Which ceiling is better: a photo of a dark low, what to choose and how to decorate in a private house, which plate is more reliable, materials for the design of the room

The original ceiling will become a bright accent in any room The original ceiling will become a bright accent in any room The basis of any room is the three components of the interior - the ceiling, walls and floor. In this case, any component of the room can be either a background or an accent element. It all depends on what the main tasks are in the interior, what drawbacks will have to be played, and what are the advantages to take advantage of. For example, small, small rooms have a chance to turn into a cozy space thanks to a competent finish of the ceiling and the right combination of all the basic components of the room.

    • Which ceiling should I choose for a standard room
    • Which ceiling is more reliable in multi-apartment buildings
    • Which material for low ceilings is considered the best
    • Which ceiling plate will be the most original
    • Than to trim a low ceiling inPrivate house
    • How to beat a dark low ceiling
    • Choose a ceiling for your house( video)
    • Creative ceilings for apartments and houses( photo)

Whatotolok opt for a standard room

Ceiling largely determines the atmosphere of the room and the overall image of the room. Correctly choose the type of ceiling coating will help the basic rules of building spatial composition, the main trends in fashion and artistic advice of designers.

For standard rooms, the ceiling is chosen according to the degree of illumination and layout of the house For standard rooms, the ceiling is selected according to the degree of illumination and layout of the house

Factors influencing the choice of the ceiling:

  • Natural room lighting;
  • Layout and degree of artificial light;
  • Changes in the illumination of the summer and winter room, respectively;
  • Room height;
  • At what temperatures will the finish be made;
  • Layout, design and purpose of the premises;
  • Degree of room humidity.

The degree of heat retention, ventilation efficiency, operating time - also depends on what is chosen to finish the ceiling. Now we have developed a huge number of ceiling options for any kind of room.

When choosing a ceiling, the following is defined:

  1. Type of ceiling construction;
  2. Geometric outline of the ceiling;
  3. Texture;
  4. The type and color of the material.

The design begins with an assessment of the condition of the room. You can take several photos to further visually select the best interior of the ceiling coating.

Which ceiling is more reliable in multi-apartment buildings

There are many criteria that determine the quality of the coating. Always a material with high operational and fireproof characteristics is preferred, it is environmentally friendly, has additional advantages, and also it is safe for health. To determine which type of ceiling coating is more reliable, it is worthwhile to analyze the merits and demerits of popular methods of detachment.

Choosing a reliable ceiling, you should take into account the quality of the ceiling coating When choosing a reliable ceiling, the quality of the ceiling must be considered.

The ceiling can be:

  • Plaster;
  • Outboard;
  • Strain relief;
  • Sewn;
  • Tiled.

The easiest way to finish the ceiling is the "raw" treatment method."Raw" way, because. Different mixtures are used: plaster, putty, paint, whitewash.

Pros of plaster materials:

  1. Do not change the height of the room;
  2. Do not have hidden spaces where dust, livestock, etc. can accumulate.

Cons of plaster materials:

  • Sensitivity to moisture;
  • Low performance( the likelihood of cracks from drying out or with natural shrinkage at home).

Tensioning coatings are carried out with the help of special fabric or polyvinyl chloride films, stretched on the profile.

Pros of stretch cover:

  1. Suitable for an apartment where there is a possibility of flooding from above;
  2. Not allergens, tk. Have anti-dust characteristics;
  3. Have high water resistance.

Stretch Coating Suspension:

  • Low strength of coatings for sharp objects;
  • Change the height of the room to 5 cm

Stretch ceiling emphasizes the beautiful interior of your room The stretch ceiling will emphasize the beautiful interior of your room.

. Suspended ceiling is a frame-frame construction covered with various materials( glass, plastic, wood, plasterboard, aluminum).

Suspension coatings:

  1. High strength;
  2. Selection of the coating material taking into account the features of the room;
  3. Presence of a hidden space for communications.

