Pyrolysis boiler with own hands: for long burning, step by step instruction, for wood, drawings

To understand the principle of the action can be based on diagrams and drawings. But for self-manufacturing it will be necessary to go deeper into the principle of the device. The burner is operated by dry distillation. When the temperature reaches 500-600 degrees, decomposition of the tree begins. As a result, there is a combustible gas and natural coke.

Pyrolysis boiler is characterized by a capacious loading tank and high efficiency The pyrolysis boiler is characterized by a capacious loading tank and high efficiency

Combustible gas is mixed with air. It is this that becomes the trigger for the start of combustion. But for the correct process in the chamber, the optimum temperature should be maintained.

As a result of pyrolysis combustion, smoke is obtained, which is absolutely harmless to the environment.

The long-burner allows maximum use of solid fuel. As a result, there is very little waste. The potential of wood is revealed better, more heat is generated and larger areas can be heated.

Pyrolysis refers to exothermic processes. This is the general name of the class, resulting in the formation of heat. But this heat is used for heating and drying fuel.

Advantages of pyrolysis boilers:

  1. For a long time, a stable temperature is maintained;
  2. Loading hopper capacity;
  3. High efficiency;
  4. Can be used for disposal of wood processing products.

But homemade pyrolysis has its drawbacks. Among the minuses are the large dimensions of the structure, the dependence on electricity and the selectivity of the fuel. When buying a finished system, the high cost of equipment is noted. Do not use damp wood for heating the house. Due to high humidity pyrolysis will be difficult.

A step-by-step instruction on how to make a pyrolysis boiler by yourself

An impressive list of tools is required for operation. You will need a drill, a welding machine, a bulgarian, a fan, a thermal sensor. Also need electrodes, metal sheets, a set of different pipes and steel strips.

The thickness of the steel should be 4 mm. To save on the boiler body use a thinner material.3 mm thick is sufficient.

Using the step-by-step instruction, you can independently make pyrolysis boiler Using the step by step instructions, it is possible to make a pyrolysis boiler

on its own. For the boiler body, high-quality and strong steel is used. Optimal thickness - not less than 3 mm.

After studying all plans and drawings, it is possible to produce a hydrolysis boiler. All the details of the system are cut with the help of a Bulgarian. For their fastening, a welding machine is used. But to do the work correctly will help step-by-step instruction taking into account all the nuances.

Recommendations for pyrolysis equipment:

  1. The hopper must be placed higher than conventional fuel structures;
  2. The burner provides a special limiter for controlling the air supply;
  3. The stopper is made of a pipe section of 70 mm, the length must be greater than the body of the device;
  4. A steel disc is welded to the lower limiter compartment, which creates a gap of 4 cm with the pipe walls;
  5. Installation of the stopper provides an opening in the boiler cover;
  6. The hopper must be rectangular in shape;
  7. The steel cover is used as the door;
  8. The lower attachment has an opening for the removal of combustion products;
  9. To improve the heat transfer of the pipe inside the boiler, it is performed with a slight bend;
  10. The control of the quantity of the heat-transfer medium is carried out by means of a valve.

The correct installation is determined after the first start-up of the boiler. The products of combustion should not contain carbon monoxide. The operation of the boiler provides for a regular check of the tightness of welded joints. It will also be necessary to clean the stove on wood or coal from ash and soot.

Often pyrolysis boilers are used in combination with water heating. But you can try the parallel operation with the air heating system. The air moves through the pipes, but comes back on the floor.

Operation of long-burning pyrolysis boiler with own hands

Setting the correct functioning of the boiler after installation also has its own characteristics. Normally, the boiler does not smoke. Before the first start-up, the boiler is connected to the chimney and is filled with water. The boiler houses a thermostat for monitoring the temperature of the liquid. To mount the thermometer in the boilers are provided special openings.

In order for the pyrolysis boiler to last a long time, it should be properly operated For the pyrolysis boiler to last a long time, it must be properly operated.

Sequence of the boiler:

  1. The fan is connected to the mains and checked for operability. Air flaps should be in the middle position.
  2. A small amount of paper and chips must be placed in the hopper. The doors of the camera will need to be closed.
  3. The choke flap opens, the fan turns on and the paper is ignited.
  4. After the fire, the nozzle is blocked.
  5. Combustion control is performed through the lower combustion compartment.
  6. After boiling the liquid, you need to turn off the fan. The flame will go out and the water will begin to cool down.

Boiler installation ensures compliance with safety regulations. Mount the device better in a separate boiler room. Equipped with a device based on brick or concrete. Provides an interval between the boiler and the walls - from 20 cm.

Pyrolysis boiler by own hands: drawings( video)

Pyrolysis boiler has many advantages. This is a reliable system that allows you to get the maximum amount of heat from the combustion of wood. You can purchase a factory option or make a boiler yourself at home.