Ceilings in the bedroom: photo of what is best done in the living room, pink under the tree, beautiful decoration of two-level in the room, which one to choose

The ceiling in the bedroom - this is an important element of the decor, able from the morning to charge positive and give a working mood The ceiling in the bedroom is an important element of the decor, able from the very morning to charge positive and give the working mood Someone can say, well, that supposedly talk about it, because in the bedroom we do not really lookIn the ceiling, because we sleep more. Yes, it is, but not quite. Of course, half an hour before bed and the first minutes, after a morning awakening, we see the ceiling. Even this short time, when we are willy-nilly overlooking the "roof" of our bedroom, can badly affect the normal retirement, or for the morning, business, mood.

        • Design of the ceiling in the bedroom: everything for comfort and relaxation
        • Two-level ceilings: an additional welcome for your comfort
        • Design of the ceilings in the bedroom( video)
        • Ceilings in the bedroom( photo)

Thus, the ceilings in the bedroomno - it is not only an important element of the interior, but also, in some way, a stimulant of our good, or vice versa, a bad mood.

What is the best ceiling in the bedroom: the affairs of taste and budget

The design of the ceiling for bedrooms can be so different that it is difficult to decide the choice.

The options are different: the ceiling design, the color is as black, as well as gray, both green and white. You can paint in blue and pink, and even at all, in lilac. Cover, as you can see, can be anything. In addition, the ceiling can be glossy and matte.

Painting can not always be classic - it's quite obvious.

When choosing a ceiling in your bedroom, you need to consider different parameters.

Ceilings made in dark colors harmoniously look in well-lit bedrooms with large windows Ceilings made in dark colors harmoniously look in well-lit bedrooms with large windows


  • Color. Every person prefers certain colors, and this is reflected positively on his condition. In any case, it is better to choose soft tones.
  • Simplicity of construction. In a small bedroom with a low ceiling, simple designs look more profitable.
  • Large window in the bedroom. Allows you to apply dark tones, and that's how to decorate the ceiling.
  • Materials. Now make the ceiling of anything, so you should track environmental cleanliness as much as possible.
  • Lighting. Fixtures install where they need more.

These are the basic parameters that must be taken into account.

Ceilings in the bedroom and living room: general requirements

In the modern living room, the ceiling has a very important role.

Every period of time is characterized by its own styles. Right now, in fashion, say, the direction of the distant 20-ies, for example, the last century.

The ceiling in our time has much more functions than just ordinary coating and the location of fixtures. The ceiling, in addition, it is customary to divide into zones. For example, in a large rectangular living room, special placement of lighting equipment is required. In addition, you need to hide communications.

Ceilings, stylized in the old days, - a fashion trend in design art Ceilings, stylized in the old days, a trendy trend in the design art

Examples of types of ceiling and living room coverings:

  1. Stretch ceiling;
  2. Wooden panels with beams;
  3. Plasterboard constructions;
  4. Stucco molding.

As for the fixtures, everything is created in reference to this space.

Rose bedroom: white and pink ceilings

The pink bedroom is a beautiful, delicate interior for some, but not very suitable, and not at all interesting for others.

However, the tastes do not argue, because it's ungrateful. Which ceilings are better - it's like asking who is more important, the elephant, or the behemoth. Ideas are very different.

Pink is considered to be female, and not in vain. And yet, a purely pink bedroom is not suitable for everyone, and this directly depends on the age of the resident.

In the bedrooms, stood in a single style, the pink ceilings look beautiful and exquisite In the bedrooms in the same style, the pink ceilings look beautiful and exquisite

Read more:

  • The pink bedroom is most suitable for young girls. Some monotony of pink color can be "diluted" with a carpet.
  • For an older girl, you can combine several colors.
  • Decorating the ceiling and walls with a few shades of pink, suitable, as it is possible, for a girl.
  • Pink decor for a bedroom is better for honeymooners.

