Boiler house: basic thermal, make-up pump, plant, process, automation of a private house

A properly designed and installed boiler plant will be able to service all necessary communications Properly constructed and installed boiler plant will be able to serve all the necessary communications If the boiler is designed correctly, it will be maintained and the heating system and ventilation, and a supply of hot and cold water. Independently, one can say, no one projects communication. They are oriented at least to the model plan. Depends on his choice of the type of premises to which he is provided.

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What is a schematic diagram of the boiler

In the graphical figure to be reflected all the mechanisms, apparatuses, tools and pipes connecting them. In conventional boiler circuits included boilers and pumps( circulating, makeup, recirculation, network), and accumulator, and condensation tanks. Also, there are provided devices for fuel supply, its combustion, and also devices for deaeration of water, heat exchangers, the same fans, heat shields, control panels.

A well-designed graphic drawing should reflect, first of all, all mechanisms, instruments, apparatus and connecting pipes A well-designed graphic drawing should reflect primarily all mechanisms, instruments, apparatus and connecting pipes

The type of coolant, and also the heat communications, and whatImportant, the quality of water.

Those heat networks that run on water, divided into two groups:

  • Open( liquid at the same time is taken in the local units);
  • Closed( water returns to the boiler, giving off heat).

The most popular sample of the circuit diagram is an example of an open-type hot-water boiler. The principle is that the circular pump is installed on the return line, it is responsible for the delivery of water to the boiler, and then through the entire system. The feed and return lines are connected by two types of jumper - bypass and recirculation.

The technological scheme can be taken from any reliable sources, but it would be good to discuss it with specialists. He will advise you, tell you if it is suitable in your situation, explain the whole system of action. In any case, this is the most important design for a private home, so attention should be maximized.

How to use thermal circuit

boiler thermal scheme helps to monitor the condition and operation of the boiler. Due to flue gases, corrosion of metal coatings of low-temperature or sulphate can not be ruled out. And so that it does not appear, you should monitor the water temperature. It is noteworthy that at the entrance to the boiler the optimum temperature will be 60-70 degrees.

The thermal scheme of boiler-houses with hot-water boilers has its own peculiarities The thermal scheme of boiler houses with hot water boilers has its own characteristics

And in order to increase the temperature to the required values, a recirculating pump is installed. For hot water boilers, you need to ensure that their service life is decent, monitor the consistency of water consumption. Usually the minimum data of this indicator is set by the manufacturer.

To make the boiler work well, you need to use vacuum deaerators. Normally a waterjet ejector will create a vacuum, and the steam used for deaeration is used. But, most importantly, what they fear when installing a boiler house, this is a constant binding to the place. Modern automation simplifies many processes.

Automation and boiler plant layout

Automation makes it possible to use a set of programs that control heat flows. It depends on the regime of the day, on the weather. Including, it is necessary and for heating of additional premises: a game room, a pool.

Automation of boiler houses has become more and more popular lately, because the automation of boilers is the most important part of the boiler plant Automation of boiler houses has become more and more popular lately, because boiler automation is the most important part of the boiler plant

There are some popular custom functions that adapt the work of equipment with an eye to the lifestyle of the owners of the house. This is the usual system for supplying hot water, and the complex of some individual options that are convenient for these tenants are economical. Similarly, it is possible to develop a boiler room automation scheme by selecting one of the popular modes.

Selection of a make-up pump for the

boiler. The make-up pump must develop a higher pressure than in the heating circuit with a relatively low supply. Still, it is not necessary to pump large volumes of liquid for recharge. The selection of such a pump is carried out according to several requirements.

When selected, the characteristics of the pump and heat networks are combined and the operating point of the system

    It should create a pressure that exceeds the pressure in the return CO;
  • Also the head should be able to press the hydraulic resistance of the pressure sensor, the pipeline;
  • Another important criterion is the consumption, in particular, for closed CO, the leakage rates are equal to half of the percentage of the volume of the coolant in the boiler and heating circuits.

At the same time I want to say that it is not very practical to buy such a pump. In the sense that it should not serve only for recharge. It can also perform additional functions, for example, to be a backup circulating pump, and also to be used for pumping and draining water into the circuit.

Which boiler room diagram( video)

If you plan to build a boiler house, it will not be superfluous, of course, to look into the textbook, to remember what is the thermal mechanical system, etc. But you can see the proposed ready-made scheme, discuss them with specialists, and choose the suitable one taking into account all modern possibilities.