The design of the room: the design of the room, the photo in the apartment, the marsala and the autumn, as can garlands, the dining room itself

When decorating a hall, it is necessary to approach the choice of furniture and decor items correctly Designing the hall, you need to correctly approach the selection of furniture and decoration items. The hall is central, you can tell the main room indoors. It welcomes guests, celebrates celebrations, has fun, and rest. In the hall, as a rule, there is most furniture, in comparison with other rooms. The premises of the hall have different features and depend on many factors, so its design and design should be properly approached.

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    • Secrets of the hall decoration in the apartment
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    • How to decorate the room in the house

      It is very profitable to decorate the room in the house. The house is characterized by a special cosiness and atmosphere, it perfectly suits various styles of interior and design intentions. To independently arrange a room in your home, you need a creative idea and some free time. What can be the ideas of decorating the hall in the house?First of all, this seasonal decoration of the room, depending on the time of the year, you can decorate the hall of the house. Seasonal themes, such as autumn or winter design, will be only temporary and it will need to be removed after the end of the season.

      To make it convenient to change the design of the room, depending on the season, you can use various decor elements:

      • Paintings of the relevant subjects;
      • Crafts and panels;
      • Ikebans.

        To complement the interior of the room can be a fireplace, paintings or other decor You can supplement the interior of the room with a fireplace, pictures or other decor

        In addition, you can change the curtain set, for example, hang blue or blue curtains to the winter, and the canopy, on the contrary, yellow. But this is the case if there are spare kits. To diversify the room with tones and shades, you can use small decor elements, such as pick-ups for curtains, flower vases, Christmas toys. Look great in the hall of the landscape. To do this, you can use wallpaper on the wall, pictures, bulky panels of natural materials that you can do with your own hands.

        Using in the decoration of the hall the landscape and decor of the handy tools, do not neglect the area and space of the room. Such options for decorating the room strongly hide the space.

        Secrets of decorating the room in the apartment

        It is quite difficult to decorate the hall in an apartment, as it performs even more functions than the hall of the house. In the apartment, the hall can be a living room, a lounge, a common room, combined into a bedroom and a hall.

        When designing a room, it is necessary to consider the following factors:

        • Interior style;
        • Colors;
        • Space area.

        The style of the room shapes the perception of the whole room and plays an important role. The classic style perfectly combines pastel and dark colors of furniture and finishes, thereby increasing the area of ​​space. Style Modern is also suitable for decorating apartments, only with a good level of lighting. Style Empire very richly looks in the halls of apartments, but not to each room will suit its massive and chic design elements. If the hall in the apartment often meets guests and has to organize a party here, the design in the city style is suitable.

        It is quite difficult to work out the design of the hall, because you need to take into account the size and shape of the room It's quite difficult to design the room, because you need to take into account the size and shape of the room

        For this, modern wallpapers with a 3D effect are used, dark curtains in combination with light furniture, muted lighting.

        For a modern room, this is an ideal option, and most importantly trendy. The design of the hall in a one-room apartment is much more difficult to implement, since it performs several functions and it must be divided into zones. Zones in the hall of a one-room apartment can be several, it is better to highlight them in color or tone. Furniture plays an important role in the apartment hall. Oversized furniture looks rough, also looks like furniture with a lot of corners, drawers, chests of drawers, cabinets. For the design of the hall of the apartment, it is better to choose the style of Minimalism, calm colors of furniture and bright decor elements.

        How to design a room: interesting ideas

        Beautifully arrange any room will help a well-chosen color scheme. To do this, you can use saturated colors, for example, the color of Marsala. It is a fine wine, bright, refreshing color, which is considered neutral, as it is suitable for any premises. Upholstered furniture, curtains, curtains on the windows in the color of marsala, will add a hall of real chic. You can decorate the apartment with garlands for the holiday. Garlands can be paper or lamp. Garlands with light bulbs can be used not only as an element of the interior, but also as additional lighting. With paper garlands, you can decorate the interior of the hall for any holiday, choosing the appropriate theme.

        The next interesting variant of the design of the hall is the drapery with the help of which you can successfully solve several problems:

        • Divide the rooms into the halls;
        • Give the room a certain style;
        • Add additional lighting.

        A great solution is draping curtains, which add some uniqueness to the room An excellent solution is draping curtains that add some uniqueness to the room

        Drapery combined with lamp garlands, looks great in any area of ​​the hall, both in small and large. The next ideal option for decorating the room is flowers. The flower theme always looks great in any room. Lavender field on the wallpaper, the shade of which will be traced on curtains, furniture and decor elements, will create an atmosphere of coziness. Ideas for decorating the hall with fresh flowers in vases or indoor plants in vazonchikah, a panel of dried flowers, is also welcomed in the design of the hall.

        When choosing different panels as decor, you must take into account the style of the hall, so that these decor elements are harmonized against the background of the rest of the design.

        Ideas for decorating the room can be different, depending on the style of the interior, from the location and area, from the functions of the hall. Making a hall for everyday life, you need to choose quiet ideas that do not irritate the imagination. But if you design the hall for a celebration, you need to prepare in advance.

        Festive design: how to decorate the hall for the celebration

        There are different examples of design of the hall for the celebration, it remains only to decide on the theme of the celebration. You can use the services of the salons and COSS, or you can arrange the hall for the celebration yourself. The brightest event that overtakes us often is a birthday. A child in a year can already be satisfied with a full-fledged birthday, with guests, gifts, triumph.

        In the design of the hall for children's birthday, you will need:

        • Balls;
        • Pompons;
        • Colored paper.

        In order to create a festive design, you can use balls or scenery from colored paper In order to create a festive design, you can use balls or decorations from colored paper

        Balls better decorate the arches of doors, windows, gel balls can be let go to the ceiling. With the balls you need to be more careful when decorating the room for a children's celebration, bursting, the ball can scare the kids. The corner of the room can be decorated with a sculpture made of marbles. Pompons will serve as a decoration for a chandelier on a child's birthday. Light multicolored pom-poms will circulate in height at each movement, game or running of kids.

        From color paper you can make pictures, butterflies, hearts, feathers, which also can decorate the ceiling.

        Ceremonial decoration of the hall: for those who have not made out the room

        Before choosing the design of the room, each of us appears before an important celebration, the main thing is that the design of the hall coincides with the ideas of the celebration. If the celebration is planned in the summer, in the first days of June, everything should be done very colorfully. Winter celebrations are made out on a winter theme. The hall for the wedding must be properly decorated, so that the idea was not only interesting, but also suitable temperament of a particular couple. One of the most fashionable ideas for decorating the room is a romantic decoration, scarlet sails from draperies and a ship of balloons perfectly decorate the festive hall. The decoration of the hall in the style of Cinderella is suitable for weddings, for graduation parties. The carriage can be made from helium balls, the rest of the drapery. For a solemn dinner reception, the hall needs to be reservedly decorated in order to maintain the atmosphere of the celebration. Decoration of the hall with ribbons is possible for birthday and for the wedding, you can use both monophonic and colored tapes.

        If you have not encountered the design of the hall, then you will definitely be helped by special master classes If you have not already encountered the design of the room, then you will definitely be helped by the special

        master classes. When decorating the hall before the celebration, it is necessary to clearly formulate a project that will make it easier to implement the idea.

        How to decorate a living room( video)

        When decorating a room for celebration, it is necessary to take into account the type of lighting, so as not to make the interior gloomy in dark tones and vice versa, too brighten the room, against which guests and scenery will be lost. The idea of ​​choosing the design for the hall to the celebration always remains for the perpetrators of the celebration, this issue must be treated responsibly.

        original design of the living room( photo)