Chandeliers on the ceiling: three flat chandeliers and spots, photo decorations, a rosette under the white long chandelier in the bathroom, the design of the glossy ceiling, how to wash without removing

Chandeliers are an indispensable attribute of the interior of any room and it is almost impossible to replace them with any lamps Chandeliers are a mandatory attribute of the interior of any room and replace them with any lamps virtually impossible chandelier lighting is the oldest instrument that mankind has invented. The birthday of the first chandelier is the end of the 17th century. Once a source of light was oil, then candles. People quickly realized that, say, a glass or crystal chandelier gives much more light than just a candle, or a lamp. The invention of the electric lamp served as a real breakthrough in the "evolution" of chandeliers.

    • three chandeliers on the ceiling: the circuit is simple
    • Flat chandelier on the ceiling: it is necessary to consider
    • Spots and a chandelier on the ceiling: a successful combination
    • ceiling decoration chandeliers: has its own secrets
    • Rosetteceiling under the chandelier: there is a choice
    • Long chandelier on the ceiling: the depth of imagination
    • chandeliers in the interior( video)
    • chandeliers on the ceiling( photo)

Chandeliers: ceiling without them lean, and will not replace any fixtures, IncludingI'm fashionable point. However, combinations of chandeliers and other types of lamps, now in vogue.

Three chandeliers on the ceiling: the scheme is simple

The number of chandeliers on the ceiling can be different, which, in the first place, directly depends on the area of ​​the room.

Someone said that chandeliers do not happen much. However, all is well in moderation, and over the arrangement of several chandeliers on the ceiling, one should think carefully, not hurrying with the installation.

In any room you can place up to three chandeliers on the ceiling and it will look beautiful and stylish in any room can accommodate up to three chandeliers on the ceiling and it will look nice and stylish

In a large, what you want the room, can be placed, for example, up to three chandeliers.

more detail:

  • In the restaurant, such as hotels, bars, chandeliers are best placed on the same line along the room, if it is rectangular in shape;
  • If the room is square, then you can resort to the previous reception, or hang the chandeliers in a triangle, each vertex of which will be decorated with a chandelier;
  • In large rooms, where there is a breakdown into zones, in each zone you can hang your chandelier, even over the desk. In this case, constructively the chandeliers can even differ.

Above were given the basic methods of arranging chandeliers. Perhaps your imagination, as well as the imagination of your designer, will allow you to come up with something else.

Flat ceiling chandeliers: what you need to consider

Flat chandeliers, mainly intended for apartments where the ceiling is low.

Of course, a flat chandelier can be used not only where the ceiling is low - it all depends on what kind of design you chose for your room.

Flat chandeliers are ideal for rooms with low ceilings Flat chandeliers are ideal for rooms with low ceilings

A flat chandelier visually "lifts" the low ceiling in your apartment. As for the design, many eminent European companies produce such products, so there is no doubt about the quality and the beautiful appearance of such a lamp.

What you need to consider when selecting a flat chandelier:

  1. The light should not hit the eyes;
  2. Chandelier should have enough powerful light bulbs, in order to qualitatively illuminate the entire room;
  3. too dark or bright in color chandelier will dwell on the attention, and to the low ceiling, so it is reasonable to choose a chandelier light and delicate tones. A white chandelier, for example, can perfectly handle this task.

Given these basic parameters, you will achieve high-quality light and an optical increase in the height of the ceilings. A flat chandelier has one more important quality: it is very easy to wash it without removing it from the ceiling.

Spots and chandelier on the ceiling: a good combination

Spot is a luminaire that gives a directional and bright light.

The purpose of the spot is to highlight with its light the part of the room or the object on which the landlord wishes to sharpen his and others' attention.

Spots will help complement the interior of the room and, accordingly, decorate it Spots will help complement the interior of the room and, accordingly, decorate it

So, the spots give only local, directional, lighting. Spots help in such a delicate issue as the design of the overall light picture.

Spots can be installed almost anywhere:

  • In the hall;
  • In the living room;
  • In the bathroom;In the kitchen, etc.

Spots are used with success instead of other fixtures: sconces, floor lamps, etc. They can be several, the number depends on the existing interior and the area of ​​the room. Spots exist by themselves, as an option, and also perfectly in harmony with the main lighting, that is, with chandeliers. There are many setup schemes for this, you only need to choose the scheme you like.

Decoration of ceilings by chandeliers: there are secrets

Chandelier - almost an indispensable attribute of any room.