Suspended cover:

  • Change the height of the space from 15 cm;

Ceiling floor coverings of load-bearing elements are sewn to the base ceiling, resulting in the room losing up to 6 cm, which is less than with the suspension system, but more than with stretching and plastering.

The most reliable type of ceiling cover is the one that best suits the conditions of the room. Suitable for wet rooms are tension systems, and in a child's room it is better to equip a ceiling with a stronger base.

Which material for low ceilings is considered optimal

A common problem is the small height of the room. But a low ceiling is not a fatal not solved problem. Repair of these rooms is carried out taking into account some techniques that significantly reduce the lack of ceiling height.

Ceiling tiles are ideal for low ceilings Ceiling tiles are ideal for low ceilings

For low ceilings, preference is given to such materials as:

  1. ;
  2. Fiberglass wallpaper;
  3. Ceiling tiles;
  4. Plaster materials;
  5. Stretch ceilings.

Height below 2.4 m is psychologically uncomfortable for housing, so it is worth considering how many centimeters the room can "give" in favor of the ceiling coating.

At a small height of the room every centimeter is important. Therefore, preference is given to the material, which minimizes the ceiling.

Wallpapers and plastering materials allow you to keep the height of the living space, but do not level the ceiling surface. Therefore, in some situations it makes sense to use slabs or a tension system, having lost several centimeters. From which plate the ceiling will be the most original

For the low-ceiling design use a tile that slightly hides the irregularities and keeps the height of the room. The tile can be made of different materials, while it can solve a number of issues, for example, increase noise insulation or insulate the room.

Add originality to your ceiling with laminated tiles

  • is a pressed( stamped) sheet based on foam sheets. Tiles have the lowest performance indicators, so it differs brittle and brittle.
  • Injection, which is obtained by the sintering of expanded polystyrene. The tile is much thicker than the previous one and has a deeper pattern.
  • Extruded. The most durable and high-quality tiles.
  • Depending on the design and type of surface, the ceiling tile is divided into:

    1. Laminated. Tiles with a special moisture resistant coating.
    2. Seamless. The tile has a special edging, so that after the watering can not see seams on the ceiling.
    3. Mirror. Plastic tiles with a mirror layer on the front side.

    Mirror plates can increase the space and compensate for the small height of the room. When choosing a slab, you should pay attention to the quality of the corners, the density and porosity of the tiles.

    Than to finish a low ceiling in a private house

    In a private house or, for example, in a country house, problems can also arise because of the small height of the premises. That the ceiling in such houses after finishing seemed higher, it is necessary to take into account some rules.

    Low ceiling will look good with the extension of the walls Low ceiling will look good with the extension of the wall finish

    Useful tricks for working with low ceilings:

    1. Using light-tone materials;
    2. Use of glossy or mirror coatings;
    3. Extension of wall finishing to part of the ceiling.

    If, at low ceilings, there is a need to install a ladder to the second floor, it is optimal to install a spiral staircase or ladder with the maximum open lateral view.

    For private houses it is possible to use plasterboard or panel coverings. In wooden houses, when installing such ceilings, it is possible to use existing beams as a crate, having won a distance.

    How to beat the dark low ceiling

    Small rooms try to visually increase with the ceiling finishing of light colors. White ceiling is considered the most optimal. But if for some reason a low room also has a dark ceiling, then the only way out is to properly arrange the lighting.

    • Install a wide white skirting board with a large approach to the ceiling( helps at low dark ceilings);
    • Competently install the false beams;
    • Create elevation changes.

    If you partially lower a small part of the ceiling, even if the original low ceilings, the total space of the room will become larger. Such an extreme method due to a visual understatement of a part of the ceiling makes the main ceiling higher.

    Also it is worth remembering that a large chandelier is not allowed at low ceilings, so you need to think over the main and additional lighting of the room.

    Selecting a ceiling for your home( video)

    Low ceiling is not a sentence. This is just a characteristic feature of the premises, with which you can work productively, while creating an attractive and spectacular interior with a comfortable atmosphere.

    Creative ceilings for for apartments and houses( photo)