Shower tank plastic flat: summer, capacity for a dacha with heated water, how to install a bun

Flat plastic shower tank - great for giving Flat plastic shower tank - great for . Some people think that it's very difficult to make a shower in the country. But you can simplify the task at times, if you buy a shower tank. Moreover, plastic containers are one of the cheapest and most reliable in the market today.

    • How to find a good tank for a summer shower
    • What is the capacity for a shower plastic
    • What are the advantages of a flat water tank
    • What are flat heated shower tanks
    • How to installShower tank plastic flat( video)

How to find a good tank for a summer shower

The tank for a summer shower can be made from different materials. The most practical is plastic. It is inexpensive and quality. One of the main properties of a plastic tank is durability. It can stand for several decades if it is cleaned and looked after in a timely manner.

A variety of models allows you to choose the capacity for the shower of the right size and shape A variety of models allows you to choose the capacity for the shower of the right size and shape

Today, the market is good to find a good one. Especially a lot of plastic tanks from different companies. Plastic is one of the popular and cheap materials. But most importantly, it perfectly preserves the purity of water, and the walls of the tank withstand direct mechanical shocks.

Plastic tanks are:

  • Round like a barrel;
  • Flat.

Which one to choose is a matter of taste and practicality. Dwell on the tank of a particular brand or brand is not worth it. All of them are approximately the same in value and quality. In addition, with an unexpected tank breakdown, you can replace it at any time.

The tank is a complete construction that can easily be moved to another location. At the same time, the old tank can easily be changed to a new one.

You can also find tanks made of metal materials. They are certainly strong and reliable, but also prone to corrosion. Plastic tanks, in turn, are in principle protected from such chemical processes. Plastic perfectly preserves water even for a long time.

When choosing a good tank for your shower, do not fixate on famous brands. Today, the tanks are almost identical. Plastic is a great material for the tank. Choose it. It will keep your water clean, it can easily be replaced with a new one, and also, it can simply be moved to another place in your site.

What is the capacity for the shower plastic

Capacity for the shower plastic can be different. It all depends on your needs. If you want to take a shower every 2 hours, then it's worth taking a bigger tank. If this is not the case, buy a tank of standard capacity.

For rapid heating of water, usually produce plastic tanks of dark color For the rapid heating of water, usually produce plastic tanks of dark color

Plastic tanks are especially popular among gardeners. They are practical, versatile and, in addition, light. They can easily be moved from place to place. Without water, of course.

Today you will meet the most common plastic shower containers with the capacity:

  • 50 liters;
  • 100 liters;
  • 150 liters;
  • AND 200 liters.

200 liters, as a rule, the maximum capacity of the tank. They are usually manufactured in a flat shape. The capacity of 50 to 150 liters usually has a more round shape.

Before buying a container of a certain size, approximately calculate how many liters of water you spend per month.

In order for the water in the tank to heat up in the sun more quickly, dark colored containers are usually purchased. Black color perfectly attracts the sun's rays. In sunny weather, the tank of black color is heated, and accordingly, the water in it also increases its temperature.

Plastic containers are popular for summer residents. It is a material that does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere, the water does not mix with chemicals, during the heating of the tank. That is why such containers are in demand in the summer.

What are the advantages of a flat water tank

There are both round and flat water tanks. A flat tank for water is one of the types of tanks in which water will be stored and heating under the rays of the warm sun. Flat tank is perfect where the round capacity simply does not fit in its size.

Regardless of the shape, the internal design of the shower tank has no particular differences Regardless of the shape, the internal design of the shower tank does not differ much

Both the round shape tank and the flat-shaped tank have their advantages that distinguish them from each other.

The essential advantages of a flat tank are:

  • Faster heating than a round-shaped tank;
  • Size, as it is easy to install on almost any surface and anywhere in the suburban area;
  • Large capacity for water, which reaches 200 liters.

These advantages put a flat tank in front of a tank of round shape. The round tank should always be on a flat and firm surface. Otherwise, it just falls down and slips. In this, the essential difference between the flat form and the round one.

The main advantage of a flat tank is its versatility and practicality.

When you are only going to buy a shower tank for yourself at the dacha, it is first of all to think about where you will put it. Analyze the plane of the earth, its surface, slope, the possibility of ramming the ground, because the tank will crush the earth with its weight.

Having looked at the advantages of a flat tank, you can draw a conclusion between it and a tank of round shape. Round capacity occupies a larger place than a flat one. Therefore, if you want to save space in your summer cottage, then safely take a tank of flat shape.

What are the flat shower tanks with heated

The market today offers summer cotters flat shower tanks with or without heating. The water from the heated tank is much warmer than the summer water. When you are looking for comfort, it is best to consider this type of shower tank. It will help you to warm up the water in a short time.

Having installed a plastic tank with heating in the country, you can take a shower regardless of the weather Installing a plastic heating tank in the country, you can take a shower, regardless of weather

The water in the tank is heated with a heating tubular element. It is the primary element in a flat container. In addition to the significant plus - warm water, there is a minus. It consists in the fact that the tank will have to be put close to the source of electricity. In addition, it is necessary to supply thermal sensors. They will control the process of heating the water to the desired value. It is necessary to install and thermostats.

The main disadvantage of a heated tank is the need for electricity and the installation of additional sensors.

All temperature sensors and temperature controllers will cost a penny. But, you will take a shower under the warm water. Therefore, compare the pros and cons of the heated tank and choose the right solution specifically for your needs.

How to install the shower tank plastic flat( video)

Which tank to choose - a round or flat shape, which capacity - from 50 to 200 liters, you decide. Many gardeners recommend before buying to estimate approximately which tank will be more practical, more compact and more suitable for design in the suburban area. Take into account all these factors and then the plastic shower tank will perfectly fit into your dacha.