How to properly weld: weld seams, learn by yourself, electric welding for beginners, how to correctly

To learn how to boil well with welding, you should practice a lot To learn how to weld well with welding, you should practice a lot The moments when you need to weld, there is an incredible amount, and this can be required at home, in the country, in the apartment, in the garage, in any high-rise building, Such areas as construction or repair in the home, as well as in sanitary services, laying water supply and sanitation and not only. To hire specialists to conduct welding work, pleasure is not cheap, but because many prefer to boil the necessary elements on their own. How to do it right?It is not easy to learn how to work with electric welding from scratch, but it is quite possible, and for this you can attend lessons for beginners, purchase a self-study manual for teapots, or use the tips presented below.

    • Recommendations: how to weld the metal
    • Welding options
    • Tips: how to learn how to weld electric welding yourself
    • What defects are worth knowing in order to make the correct weld seam
    • Precautions beforeWelding with electrodes
    • Nuances for beginners in welding
    • How to weld electric welding( video tutorials)
    • Examples of welding seams( photo)

Recommendations:How to weld metal

To weld metal canvases or pipes, you will need to familiarize yourself with safety techniques, study the work process, carefully follow the technology or hire a welder such as a trumpeter.

Many people think that it is quite enough to learn how to use electrodes and how to weld seams, but you need to know all the subtleties of work, especially regarding the connection of 2 different metals and what electrodes are needed.

Before you start welding metal, you need to read the recommendations of experts and see the master class Before proceeding to welding the metal, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of specialists and see the master class

The theory is one thing, however, a practice course is required to start independently weld various designs without oversights and the likelihood of leakage. For example, before welding, each element must be fixed by means of screed, clamps and other elements.

Need to know:

  • What problems can occur;
  • How to avoid defects;
  • What is the welding technology for a particular type of element.

In addition, tackers, or in other words, transverse seams, each of which holds joints, may be required and it is desirable to install them 10 cm apart.

Options for welding seams

There are various types of joints that can differ among themselves in various factors, in particular how the connection of metal products is carried out. It is these very same elements of welding, which are taught to beginners.

The seam can be:

  • Buckle;
  • Lapped;
  • T-shaped.

Welding seams can vary depending on the type of welding machine Welding seams can vary depending on the type of welding machine

The profession of an electric welder is very complicated and sometimes requires too much investment in strength and energy, as welding of metal products can be carried out even under the ceiling. Classification of the seam can be according to where they are located in space, and distinguish vertical, horizontal, ceiling types.

Tips: how to learn how to weld electric welding yourself

It's quite possible to weld steelwork for 1 day by yourself if you know how many electrodes are required, which ones should be used and provided that the product is not too large.

And what else to keep in mind to learn how to cook on your own:

  1. It is important for the welder not only to work correctly, but also to learn the basics, in particular, what mode of operation is required for a particular material, since the metal can be made of steel, alloys or from such fabrics as the color met.
  2. Be sure to learn the methods by which you can make a specific seam.
  3. It is necessary to approach the choice of electrodes and welding wire correctly.

If initially it is not required to become a professional of the highest category, then you can learn welding yourself if you watch video lessons, drawings with seams, and also learn the advice of professionals. Training will be long, but perhaps productive, especially if you gradually try to produce seams, increasing the amount of work experience.

To start welding, you need electrodes and the welding machine itself.

To learn how to cook with welding, it is worth getting the appropriate education To learn how to weld with welding, it is worthwhile to get the appropriate education

Many people prefer to use the reseller, as the equipment can withstand long loads, which allows you to quickly finish the job. At the first attempts to work with welding, it is better to use a real inverter, and only then with a large experience it is possible and any other device. As for the electrodes, it is advisable to choose "3".They are easy to use, and most importantly, they do not overload the electricity network.

In general, welding equipment is divided into types - transformer, rectifier, inverter. Why is the popularity behind the inverters?They are compact in size, light in weight, and it's very easy for them to cope with a beginner. At the first steps to the study of welding, it is worth taking more simple types of metal and preferably even elements, so as not to complicate the task.

Before welding, it is necessary to prepare:

  • Bucket with water;
  • Hammer for knocking down slag;
  • Brush made of iron;
  • Mask, which protects the face and neck;
  • Gloves made of special fabric, impregnated with the composition to prevent fire and burnt the fabric;
  • Special clothes with long sleeves.

Do not forget that the welding business is fire hazardous, and therefore it is strictly forbidden to be near the fuel or flammable objects in order to exclude serious consequences.

