Mixer with thermostat: shower tap with thermostat, thermostatic what it is, with temperature control

A huge popularity today use a mixer with a thermostat Very popular today enjoy Thermostat often have problems with setting the right temperature and pressure, especially in the bath or shower. To this end, mixers have been developed with adjustment of these parameters. The thermostat valve also allows you to save on water and electricity consumption.

    • What is it thermostatic mixer
    • The principle of operation of the mixer with thermostat
    • Species Thermomixer water
    • Pros and tap cons with thermostat
    • Features of use of a thermostat faucet shower
    • Choosing a reliable Faucetwith thermostat( video)

What is it thermostatic mixer

most popular among different types of mixer is a device with a thermostat. This design allows you to control the temperature of the water in the shower, sink or bath. At the same time, the functionality of the devices may differ. There are models that can control the pressure of water. The shower mixer is equipped with two control valves: with temperature and head control.

In mechanical versions, parameter monitoring is performed using the buttons. But expensive models have a touch screen or even remote control.

World manufacturers share all thermostats for electrical and mechanical. The first view includes a panel that shows the temperature. The work is carried out by means of a network adapter or batteries.

Thermostatic mixer is a functional device that is also able to control the temperature and water pressure Thermostatic mixer is a functional device that is also capable of controlling the temperature and pressure of water

Classification of thermostats depending on the installation location:

  • Kitchen;
  • For bidet;
  • Bathrooms;
  • Shower;
  • For the sink.

But in the market there are also versatile instruments that are suitable for both kitchen and bath for plumbing. Among the most versatile models the most popular is TSVB-50.At the same time, the way of fixing is different: open and closed. In the first variant, all elements are installed on the selected plumbing. In the closed method, all the fasteners are in the wall, and the control panel is freely accessible from the outside.

The principle of operation of the mixer with thermostat

The principle of operation of the thermostat is quite simple, not too much trouble there. In the case is a cartridge, which is quite sensitive to temperature changes. The material of its manufacture is bimetallic plates with a small amount of wax. These substances are able to change their shape, based on the state of the environment. This is how the cartridge controls the set temperature regime.

Before using the thermostat mixer, you should familiarize yourself with the principle of its operation.

The thermostatic mixer operates according to the following scheme:

  1. The water flow monitoring has 2 positions: on and off;
  2. The ceramic cartridge controls the flow of water in the mixer;
  3. The warm liquid supply limiter allows a maximum of 38 degrees;
  4. The water temperature controller has 2 designations: hot liquid and cold;
  5. Control cartridge for temperature changes.

The adjustment screw is equipped with a safety valve. He ensures that the temperature of the water supply is not more than 80 degrees. This occurs when an unplanned shutdown of cold water is applied. In this case, the unit automatically blocks the installation until the cold water valve is operational.

Safety valve will protect against possible burns in unforeseen situations.

The thermostat is very popular on the market. It is convenient for children and the elderly. Such a device has a wide range of uses. In most Thermomixer mounted in the bathroom, because there is a temperature control is complicated due to the difference of pressures in the pipes with hot and cold water.

Types of water mixers for water

The mixer is a device that separates warm and cold water, and also controls the temperature of the water. In addition, there is control over the intensity of the liquid head. Parameters are set on a special regulator.

You can easily familiarize yourself with the types of water mixers for water on the Internet It is easy to familiarize yourself with the types of water mixers on the internet

The types of thermostats by type of work:

  • Electronic;
  • Mechanical.

Electronic have a special panel that shows the water temperature at a certain moment. The work is carried out at the expense of batteries or a network adapter. It is convenient to set up the necessary parameters with the help of buttons or a sensor.

Mechanical devices do not need power supplies. They are regulated by means of valves and handles.

When choosing a regulating device, it is worth considering the place of installation. There are devices with one orientation( for a bath or kitchen).But there are also universal designs.

Advantages and disadvantages of a thermostat with

Thermostats deserve high popularity among customers. Especially such devices are valuable in families with children and the elderly. In the shower cabins the regulator is necessary because of differences in pressure in pipes with different temperatures of liquids.

The advantage of a water mixer is that it is economical and easy to use The advantage of a water mixer is that it is economical and easy to use.

Thermostat advantages:

  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Easy to use;
  • Security;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Pressure and temperature monitoring;
  • Comfort.

Thanks to this installation, you can monitor the excess flow of hot fluid. Such savings are noticeable when a boiler or a column is installed in an apartment or house. The total water flow also decreases. In this case, the devices have a special economic mode.

Safety is explained by the fact that water will only be within comfortable limits. The person will not collapse boiling water or ice liquid. This issue is relevant for owners of storage boilers.

The device is convenient to use, because the water temperature is not affected by pressure or other indicators of water in the pipeline. The mixer reacts quickly to changes and builds comfortable parameters. The only thing that can affect the operation of the device is the complete cessation of water supply.

The thermostat ensures comfortable use of plumbing fixtures. It guarantees safety for the whole family. In addition, when installing a mixer with a thermostat, you can save.

Among the minuses high cost of the device. But the price quickly pays off itself, because you can save on electricity and water consumption. When installing such devices on each plumbing fixture, you can set up a holistic saving system.

The quality of tap water affects the operation of the device. Over time, the appliance may become clogged. This affects the operation of the thermostat, noise may occur. That's why it is advised to install a filter that will help to avoid such a problem.

The disadvantage is also the difficulty in repairing electrical varieties. It is impossible to carry out such work with your own hands. And it's quite difficult to find an experienced and skilled master.

When buying a mixer with a thermostat, it is necessary to study the water pressure in the pipes and the pressure. In apartment buildings, most often there are low rates. But each device needs a certain pressure, and if it is missing, there is no point in buying.

Features of the use of a thermostat with a thermostat for the shower

The regulating device is installed in the same way as a conventional mixer. Disassemble the old installation and connect the thermostat. The main thing in this case is not to rush, but to do everything as accurately as possible. It is important to properly connect all inputs and outputs with cold and hot water.

Before use, please read the technical data in detail. It is necessary to know the permissible values ​​of pressure and temperature.

It is advised to additionally mount a filtration system to soften the water. This will extend the life of all plumbing. When the crane is installed, it remains to calibrate it. To do this, adjust the temperature on the mixer to match the liquid supplied from the pipe.

In order to properly use the mixer, you must first familiarize yourself with the attached instructions In order to use the mixer correctly, you must first read the attached instruction

Calibration sequence:

  1. Remove the thermostat cover and set the neutral position with the adjusting screw. Then turn on the water supply.
  2. Follow the rotation of the screw when the temperature changes.
  3. With the neutral position, close the cover.

The mixer can then be safely operated. To save a little, the thermostat is purchased separately. In the kitchen, it is mounted under the sink. So all the temperature problems are solved. Water is always supplied at a comfortable temperature.

When choosing the best option, you need to pay attention to European brands. They guarantee quality for the appropriate cost. At the same time, they are reliable structures that will last a long time. But before buying, you still need to study all the quality certificates and licenses. Quality firms provide a guarantee for their products.

Selecting a reliable mixer with thermostat( video)

To control the temperature and pressure of water, a mixer with a thermostat is installed. Such designs are suitable for any plumbing in the house: for shower, bath, sink, bidet. The thermostatic controller is easy to install and use. At the same time, there are a number of other advantages of the device, which determine its popularity.