Chandelier can exist by itself on the ceiling, and can, for example, with spotlights. Some of this ceiling is called: point.

Correctly selected chandelier in the room will help make its interior unusual and beautiful Correctly selected chandelier in the room will help to make its interior unusual and beautiful.

You decided to buy a chandelier. Before doing this, it is recommended that something be considered.


  1. Room dimensions, especially height;
  2. The presence of zoning in this room;
  3. Presence of other lighting devices;
  4. Presence of a backlight built into the ceiling on furniture;Color scheme of the room;
  5. ;
  6. Interior style.

And then, you can go to the store, and, consulting with the seller-consultant, buy the necessary chandelier, taking into account the above.

Ceiling outlet under the chandelier: there is a choice

Ceiling outlet under the chandelier is a decoration of the ceiling from ancient times. The socket is, as a rule, a circle of various materials, with a hole in the center of it. However, the shape of the sockets can be either oval or square. Of course, this does not exclude other forms.

Sockets on the ceiling can be as simple, smooth, or relief, with patterns Ceiling outlets can be as simple, smooth or embossed, with patterns

Previously, only gypsum was used for the production of sockets, now they are made of polyurethane, foam, glass, stone. However, they continue to make them also from gypsum.

It is not difficult to buy an outlet nowadays, however, several factors need to be taken into account before purchasing it.


  • The decor of this product must necessarily be combined with other stucco elements, as well as cornices. It is necessary that all the figures were more or less similar, and if you want to use something extraordinary, it can spoil the look of the entire room.
  • The diameter of the socket must match the diameter of the chandelier.
  • If the room is large and with a high ceiling, it is better to choose a larger outlet than a chandelier, otherwise, a smaller outlet will look inexpressively on the ceiling. As for the picture, it should be catchy, pronounced, and a smaller outlet will simply be lost on the ceiling.

Sockets can be either smooth or bas-relief. Smooth are more preferable for those who do not like every pile, including on the ceiling.

course, you can use models to cheaper outlets, such as Styrofoam, but if the room with high humidity, it is desirable outlet of polyurethane.

Outlets made of polyurethane under the chandelier not only look spectacular and beautiful, but also made of quality material Sockets polyurethane under the chandelier not only look impressive and beautiful, but also made of high quality material

Of course, the use of rosettes made of polyurethane is appropriate not only in baths and bathrooms.

They are mounted in the restaurants for celebrations halls, salons, etc. The secret is simple: they look very presentable, and their moisture resistance is not the only virtue. They have obvious advantages over other types of sockets.


  1. Easy installation;
  2. Simple maintenance;
  3. Do not absorb odors;
  4. It is necessary, if desired, to color;
  5. If you decide to do the transfer of the chandelier, then the outlet is quite easy to dismantle( unglue) without damage.

Such outlets, of course, are not cheap, but as practice suggests, they are, practically, eternal - the material has to it.

Long chandeliers on the ceiling: the abyss of fantasy

Long chandeliers on the ceiling are in high demand in large rooms with high ceilings.

The chandelier should decorate the room, which means that it corresponds to its dimensions. Imagine a small chandelier in a high room, which is almost invisible on the ceiling - hardly it will please owners of the house or any institution.

Long chandeliers are best used to decorate the ceiling in tall rooms Long chandeliers are best used to decorate the ceiling in tall rooms.

Long chandeliers tend to have a long leg of a tube or chain. A plafond can be any color and shape, or it can be completely absent.

What are the plafonds:

  • Cylindrical. From glass, plastic and other materials. The plafond can be matte, glossy. There can be several.
  • In the form of a lampshade.
  • In the form of a kerosene lamp.
  • As a "bare" light bulb.
  • Ball-shaped.
  • In the form of an inverted glass.
  • In the form of a gas lamp, etc.

Of all the above, one thing is clear: the imagination of designers is not just the richest, it's off scale. The very same details of chandeliers, can be anything, right up to what is gilded, or chrome with photo printing. No less original, there is such a detail as the lining of the chandelier.

This type of chandelier also includes cascading chandeliers, the suspensions of which can hang down even to the floor level.

Chandeliers in the interior( video)

And finally, I would like to sum up what was said. Modern chandeliers are made in various styles: modern, baroque, renaissance, high-tech. This means that you probably will be able to pick up for your home exactly what you dreamed of by planning repairs and arranging your apartment. As for the number of these eternally popular lamps, here one must start from own preferences and recommendations of designers. It is worth watching the photo and video materials, where beautiful samples of chandeliers are provided in any room.

chandeliers on the ceiling( photo)