Interior room in a small apartment: fashionable design of compact gostinki

Interior room in a small apartment (42 images): features and secrets of the redevelopment of visual expansion of the room


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  • 1 Is it worth doing alterations
  • 2 Secrets of the visual extension of the room
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    • 2.2 mirrors
    • 2.3 The right furniture
    • 2.4 Lighting
    • 2.5 window Decor
    • 2.6 A few more tips
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Interior room in a small apartment requires a careful approach to the choice of finishing materials and furniture. If you have limited space, and there is no way to expand the room physically, then, will have to expand its visually. All design secrets in this article.

Interior room in a small apartment

Is it worth doing alterations

The interior of a small living room in the apartment

Often redevelopment gives amazing results

Before starting the repair in the living room, you should consider the possibility of dismantling one of the walls and combining facilities such as the kitchen.

Combining the kitchen with guest room and dining area is very popular and provides good results. It is also possible partial demolition of walls, construction of a wide aperture arch type.

If for some reason can not be the demolition of walls, it is necessary to increase the interior of a small living room in the apartment just in a visual way.

Such a method with a successful application of the effect to 25% won space.

Secrets of the visual extension of the room

A small interior room

Bright living room will look much more spacious

light shades

  • One of the main and most effective secrets - it's bright colors used in the decoration of the apartment. It is important to remember that bright wallpaper with a fine pattern or paint soothing pastel colors make the space larger. Large, bright pattern on the wallpaper will give the opposite result - reduce the room.
  • At low ceilings desirable to hang wallpaper with vertical stripes. If you think that a small interior room apartments while neyarok and poor, use a pair of bright spots in the form of panels or photos on the walls.


Note! The second least effective secret - the use of mirrors. By the way, one mirrored wall, increases the space twice. A ceiling, decorated with mirrors, not only visually rise, but will give the room a spectacular volume.

Mirror doors and an extended doorway quite visually move apart room.

The interior of the small-sized living room

In a small room requires a minimum of furniture

The right furniture

The third secret - well-chosen furniture. Firstly, its amount should be minimal, do not clog the interior of compact living though beautiful, but superfluous household items.

Sets of furniture because of its bulkiness long been in demand. Now at the peak of popularity of the furniture-transformer. It's sliding tables, folding chairs and sofas, modular furniture, which is small in size with a maximum of functionality.

Optionally put a huge dining table that will take half of the room. Light, glass coffee table will give the design a small room the feeling of weightlessness. Corner sofas different shapes will make your stay comfortable in the afternoon, and in the unfolded state, give your maximum sleeping comfort night.

Successfully design looks small apartment, furnished with light-colored furnishings.

If the furniture a smooth surface that will reflect the light - you win in the space of a little more space. Multifunctional furniture with many drawers for storing clothes and household items will also provide convenience.


The secret of the fourth - well-chosen lighting. Remember that big heavy chandelier markedly reduce the space.

Spot lights are not only fashionable and relevant, it has the effect of flying the space, do not clutter the room. Fixtures have not only on the ceiling, they can be placed and finished with decorative walls.

It looks wonderful design living in a small apartment with illumination by multi-level ceiling perimeter.

Illuminated pictures or photos on the walls will also expand the room.

Design of small-sized living room

LCD TV on the wall, will save space

Flat largest aquarium in the wall with lighting capable of give the room a sense of depth, mystery and continue.

window Decor

The fifth secret - curtains. Massive curtains or curtains weighing only interior room in a studio apartment.

Light, weightless design curtains for the living room, bright colors - that's what will make the room light and airy. If the window facing north, will be enough light translucent curtains that will not block light.

Note! As for the windows, it is desirable to establish a broad, almost the entire wall glazing. This will give more light and expand the wall. If this is not possible, try to hang cornice with wider window curtains. This trick will play a role in your favor.

A few more tips

  • Another tip concerns your central heating batteries. These cumbersome structures long since given way to warm floors, which are both functional and space-saving. Instead of batteries, it is advisable to mount the console-sill, the bottom of which is a place for everyday things, and on the windowsill flower lovers can put your favorite plants.
Design living in a small apartment

Minimalism means - no nonsense in the room

  • Choose the right style. Minimalism involves quite austere design, with a minimum of objects and decoration. Fashion for him began in the 60s, then went back to our time in an already modified form.

The most daring variations of such a design reminiscent of the interior of the spacecraft. Here attention to detail in furniture, lighting and functionality. But this style is not for everyone liking.

Tip! Should think twice before repair, what do you prefer, and what style to you most comfortable.

planning principles

Interior room in a studio apartment

Design living in a small apartment

Remember, do not try to beat every centimeter of space due to the fact that in the future you will not be comfortable in this room. Even the most fashionable interior room can be a discomfort to your taste and sensations.

Summing up

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