Hall in the house: a photo in the apartment, a sitting room with hands, is considered a room, the necessary description and another name, pictures

In order to create an ideal living room, you need to think over the design of the room, without being distracted by small details In order to create an ideal living room, you need to think over the design of the room without being distracted by small details. The final concept of the hall design is not what it turns out. We need a clear plan, when even before the first step in repair, you already know what will happen. You have to imagine what kind of room the hall will take, just not in small things. It is often a mistake to know where the statuette will stand. And then everything revolves around the represented image, you are distracted by trifles, forgetting about the main thing.

    • Other name of the room in the apartment is the living room
    • Room room: the design of the entrance room
    • Room in the apartment: what kind of wallpaper will fit
    • Room in the house: charms and amenities
    • Hall in new apartments:We summarize the rules
    • How to equip the hall with your own hand( video)
    • Original drawing rooms in the house( photo)

Another name for the room in the apartment is the

. However, this is not another name,second room. The living room is called a room for the reception of guests, a room that is intended for all members of the family. Usually it is a room with a larger area.

The living room should be not only beautiful, but at the same time cozy and functional The living room should be not only beautiful, but at the same time cozy and functional

The hall is a common name. Once they could say "living room", later it was transformed simply into a hall. But even today in the etymological dictionary you can easily find the word "hall".There it is said that this is a spacious front room in a private house or a grand reception room.

Room room: design of the passage room

And here in the comfort and functionality of design you need to try hard. Not all the yardage due to circumstances you can use effectively, so think well over the layout.

The angle, as well as the passageway, can not be used. Is that for decoration. So in the corner you can install a floor lamp( not very massive), put a large vase, hang a picture. Once in the corner put a small cabinet with a TV.But this was convenient only in some cases, with the arrival of plasma TVs in the home, this option is not considered.

In the entrance hall should be abandoned a large number of furniture and decor elements In the hallway, a large number of furniture and decor elements should be discarded.

The advantage of such communicating rooms is a large window. It occupies most of the wall on which it is located. This can be emphasized by light curtains, which are made of translucent material. So they will gently scatter light, which is considered an excellent option for such a room.

But from the use of three-dimensional furniture in this room should be abandoned, the dimensions should be modest. Upholstered furniture, too, should not be massive. Large chandeliers are also not needed, they will reduce the audience visually.

Hall in the apartment: what kind of wallpaper will suit

Of course, the very choice of wallpaper is very large. And yet try to go to the store with ready-made preferences, plus - decide in advance how much you are willing to pay for the wallpaper.

Wallpaper for the living room match the color or design of the furniture Choose the color for your living room furniture or furniture design

Selection rules

The choice is affected by:

  • Cost of wallpaper;
  • Fashionable currents;
  • Room size;
  • Wallpaper material.

When choosing the color and texture of the wallpaper, take into account the lighting and the parameters of the hall, and places that you want to highlight or, conversely, hide. If the interior is light, large, you can let yourself play with bright colors. But also to abuse bright colors it is not necessary, the color decision should be moderate.

Hall in the house: charms and amenities

The description of such a hall will differ from the room variations. And here the design is less dependent on fashion, the aesthetics and the atmosphere of the house itself are important. Here you can afford to highlight the sofa area. In such spacious living rooms there may not even be one sofa.

A coffee table can be large, which, if necessary, will turn into a convenient table for tea drinking. Often, one of the sofas is put up a desk, and it's very convenient. You can sit at the computer without being distracted from communicating with the household.

In the house, the living room can be arranged according to one In the house, the living room can be arranged according to your own preferences and wishes

And the real fireplace, as in the picture, you can safely put only in such a living room - at least 20 squares. At the same time, the house will have a strong floor, which will withstand a very heavy construction. Think about how the air vent will look like. But if you do not go with the installation of such a fireplace, you can be content with the decorative. And this is not bad either. Advantages of falseness of fireplaces

  • They are aesthetic;
  • Completely safe;
  • Easy to handle;
  • It is possible to adjust the temperature.

As an additional element of the decor, you can install a false fireplace As an additional element of the decor it is possible to install a false fireplace

The design of the fireplace should not fall out of the existing concept of the hall. You can immediately stop at the version of the classic interior of the hall with a fireplace. Just do not hang the TV over the fireplace, it looks tasteless. Better place on the fireplace, like a chest of drawers, family photos, statues, beautiful hours.

Hall in new apartments: we summarize the rules

Some accessories can be made by hand, crafts must be appropriate and not pretentious. Today, as before, however, handmade creativity is in fashion, but you need to approach it professionally. Focus on the simplicity and use of natural materials.

Three design laws for working on the hall:

  1. Functionality. It always dominates the aesthetics, like comfort. Moving around the room should be free, and rest and reception of guests should be equally possible.
  2. Dimensions. Avoid bulky interior items. They have the property of absorbing space. Furniture attribute not only should not be inappropriately large, but also style matching is mandatory.
  3. Style. There should be no contradictions to the direction that dominates the design throughout the house.

Making out your own living room, do not forget to take into account its dimensions and functionality Designing your own living room, do not forget to take into account its dimensions and functionality.

Classical style is the preserve of conservatives, the European style does not like partitions and requires the transformation of several rooms into one space. The Scandinavian style is dominated by natural materials, and avant-garde is inherent in those who think creatively and are not afraid of courage.

How to equip the room with your own hand( video)

The decoration of the hall is an interesting, but troublesome business. Let your ideas be successful, and everything you need can be found without much difficulty. No hurry, no restraint, do everything for the interior of your dreams!

original living in the house( photo)