Soaring suspended ceiling: photo, profile, video, design of soaring lines, how to make the installation, reviews

The floating stretch ceiling will be an excellent solution for those who want to bring original touches to the interior The floating stretch ceiling will be the perfect solution for those who want to bring in the interior the original notes Not every room is suitable for floating suspended ceilings. We learn more about what floating ceilings are and how to construct them independently.

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    • Amazing stretch ceilings: floating ceiling effect
    • Design of soaring suspended ceilings and variants
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Soaring stretch ceilings - what is this

The floating stretch ceiling is a special construction that covers the ceiling area, like any other means: wallpaper, plaster, fabric. The main feature of the floating suspended ceiling is that it is constructed on the principle of stretch ceiling, on a prepared frame from the profile, using PVC films.

To install a floating ceiling, you must first mount the frame To install the floating ceiling, it is necessary to pre-assemble the frame

Film types

  • Matte;
  • Glossy;
  • With a picture;
  • Background.

And special lighting, which creates a soaring effect of the ceiling. As an illumination for soaring ceilings, use LED strip, lamps and lamps, both monophonic and of different colors.

Floating ceiling structures can have a wide variety of shapes and designs The floating ceiling structures can have a wide variety of shapes and designs.

The advantage of the LED strip is that it illuminates the entire ceiling zone evenly, distributing the lighting around the perimeter of the room.

Lighting can be either monophonic or multi-colored. When choosing the type of lighting, it is necessary to take into account the purpose of the room, its area, style and interior features. For small rooms in the area it is better to use one-color lighting.

Amazing stretch ceilings: the floating ceiling effect

The floating ceiling effect is created by unusual ceiling lighting throughout the perimeter and a special ceiling design method. Film film is mounted to the ceiling in a special way so that the light is reflected on all the edges of the ceiling. For this, a metal profile skeleton is created on the ceiling, which provides a distance between the wall of a few centimeters. In this space, after stretching the cloth, the lighting system is mounted.

Correctly selected lighting will make the floating ceiling even more spectacular Correctly selected lighting will make the floating ceiling even more spectacular.

Lamps for a floating stretch ceiling must be of low power to prevent deformation of the structure, the formation of bulges and film blistering.

Due to lighting, the corners of the room and the space separating the walls from the ceiling are not visualized, due to the fact that the light separates the ceiling space from the walls, and causes the illusion of a floating ceiling.

Construction of soaring suspended ceilings and variants

The visual effect of a floating ceiling can be achieved by another method when overlays are used.


  • Vertical cover plates;
  • Horizontal lining;
  • Center Pads;
  • Two-level and multilevel overlays on the ceiling;
  • Cover on the ceiling along the perimeter.

Vertical or horizontal overlays on the ceiling can be geometric figures. Common ideas of the central overlays are ovals, circles, rhombus, square. Depending on the area of ​​the ceiling, you can use several figures on the ceiling. Such figures from the profile can serve as a backlight if additional LEDs are installed under them. In addition to lighting around the perimeter, under each figure you can fix the lamp as an additional source of lighting. Round lining to the ceiling can be used to create various compositions, one of which can be the starry sky, the globe, the sun.

Lining in the form of geometric shapes can turn a soaring ceiling into a real work of art Geometric shapes are able to turn a floating ceiling into a real work of art.

Two-level and multi-level ceiling panels create a 3D effect, visually separate the ceiling, the room height seems to be quite large. If you use the profile as an overlay in the middle of the ceiling or on its sides, you get an incredible floating effect. In this case, the game of color will help. Combining several colors of the film, you can achieve a visual division of the room into zones.

Two-level linings on the ceiling in small rooms with a wall height of less than 2.7 m, visually hide the height, such constructions heavier the room and are not recommended for use in small rooms.

Using the overlays on the floating suspended ceiling, the room visually increases, this is especially advantageous for rooms with a large area.

How to make a floating suspended ceiling at home: recommendations

A stretched floating ceiling requires careful preparation of the surfaces before installation.

Preparatory work includes several stages:

  • Preparing the necessary materials;
  • Preparation of surfaces before the carcass assembly;
  • Frame assembly.

To prepare the necessary materials for work, you need to prepare a layout of the future ceiling, depicting schematically the location of the profile, highlights, overlays on the ceiling. Then you need to prepare all the necessary tools.

