How to decorate the ceiling in the kitchen: how best to sheathe the hallway and bedroom plasterboard

How to decorate the ceiling (48 photos). Features wallpaper, panels made of polystyrene. Installation of suspended coverings and drywall constructions


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Perhaps those days, when the ceiling whitewashed chalk whitewash, or simply painted, back to ancient times. Modern choice of building materials is a huge opportunity for those who have decided to start a repair of his flat.

On strict court consumer presented ceiling panels made of various materials, wallpaper, drywall ceilings intricate shapes. So, we go in search of an answer to a question than to decorate the ceiling in the kitchen.


How to decorate the ceilingThe most democratic option finishing the ceiling - it pasting wallpaper. However, by this method, be prepared for the fact that the need to align and seal all cracks and microcracks.

Wallpaper - thin material, eventually through tread plate joints, sagging and fall off the plaster. In addition, the lifetime of such repairs is relatively small. It all depends on the destination premises and operational features.

If we are talking about how to decorate the hall, then the wallpaper should be fine, as the hall is rarely observed humidity and dampness. But to finish the kitchen with his hands better to opt for a different material.

Experts agree the opinion that the best solution for the kitchen are glass fiber. They both will perform a reinforcing function and hide most of microcracks. In addition, you can feel free to paint it in different colors, up to five times.

Before starting work, thoroughly clean the surface of the old wallpaper, plaster and whitewash, to clean and degrease. If the ceiling has a fungus, it must be destroyed. Most often this is done using a variety of anti-fungal compounds, or special paints.

Once the ceiling surface is perfectly aligned and ready, you can start it coats and wallpapering.

Panels made of polystyrene

How to decorate the bedroom

Ceiling panels of polystyrene

Ceiling can not just paste over, but the paste. And is used for this purpose a special plate or panel of extruded polystyrene. A modern selection of such panels is great. They can be both white and various pastel shades.

In addition, there are plastic panels wood, metal, leather.

Despite such a great selection and low cost, the majority still prefers not to use this option for finishing the apartment with his hands. Glue the plate perfectly flat quite difficult, the surface should be prepared as carefully as a wallpaper. Among the advantages of finishing the ceiling in such a way can be called a low cost and speed of execution.

Stretch ceiling

How to decorate the ceiling in the kitchen

Stretch ceiling

What is still to finish the ceiling in the kitchen? Well, I obviously did not wallpaper and polystyrene. After finishing these methods did not suit the room, where it is constantly preparing. The fact that the soot that collects on the ceiling of the kitchen, it is difficult to wash.

In addition, nobody canceled the neighbors above with their ever-flowing pipes. This is detrimental both to the wallpaper, and for panels of polystyrene.

Perhaps, you should get used to the idea that repairing the kitchen - one of the most expensive events. Is there a solution that combines practicality and aesthetics? There is and it's suspended ceiling.


It has many advantages. Firstly, its installation is just a half a day, without regard to the original state of the ceiling in the room.

Those who are afraid of repair due to dirt and debris of the mountains, do not have to worry in the case of suspended ceilings. Masters need to drill only a few dozen holes on the perimeter. A gathering dust in the corners a lot easier than a handful of plaster dried up around the room.

Secondly, the ceilings allow to build in lighting that will be important in the living room-kitchen. This will enable the most advantageous way to divide the room into zones.

It should certainly be noted that the main quality of the ceiling is its resistance to spillage from the neighbors above. It can hold huge amounts of water, is not deformed. He is just like finishing drywall, you can create designs in several levels.


You have such a way of finishing the ceiling and disadvantages, the main - the high cost. However, the price is noticeable as a factor only in the case of a comparison with wallpapering or tiles. Now for the stretch ceiling material prices fell, the market has become competitive, which means that ceilings and much cheaper.

gypsum plasterboard

How to decorate the hall

Finishing the ceiling plasterboard

This versatile material is loved by many people of our vast country. Still would!

They can successfully close an uneven wall, build furniture design and, of course, make it a ceiling!

The main advantage of the ceiling drywall is that it does not require the preparation of the base.

Tip! Under the drywall can be laid a layer of insulation, it would achieve an additional sound insulation and heat insulation.

How to decorate the ceiling of plasterboard? Not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

  1. The first stage - assembling the frame. At this stage, you need to carefully vymeryat all sizes and to strengthen and guide profiles on the ceiling. Yet again! Such a method of finishing is not intended to prepare ceiling, in contrast to wallpapering or panels.
  2. Once the framework has been prepared, divorced wiring. Here comes the fun part! The possibilities are endless use of drywall, you can make a real light illumination at home. One thing to take into account the size of spotlights forces to "lower" the ceiling by a few centimeters.
  3. Fastening of the ceiling plasterboard sheets is carried out after pre-drilling holes therein bulb. If the creation of the figure of the ceiling is planned, the layout is cut in advance. Once the ceiling is fixed, you can start finishing - plastering drywall and painting.

Of course, as with any method of finishing, such a variant is not only advantages, but also disadvantages. Plaster ceiling and drywall installation itself - quite dirty work that requires the removal of furniture, and much time.

We hope we were able to clarify the situation and answer the question, what is better to decorate the ceiling. You also still highlight the advantages and disadvantages and make the right choice.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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