As you can see, the renovation of the bedroom, painted in pink, is great for many.

Ceiling: wood - and the bedroom is more comfortable

People from time immemorial valued wood as a building and finishing material, for its durability, aesthetics and naturalness.

The wooden surface will give one hundred points forward to any modern material.

Yes, the tree has a number of advantages, for which it and, often, choose, as evidenced by numerous customer reviews.

Wood is still the best material for making ceilings in the bedroom Wood still remains the best material for making ceilings in the bedroom

Advantages of wood:

  1. There are no harmful substances in it;
  2. The surface does not require impregnations of synthetics;
  3. Durable;
  4. This is "live", that is, natural material;
  5. Easy to process;
  6. Aesthetical;
  7. Wooden ceiling perfectly "neighbors" with other materials;
  8. Low thermal conductivity.

All of these advantages give grounds for the installation of wooden ceilings, although, for some reason, many believe that a wooden ceiling is appropriate only in the country, or in mansard-type rooms.

Decoration of the ceiling in the bedroom: everything for coziness and relaxation

The basic principle of the bedroom is coziness and pacification. As for the ceiling, it certainly plays a key role in the overall interior.

The main goal, when decorating a bedroom - is to make a place for relaxation so that it is cozy and convenient for sleeping and just relaxing.

To date, there are many options for interior design.

The presence of a large number of spotlights on the ceiling will make the interior of the bedroom more comfortable and functional The presence of a large number of spotlights on the ceiling will make the bedroom interior more comfortable and functional.


  • Stretch ceiling. The variant is not the cheapest, but acceptable, very attractive in appearance. A wide range of colors allows you to arrange ceilings of any color and shade.
  • Drywall. Very common, as an inexpensive and aesthetic option.
  • Tree. Tree is now a luxury. As a rule, an island interior is arranged where only fragments are removed by a tree.
  • Painting. Actual only with an even, without defects, ceiling. Color is desirable not aggressive, calm tones.
  • Wallpaper gluing. Wallpaper can be used in different colors and types, combining. It is undesirable to use more than 3 colors of wallpaper.
  • Tiles from foam plastic. One of the cheapest options, but not the most fashionable.

Do not ignore the lighting, which also has a key role. A chandelier is appropriate, in a small bedroom. And in combination with spotlights, for example, a chandelier can be used in a larger room. Do not interfere with the sconce, as well as table lamps on the bedside tables.

Two-level ceilings: an additional welcome for your comfort

Two-level ceilings in the bedroom should be arranged when the ceiling height allows.

In a room with a high ceiling can be arranged and multi-level ceilings - the room from this will only benefit.

All this, of course, should take place in a fairly spacious bedroom.

Multi-level ceilings can be fitted only in a bedroom with a sufficient ceiling height Multi-level ceilings can only be fitted in a bedroom with sufficient ceiling heights

Use of multi-level ceilings:

  1. Two-tier ceilings will change the room beyond recognition, if such an objective exists;
  2. Three-level ceilings allow you to achieve the most incredible effects in the design. Dips, beveled planes, built-in light at an oblique angle, as well as a picture on the ceiling made in any way, up to the photo printing, will certainly attract the attention of your guests.

Of course, not the least role in the design of any ceiling, the backlight design plays. This, by the way, can be actively used for zoning the bedroom. With a competent device of a two-level ceiling, with properly selected lighting, you can achieve an accent on any interior items, thus improving, at times, the overall interior.

Design of ceilings in the bedroom( video)

And, in conclusion, I would like to note the following. What will be the ceiling in your bedroom, no one will decide, except you. And what will do better, of course, you decide. And as always, in this difficult choice, articles, photo and video materials will help you. This will help you choose the design of the ceiling, color, material, type of lighting and basic lighting, as well as other parameters that are most suitable for your ceiling in the bedroom. Perhaps you are an adherent of the classical interior, and perhaps - innovative, for example, in the style of high-tech.

ceilings in the bedroom( photo)