Living room furniture Italy: photo tables and chairs, classic soft, modern style chests and walls

The most popular and in demand for today is furniture from Italy The most popular and in demand today is furniture from Italy Italy - the legislator of furniture fashion. Italian furniture is time-tested furniture. Sturdy, wooden facades, exquisite decorative elements, thoughtful storage system, high-quality mobile mechanisms, natural frames and upholstery, have made Italian furniture the embodiment of comfort, quality and luxury. Furniture comes from Italy will be an ornament of any interior, will emphasize the status and financial position of the owner of the apartment, its exquisite taste.

          Advantages of Italian furniture
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The advantages of Italian furniture

Italian furniture is a quality, environmentally friendly raw material. Italy has fairly strict laws on the certification of furniture items. Therefore, when buying hardware manufactured in Italy, we can be sure of its high level of safety( both for people and the environment), compliance with European quality standards. In production, Italian furniture firms use only natural materials. For frameworks of furniture, often, use solid wood species: oak, cherry, walnut, maple and mahogany.

The advantages of Italian furniture consist in its quality, stylish appearance and practicality The advantages of Italian furniture consist in its quality, stylish appearance and practicality.

Textiles are represented only by natural fabrics: pencil, tapestry, jacquard, velor, leather. Thanks to materials of manufacture, the Italian furniture is strong, reliable and has an incredibly long life.

Italian furniture is universal: Italian furniture can be furnished as a living room and kitchen: the strict modules of shades of deep blue, burgundy and lilac will become a stylish addition to the interior in a modern style, the white suite will fit the Scandinavian style, and the muted light green walls will add a diningZone special charm of the French Provence.

Depending on the chosen color palette and external design, the Italian furniture in the room is capable of:

  • Add a room of the charm of the XVIII century( to complement the interior in the style of the Italian house in Kuskovo Italian chairs with a strong wooden frame, carved legs, Pleasant to the touch upholstery in a shade of pastel).
  • Create a country atmosphere( chests of untreated, light will become a wonderful decorative element in the village living room).
  • To complement the modern interior( the leather seats with the solid wooden frame made of mahogany will perfectly fit into the loft design).

Living room furniture( Italy)

Italian-made furniture for living rooms are solid elements of fittings with a thoughtful storage system, treated with special means, resistant to moisture, UV rays, mechanical damage to facades, high-end mobile mechanisms.

Beautiful furniture set from Italy perfectly complements the interior of a refined and elegant guest room Beautiful furniture set from Italy perfectly complements the interior of the elegant and elegant guest room

Modern Italian furniture is not only classic lines and a discreet black and brown color. Today, in the salons of Italian furniture, you can buy any items to furnish the living rooms: from the classical rack to the designer hand-made mirror and the modernist coffee table. Everything depends on the overall style of the room and the taste preferences of the buyer.

Italian furniture for living room: classic style

Classic style - it's soft furniture with rounded forms, wide and comfortable armrests and strong, reliable frame;Exquisite walls and objects of sets with functional shelves and drawers;A magnificent chandelier with decorative, carved elements and warm light.

If you decide to equip the living room in a classical style, then it If you decide to equip the living room in a classic style, then it's better to pay attention to the quality furniture produced in Italy

In the process of creating Italian classical furniture, manufacturers have been able to advantageously combine the traditional appearance of products with modern assembly technologies and materials processing methods. Thanks to this, the Italians managed to get high-quality accessories, which they buy with the calculation "for years."

Types of classical Italian furniture

Classical Italian furniture for the living room can be made in the style of Baroque, Empire, Ludovic.

Italian baroque furniture is a richness of carved decorative elements, only natural wood, high facades and backs, expensive, natural upholstery with patterns( floral ornament, golden "cucumbers", a wide strip).Such furniture is a luxury and wealth in one bottle with monumentality and reliability.

Empire - these are vintage chairs and armchairs with high, geometric backs;Linear, high sofas of simple shapes with a wooden frame;Wooden, high, tables with round table tops. Due to the compact furniture elements, the Empire is ideal for the design of small apartments.

Ludoviki are classic wooden furniture of simple forms: monolithic cabinet tables, wardrobes with stained-glass elements, display cases. The main thing in furniture is a clear geometry and minimal decor. Headsets Empire style perfectly fit into the design of any living room and will be relevant regardless of the fashion trends, because the classic - immortal.

Italian living rooms: modern furniture

Italian accessories for the living room are not only carved elements and an abundance of relief. Modern Italian furniture companies produce modules with smooth facades, tables with glass tabletops, reserved, conservative chairs, furniture with metal decorative elements, comfortable, squat sofas with folding headrests.

The living room, in the interior of which there is Italian furniture, will always look chic and stylish The living room, which has Italian furniture, will always look chic and stylish

Italian furniture made in modern style can be represented by modern, art deco and neoclassic styles.

Furniture in the Art Nouveau style is the superiority of textures over decorative elements. The facades and countertops in the Italian Art Nouveau are made of solid wood, can be matte or glossy. The walls and suites are practical and thoughtful. Upholstered furniture - squat, with clear lines, functional elements. As decorative elements, glass stained glass, polished surfaces, wide, curved legs can act.

Art deco - these are exquisite walls, wardrobes, showcases, chairs with carved legs and high backs. Such furniture differs rich color and unusual forms, while neoclassicists are classical figures in calm, pastel shades.

General features of modern Italian furniture:

  • Abundance of glass;
  • Lacquered surfaces;
  • Well-designed storage system;
  • Functionality of all elements.

Stylish living room furniture: Italy( video)

Italian furniture will fit well into any interior, even if you do not dare to overhaul. Today, it is fashionable and profitable to invest in comfort and quality, which makes Italian furniture an ideal choice for any living room. Once bought Italian furniture, you will get incredibly comfortable high-performance furniture that will serve more than one generation and will become a key element of your interior!

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