Frame made of aluminum profile - the basis of the floating ceiling Frame made of aluminum profile - the basis of the floating ceiling

The surface of the ceiling must be cleaned from the old coating with a spatula, brush, paint and other elements to wash off the solution. The top layer of plaster from concrete slabs should be removed with a spatula. This is necessary in order to prevent peeling and falling from the ceiling on the film surface particles. Then the surface of the ceiling should be treated with anti-mold, fungus and moisture to prevent spoilage of the film web, which can suffer from exposure to unfavorable media and moisture.

Installation steps

You can install the profile after cleaning the surface of the ceiling in the following sequence:

  1. The profile must be pressed against the ceiling so that it coincides with the wall, for this you need to make notes on the ceiling. After the profile is snug, it can be fixed with dowels and self-tapping screws. To bend the profile at the corners or round off its direction, at the intended location the profile is cut by the Bulgarian in half, bent, guided with a hammer, and the edges are processed by sandpaper or file.
  2. LED strip is stretched into the relief of the aluminum profile so, without the formation of damages on it and is connected to each other. Before the film is stretched, the lighting is checked for serviceability.
  3. The gun is heated up to 60 degrees, the film is unfolding. Under the temperature of 60 degrees and above, the film is completely broken down. Begin to fix the film to the ceiling from the side of the marking on the film, which is marked by the factory. The film is fixed along the diameter, all angles are first fixed, then the sides. Begin to fix the sides from the corner to the center of the canvas and wind the harpoon with a spatula until a characteristic click. At this time, the gun must be heated to 70 degrees and sent to the ceiling. Installing a floating ceiling is not easy to call, but trusting its professionals, you can be sure of a good result

    The entire period of installation of the film cloth on the ceiling, the gun must maintain a temperature of at least 70 degrees. If the film shows irregularities after attaching it, they must be leveled, sending a cannon to this place for several minutes.

    Installation of floating ceiling( video)

    What profile is needed for soaring tension ceilings

    With regard to the profile for stretched soaring ceilings, it must correspond to the design.

    To create a specific design, different types of profiles are used:

    1. A profile without a gap is used for the construction of a two-level floating ceiling, which can complement the curtain in the form of a shadow effect.
    2. Profile is flexible for the design of hanging decorations and figures. This profile allows you to easily design certain geometric figures on the ceiling according to the idea of ​​an interior design.
    3. Universal profile. This profile is arranged so that it reflects the light on the wall, the wall returns it to the ceiling, visually creating the illusion of a floating ceiling.
    4. Profile with clogs and a hole for lighting. This profile allows you to make a two-level floating in a different direction of the ceiling.
    5. Profile is gapless with a striker. The design under the film is mounted on top of the console and allows you to save money on materials and time for preparing the ceiling for mounting the profile.

    The profile should be selected depending on the design of the specific ceiling and the number of overlays The profile should be selected depending on the design of the specific ceiling and the number of linings.

    The floating suspended ceilings on must be installed on unsuitable profiles, selecting profiles not only in terms of aesthetics, but also practicality. If the film is fixed to the profile incorrectly, the defect is reflected throughout the section of the ceiling.

    Soaring stretch ceiling: feedback from the masters and owners of

    The floating ceilings have positive feedback from the masters who install these interesting designs.

    It is motivated by positive sides:

    • The installation of the construction and stretching of the film passes quickly;
    • The variety of profiles allows to satisfy the tastes of all customers;
    • The warranty and durability of stretched soaring ceilings are time-tested.

    The owners of the new generation ceilings are no less delighted with the idea of ​​a floating stretch ceiling. It is very beautiful and unusual, comfortable in the care, high-quality. The floating ceiling does not require additional decor elements, because it is a perfect design.

    As a rule, feedback on the floating ceilings is good, the only drawback is that it As a rule, reviews about floating ceilings are good, the only drawback is the difficulty in installing

    Despite a number of positive qualities of the floating stretch ceiling, it has some disadvantages.

    It's hard to install the design yourself, it's very hard to pull the film yourself. If the LED screen blown due to violation of the installation rules, you will have to remove the entire ceiling completely.

    The advantages of the floating stretch ceiling are huge, the main factor that plays an important role in choosing this method of ceiling finishing is the convenience of the design.

    Soaring stretch ceiling( video)

    The floating stretch ceiling is universal and suitable for any interior. And for those people who want to bring a zest to their interior and make it unforgettable and unique, the soaring ceiling is exactly what you need.

    Design soaring ceilings( photo)