Which defects are worth knowing in order to make the correct welding seam

Doing beautiful seams that have an ideal look is not so simple, since even a specialist with extensive experience can not always implement the process as competently as possible. Everything depends not only on whether the rules are observed and whether the angle of inclination of the electrode is correctly selected, but also from a multitude of moments.

It is worth noting that any training manual has data on defects, which you must know.

The correct welding seam looks neat and does not differ in thickness in different places The correct weld seam looks neat and does not differ in thickness in different places.

There are critical, and there are not critical, that is, those that can be left without additional processing. We learn how to distinguish a quality seam from a substandard and why defects occur.


  1. Defrost is a defect in which insufficient filling of the joint space with liquid metal has occurred, this affects the strength of the joint. The cause may be a weak voltage, too much speed with which the electrode moves. After the current is corrected and the arc is shortened in length, the defect should be eliminated.
  2. Undercut. This defect indicates the presence of a groove running along the seam. The reason may again be too long arc, due to which the seam is not just bad, but wide. This leads to incomplete heating of the metal, due to which the edges begin to harden quickly. To eliminate the problem, it is worthwhile to reduce the length of the arc and increase the amperage.
  3. Burns are through holes at the joints. The cause is high current, if the electrode is slowly driven, and the gaps between the ends of the parts are too large. The defect can be eliminated by correcting the welding mode.
  4. If pores are formed on the seam, chaotically scattered over the entire length of the joint, this is due to the presence of a draft in the room, which causes the gas cloud to blow off the work area or, if the metal is rusted.

There are other defects in the form of cracks, or simply burst seam, it occurs immediately after the metal has cooled. They can be longitudinal and transverse. Depending on when they were formed, they are cold and hot.

Precautions before welding with

electrodes. Regardless of where manual electric arc camping welding is used by one's own hands, safety measures must be observed, which shows each welding workbook.


  1. It is strictly prohibited to use arc welding in frost and in a room with high humidity.
  2. Mask and protective shield must be present, which will protect your eyes from burns.
  3. Clothing should be with special impregnation, with which sparks and drops of hot metal will roll down.

When welding metal, it is necessary to use a protective mask When welding metal, a protective mask

must always be used. The hands must be covered with suede gloves or special canvas mittens. Due to the fact that welding works are carried out at high temperature and the probability of ignition is very high, the process should be carried out where there is water or a fire extinguisher nearby.

Nuances for beginners in welding

There are a lot of tips and secrets for every craftsman in the welding business, but there are a number of general instructions, guided by which you can work and place seams practically on a professional level, even with self-study.


  1. It is necessary to remember the grounding, namely, there is a special clamp, which you need to tightly attach to the part.
  2. The cable insulation must be checked and how thoroughly it is charged into the part.
  3. Once the mass is connected, the current is selected, this depends on the type of electrodes and the material.
  4. Before igniting the arc, it is necessary to install the electrode relative to the material at an angle of 60 °.

The principle of operation of welding and the scheme of work are not too complicated. Namely, if you start to slowly drive the electrode over the metal, sparks will start to form, which indicates the formation of a welding arc. To make it happen, the electrode should be held so that the space between it and the web is 5 mm.

During the work, the electrode will burn out, but do not rush it.

Beginners need to start making small welding seams Beginners need to start small welding seams for the beginning

The speed with which to apply the seam depends on whether it is thin or thick. When sticking the electrode, it's enough just to tilt or tilt it to the side. Reception simple, but effective. It is worth noting that there is such a term as a welding bath, and it can have different sizes. For example, the width is 8-15 mm, the length is 10-30 mm, the depth is 6 mm.

Format depends on:

  • Locations - indoors or in space;
  • Welding mode;
  • Configurations of each part to be connected;
  • Edge size and shape;
  • Arc travel speed.

Welding techniques can be used to make a boiler for heating or for connecting water pipes. The places of application of welding equipment are just a lot, since with its help they put fences, manufacture playgrounds, collect metal structures of high-rise buildings, mount water drain systems, install railings and not only.

Having not only skills in welding equipment, but also the appropriate education, it is possible to equip your house or plot with all necessary facilities, as well as get a job in prestigious jobs. Naturally, those welders who have a full understanding of their work, welding modes, features and nuances of this case are honored.

How to brew electric welding( video tutorials)

It's very easy to distinguish a beginner from a professional, since he will not be too hasty and will have to digest the seams far more than once. If high-quality welding work is required, but lacks experience or knowledge, it is better to entrust the process to professionals able to implement everything at the highest level and at the same time provide a quality guarantee. Examples

welds( photo)