Connecting the washing machine: how to connect to the water supply and sewage, the machine self-machine

Connecting the washing machine does not take long Connecting the washing machine does not take long Washing machine, a very necessary thing in the house. This household appliances saves a considerable amount of time. Buying a new washing machine, it is necessary to think in advance of its location, since the connection requires a direct approach to several communication networks. Most often, the installation of washing machines specialists are engaged, but if you master certain knowledge and skills, you can make a connection yourself. The process of connecting is quite simple, you just need to follow the instructions clearly.

    Tips: how to connect a washing machine
  • How to connect a washing machine to a water supply and sewer system
  • Recommendations: how to connect a washing machine
  • How to connect a washing machine yourself: the nuances
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Tips: how to connect a washing machine

Before installing the equipment, you need to find out where the most optimal place will be, Whether additional floor preparation is necessary, is there a ground connection in the outlet. It is also very important to make a connection to hot or cold water in advance. These parameters affect the noiselessness and how long the machine will be able to work.

When choosing the location of the automatic machine, you need to consider:

  • Ease of use;
  • Space of a suitable size;
  • Close location of engineering services;
  • The presence of a flat floor.

The toilet is a convenient place where there are all necessary communications, the only problem may be lack of space. If the dimensions of the machine allow, it can be installed above the toilet. To do this, it is necessary to build an additional shelf at a certain height so that it does not interfere. It is also very important that the machine is equipped with a good shock absorber, otherwise when pushing it, there is the possibility of a jump.

The machine in the bathroom should be located so that it is convenient to use it The machine in the bathroom should be located so that it is convenient to use

The optimum location for the automatic machine is the bathroom.

Bathroom is the most ideal option, since there is much more space there than in the toilet. The machine can be installed next to the washbasin, and from above to build a countertop that will protect the machine from water ingress. If space is not enough, there is an option for installing a machine under the sink. For this, the sink must be of a certain shape where the siphon is installed from the rear.

The kitchen is also considered a very convenient place for the location of the washing machine. Here it is possible to embed the machine in a kitchen set. For convenience, the machine is closed with convenient doors. The corridor is not the most convenient place, since there are no required communications. In order to connect the machine in the hallway, it will be necessary to sewage, make water supply. After selecting a location, you can proceed with the connection.

Ways: connecting the washing machine to the water supply and sewer system

To begin with, the machine must be unpacked, then the mounting bolts must be removed, and the plugs must be replaced instead. If you do not do this, when you turn on the machine will break down. The number of bolts depends on the model. The scheme of their installation is indicated in the instruction manual. From the tools at this stage you only need a screwdriver.

The second stage is the connection of the machine to the water supply. In most cases, the machine is connected to cold water, since heating is carried out using a special system directly in the machine itself. In the complete set from the washing machine there is always a rubberized hose, it also connects to water.

The length of this hose is standard 70-80 cm, if necessary, you can purchase a larger hose in sanitary ware shops.

The rubber hose must be screwed onto the outlet in the rear wall. The union nut of the hose must be tightened manually without using the keys. The second end of the hose must be connected to the water pipe using a tie-in or using a special crane. Before the crane, you can install a special filter. You can connect the drainage structure to the sewer in several ways - by tapping into the main and a siphon in the bathroom or a sink.

The connection of the washing machine must be carried out step by step The connection of the washing machine must be carried out step by step.

For the second method, the following operations must be carried out:

  • Secure the hose at a height of 80 cm;
  • Install the siphon in the tap using rubber cuffs;
  • Insert the hose end into the siphon hole and secure it with the mounting nuts.

Many people like this option much more because the siphon does not let water pass and does not spread to the scents from the sewer. With the first method, first you need to stop draining the water into the sewer. Next, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface of the pipe, where the tapping will be done. In the pipe, a hole is drilled with a special drill, into which the adapter is put on. This method is very simple and suitable for all kinds of pipes.

Recommendations: how to connect a washing machine

A very important step in the connection is to provide power. In order to properly connect the styralka to the mains, you need to know the basic safety rules. Since the washing machine, this unit, working with water, the network must be properly grounded.

An important step in connecting the washing machine is to provide power An important step in connection of the washing machine is the provision of power supply

The specialists developed the main list of recommendations that should be read:

  • The cable coming from the outlet must correspond to the power of the appliance;
  • For a washing machine it is necessary to output a separate wiring with RCD and automation installation;
  • There must be a ground connection.

It is very important that all the elements for installing the machine are purchased in stores with a good reputation. Do not purchase sockets or other electrical goods without indicating the marking. From the quality of the purchased goods can depend not only the operation of the device, but also the health of others.

How to connect a washing machine yourself: nuances

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that the connection of a washing machine is quite simple, and you can implement it yourself without the help of specialists. In order to connect the machine yourself, you need to arm yourself with a screwdriver and carefully study the instruction.

After connecting water and sewer, it is very important to set the level. This process is necessary so that at the time of work, the machine does not jump and does not go off its place.

The level is set strictly vertically by adjusting the frame position. With adjustable feet, you can achieve the desired effect. Checking the level with a special ruler, if there is not one, you can use a glass of water. If the washing machine is installed on the tiled floor, experts recommend to lay a rubber mat, it will serve as a good shock absorber. After all installation work, it is necessary to check the correctness of the connection.

Connecting the washing machine is a simple process, so you can do it yourself The connection of the washing machine is a simple process, so you can do it yourself

To do this, we connect the machine to the mains, set a quick washing schedule, and follow such moments:

  • If the water set does not stop, Then the hose that produces the water outlet is incorrectly connected;
  • The drum must rotate without generating unnecessary sounds;
  • The water in the machine must be heated for 4 minutes;
  • When disconnecting, it is necessary to monitor the drainage of water - if the water leaves very slowly, the water sensor may not work;
  • It is also necessary to ensure that there are no water leaks.

If the installation is performed correctly, these problems will not be observed. The machine will work quietly and in accordance with the set mode. In order for the machine to please its owners for more than one year, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of operation, which are specified in the instructions.

Connecting the washing machine with your own hands( video)

This material has shown that the installation of a washing machine, a very incompetent process. To make it easier, it's enough to choose the most convenient place. The washing machine-machine looks best in the kitchen, as it can be built into furniture. In the toilet or bathroom, a washing machine requires additional protection against moisture. When installing in a corridor or hallway, it is necessary to bring all engineering communications. When you connect the machine to the communications, you can choose any convenient way. It is also very important that the washing machine on the floor is as flat as possible. If everything is done correctly, the washing machine will work long and correctly.