heating system in a private home
    • Other types of heat: how to make the heating in a private home
    • private houses heating: charts( video)
    • Examples heating inprivate house( photo ideas)

choice of the heating system of a private house

The most common types of heating equipment: electrical, gas, oil heating and solid fuel. When the required heating of the house and there is a question about the choice of the boiler, be guided by the following criteria:

Natural gas is the most profitable and convenient type of fuel for heating the house Natural gas is the most cost-effective and convenient form of fuel for heating homes

Compact dimensions:

  • Easy operation, the ability to serviceMaintenance and repair;
  • Home Use Safety;
  • Quick and easy setup;
  • Inexpensive fuel;
  • Economic benefit;
  • Ability to independently mount, and if desired, remake an existing system.

In this regard, you can choose the basic options for equipment, for example, electrical or water. It is quite applicable steam heating of a private house, as well as air, cable, heating with infrared radiators, film systems.

Water heating: how to make heating in a country house

The water heating system is the most popular and popular, in most cases due to the fact that it can be mounted by hand. In private homes, heating is mainly installed within the cellar.

The mechanism of operation of such equipment consists in the circulation of water heated by the boiler to the pipes, which generates heat output of the living area.

In many locations in the pipeline, it may encounter resistance, so the water system is equipped with special valves for additional pressure.

multiloop heaters provide the desired heating each room

In this case, it may be set:

  1. pipe system, in which the looped conduit, as occurs alternately connect radiators. It turns out that hot water also passes through the battery system in turn. And as you pass, it gradually becomes cold. This is the minus of the one-pipe system.
  2. The two-pipe system keeps heat much better, and if you connect the equipment in parallel, you can save a lot on the investment.
  3. When collector wiring is used using a special device capable of collecting a certain amount of water and evenly distributing the coolant through pipes and radiators, this allows you to set a certain temperature in different rooms.

It is true that such equipment, due to the complicated installation, is not used too often - you can install it only by inviting true professionals.

Water heating is notable for safety, but has such drawbacks as large dimensions of radiators, in some cases, the inability to completely hide communications. And in the case of a large area of ​​the room - significant heat loss. In rooms more than 100 m2 you can use air convectors.

Selection of suitable heating circuits

The most preferable in a private house is an autonomous heating system, the main thing is to deal with the coolant. The matter is that when choosing fuel, the question of the cost and payback of the structure is solved almost immediately.

Operate boilers on firewood quite a troublesome occupation operate the boilers with wood rather troublesome occupation

Therefore, before creating heating project, choose the most affordable:

  • Therefore, more private option than gas, not to find;
  • Liquid diesel fuel can be selected;
  • No less attractive are such simple types as coal, biofuel from wood material or peat, ordinary firewood.

Acquire boiler, which is designed for combined composition - solid and gas, it is possible only in case of emergencies, when switching from one coolant to another need only a small alteration of devices. However, such boilers are not very reliable.

When a structure for water heating is required, two single-circuit systems, or one dual-circuit model, are suitable.

Types of heating the wiring of the boiler in a private home

layout - a heating device layout, it determines the further productive work heating. To be guided at its choice it is necessary the sizes of inhabited construction and features of all design. Of course, the type of heating matters.

For each floor of the house it is better to use a separate contour for each floor of the house is better to use a separate circuit

wiring methods are divided into:

  • monotube and twin-tube;
  • With counter-flow fluid;
  • Dead-end;
  • Vertical and horizontal.

Unlike a single-tube one, the two-pipe scheme is more expensive, if only because it takes more material. But it evenly dissipates heat throughout the room, as two radiators fit each radiator.

If we compare the dead-end and associated wiring, the latter is preferable, because it does not cause stagnation, because of what the heat leaves.

With respect to private or country houses, the vertical and horizontal schemes are approximately the same in their effectiveness.

Additional heating system for a private house

addition of water heating using batteries and piping as the heating can be used a water floor heating, which is also a pipe system situated on the draft deck foundation.

Install a warm floor you can not worry about other batteries installing floor heating can not worry about other batteries

Types pipes for this selected:

  • polypropylene;
  • Metal-plastic;
  • Polyethylene;
  • Copper;
  • Steel.

The diameter of these products depends on which water circuit is selected. Qualitatively, the system can be built not only by a specialist, but also by the owner of suburban housing.

To make floor heating efficient and reliable:

  • Mandatory laying - you need to use any heat-insulating material on the subfloor;
  • It is necessary to straighten up the pipes without further bends for further connection to the communications representing central heating;
  • In order not to deform the pipes, when the installation process is in progress, a wiring diagram detailing the location of the contour systems is needed.

All pipes must be welded or soldered for tightness.

Air heating system in a private home

air heating systems - is, in practice, the ventilation devices or heaters strapped to the wall panels. There are models that can be fixed to the ceiling.

Air heating systems are often used to quickly warm up the room air heating systems are often used to quickly warm the room

This can be a stand-alone equipment:

  • Local;
  • Centralized;
  • is an air curtain.

Local air heating - the distribution of heat fans in a single room, this is not difficult, but this equipment dries much air.

Central heating options can be with full and partial supply of exhaust air. Organize the installation of ventilation can be both in the walls and above the suspended ceiling.

Air curtains should be placed near the entrance to the room. Their task is to block cold air masses when the door opens.

Air heating is an expensive pleasure. The principal difference between it and water heating is that the system can not be assembled in an already constructed building.

Other types of heating: how to make heating in a private house

You can also heat a room with steam, electricity, infrared rays. It is possible to arrange heating with water and steam using an electric boiler, convectors, a gas boiler.

In the absence of gas and sufficient power grid, small houses are heated with firewood In the absence of gas and sufficient power grid, small houses are heated using wood

Opportunity Description:

  1. use of steam heating is the same as what happens in the presence of a water system, with the difference that the coolantIs steam. The system requires a boiler that produces steam, as well as water filters. This is a fairly dangerous structure.
  2. The non-volatile system provides for the availability of its own coolant and the use of a gas boiler heated through a heat exchanger and connected to a heat main. A truly independent system is a fully autonomous boiler.
  3. The house can be heated by a heat pump that is environmentally friendly and well saves electricity.
  4. Electric heating appliances - convectors. Modern devices have a large set of options with temperature control. These structures are mobile, quickly installed, but not economical and require connection to the electrical network.
  5. Heating by means of infra-red long-wave beams differs by careful energy consumption and uniformity of heat distribution. However, for installation you need perfect wiring, and before carrying out the work you will need a detailed drawing for the optimal placement of lamps. You can carry out the installation on your own. Maximum efficiency is achieved using ceiling structures. Such heating can be used in the form of additional. An example of the premises to which this option fits is a room for a child or a bedroom in a country house.

private houses Heating: charts( video)

can continue to list the currently existing heating systems - a lot of them. But for every home should choose a heating equipment, which is able to work long and effectively, not to mention the safety of facilities for human health. It is always selected individually, based on the cost, performance, security, and personal preferences.

Examples of heating in a private house( photo ideas)