Design of a living room with a fireplace: ideas for a hall, a photo of an apartment, a house interior, a project of a corner bay window 16 sq. M.M, cast iron

The fireplace gives the living room a cosiness and comfort The fireplace gives the living room a cosiness and comfort Who does not want to bring a note of warmth to his house or apartment?A living fire, no doubt, is the warmth that is lacking, especially on long winter evenings. To make a bonfire in the middle of the room is not the best decision, to put it mildly. It is better to do otherwise - install a fireplace in the living room.

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Ideas for the design of a living room with a fireplace

The first step is to decide which fireplace to choose. The assortment is quite large: all possible combinations and combinations. However, the main emphasis should be made on the type of fireplace, that is, how and what it stokes( actual for apartments where it is difficult to build a chimney).

Here are the types of fireplaces that exist:

  • Electric fireplace;
  • Wood burning fireplace;
  • Bio-fireplace;
  • Gas fireplace.

The first fireplace type operates from the electrical network. It is quite budgetary, so it is available to almost everyone. Only here he does not give a living fire - it's just an imitation, although very good. Wood burning fireplaces are traditional classics. The smell of burning logs and heat. Light from the fire will fill the room with comfort. True, such a fireplace requires a long engineering development to remove the chimney, which eliminates the possibility of installing this piece of interior in the apartment.

An excellent solution is to finish the wall near the fireplace with the help of natural stone or decorative brick An excellent solution is to finish the wall near the fireplace with natural stone or decorative bricks

The embodiment of modern technology is a bio fireplace. When burning special fuel does not emit ash, smell and smoke, so it will be in place in the usual apartment of a multi-storey building.

Gas fireplaces operate by supplying natural or liquefied gas through pipes. You need to be more careful - the installation of such equipment may require the permission of various services. Still worth paying attention to the so-called falsh-fireplaces. There is nothing to burn in them, except that the candles are delivered, and they bear only a decorative character.

The fireplaces themselves are built of refractory materials. Most often it's a gas block, a brick and a foam block. When building a fireplace made of bricks, it should be red - it keeps the temperature better. Interestingly, the brickwork does not necessarily have to be trimmed, because it will look great without it.

Fireplace in the living room: design

The appearance of the fireplace largely depends not only on the general interior of the room, but also on the type of installation.

It can be:

  • Wall-mounted fireplace when the rear part is in contact with the wall;
  • Island fireplaces are located in open space and can have an overview of 360 degrees;
  • Corner fireplaces are great for placing in corners;
  • Built-in represent a niche, deepened into the wall at the very lining: similar structures are erected during the construction or major repairs of the house.

The electric fireplace looks good in the interior, made in the style of high-tech or modern The electric fireplace looks good in an interior made in the style of high-tech or modern.

Interesting development of designers: it turns out that corner can be not only a sofa( and other furniture), but a fireplace. This is especially important for a living room with a bay window. It is the protruding part of the house, which inside is an extension or part of the room. Since the bay window itself is a strong element of the interior, you will have to try very hard to inscribe an equally strong fireplace in the style. In such cases, soft and warm shades are used, and the number of accessories( especially small ones) is reduced to a minimum.

Very interesting project with a stand-alone fireplace. Around him, you can arrange a large round sofa and admire the fire from any position from either side.

Hall with a fireplace: design

The choice of type of fireplace may depend on the further lining.

It is very important to choose the type of fireplace:

  • Open type( for example, with cast iron fencing);
  • Closed type( with a door made of thick heat-resistant glass).

The materials for finishing are quite a lot and they depend on the type and type. For example, a wood-burning fireplace of open type should not be finished with plasterboard, even fire-resistant - as they say, to avoid. For this option, a natural stone is suitable. This option is not the cheapest, because properly processed natural stone is not so easy to transport. The most commonly used marble or its exact imitation. Stone decoration creates the impression of impressiveness, monumentality and reliability, and also bring people closer to nature, which is especially important for country style of interiors.

Thanks to the fireplace, you can save money on heating the room Thanks to the fireplace, you can save money on heating the room

For closed fireplaces you can use metal - it will not heat up. Even wood carving will have to go. But fake fireplaces are most often decorated with products made of polyurethane - moldings and bas-reliefs.

You can also decorate the fireplace with plaster, especially decorative. In principle, the finishes can be limited only by the imagination of the designer or the owner of the room. Fireplaces have long ceased to be only rectangular, they are raised above the floor, and still give unexpected additional functions, for example, a cabinet. The door of the fireplace is usually not decorated - except that only the handle. It makes no sense to put a picture on the glass, because you want to look at the fire without interference. But this function is - because of the fire drawing on the glass turns the room into a theater of shadows. The fireplace itself has long been used not as a heater, but as a lamp, decoration and the creator of a unique atmosphere. Some designers have long used a fireplace, entirely consisting of thick glass, as a source of light.

Design with living room fireplace: photo and functionality of

types The same fireplace shelf can be used as an additional surface - it is often put on various decorations.

For example:

  • Candles;
  • Photo frames;
  • Figurines;
  • Flowers. Hanging up the TV above the fireplace, you can give the interior of the hall of origin

    The space above the fireplace is also often decorated in various ways. Most often, they choose paintings and mirrors. Interesting look lamps, decorated in the same style and color as the fireplace - they seem to be a continuation of the fireplace and fire. The chimney also does not remain without attention. Ordinary classical models have changed stunning, but somewhat futuristic. It is interesting that the chimney can be a separate part of the interior in the house - it is decorated with artistic forging, painting and bas-reliefs.

    The inside of the fireplace, as well as the sidewalls, can be finished with heat resistant mirrors - the fireplace will visually become larger, and also more cozy light from the fire.

    However, above the fireplace, a mirror in a beautiful frame that echoes the finish of the cladding will look just as good. False-fireplaces designers and do at all turn into something incredible. For example, instead of a fire, a train leaves. .. a train. Most often, less extreme options are used, for example, put candles, books, and even broadcast tapestries, as in the dormitory of Pope Carlo - with a drawing of the boiler on the fire.

    Cozy design of living room with fireplace( video)

    The fireplace, which decorates the hall, will certainly be one of the main interior details. It is enough to apply a little imagination - a unique fireplace finish will turn the entire room into a unique project. Do not be afraid to experiment - a living fire will definitely cheer up and bring home comfort and warmth.

    Design room with fireplace( interior photos)