Hall of plasterboard in the hall: zoning of the living room with his hands, photo designs, interior decoration and painting

Using gypsum cardboard you can change the geometry of the room, level the surface of walls and ceiling With gypsum cardboard you can change the geometry of the room, align the surface of the walls and ceiling Repair is quite a costly undertaking, especially if you think through the design of the room. Is it possible to create coziness and originality in the interior, spending not huge amounts of money?Gypsum cardboard will come to the aid, thanks to which you can realize the most unusual fantasies. Hall of plasterboard, designed in accordance with the taste of the owner of the apartment, will look unusual and boldly against the background of similar living rooms.

    • Gypsum ceiling and dignity
    • produce zoning the living room with plasterboard
    • Equips Hall of plasterboard with their hands
    • unusual solution: the drywall in the interior of the living room
    • plasterboard in the hall( video)
    • Examples of drywall constructions in the living room( photo in the interiors)

Plasterboard ceiling and its advantages

Ceilings made of plasterboard are increasingly replacing ordinary plasterboard, gypsumOfton is actively used in the design of walls, the manufacture of partitions and other changes, so that now it is difficult to meet the trendy interior without the use of this material. It is original and practical.

The ceiling of plasterboard is an affordable and aesthetically attractive option for finishing the ceiling space The ceiling of plasterboard is an affordable and aesthetically attractive option for finishing the ceiling space

The plasterboard ceiling has a lot of advantages:

  1. It has an excellent thermal insulation, combined with foam and mineral wool, it increases. Drywall does not pass moisture, "breathes" and does not contribute to the emergence of allergies, also has fireproof properties;
  2. Drywall is an environmentally friendly material. Plasterboard constructions can be erected in rooms where children live, and it will be absolutely safe;
  3. Drywall is very flexible, it is able to bend and can take any shape;
  4. Due to the smoothness of the material, it is almost not necessary to finish the ceiling after the construction itself;
  5. Drywall constructions can be manufactured very quickly. This material is very simple to use, inexpensive and can be bought a store with goods for repair;
  6. For uneven ceilings, drywall will become a salvation: it quickly hides all irregularities quickly and without wasting money;
  7. In the suspended ceiling of gypsum board, the wiring, the air conditioning system and the necessary cables are hiding;
  8. In the subsequent repair of the ceiling, it will not be necessary to replace the entire structure, each module can be replaced separately;
  9. Any lighting can be used.

On profiles, gypsum boards take away a certain amount of height, so you do not need to install structures in several layers in rooms where there are low ceilings.

We make the zoning of the living room with plasterboard

To make the room comfortable and functional, there is such a thing as zoning. Virtually and aesthetically, there are many advantages when dividing the room into zones, especially if it is small in size. With the right approach, you can get a full bedroom and a living room as a result.

Zoning of the living room with the help of decorative plasterboard construction will create an optical illusion, thus increasing the attractiveness of the interior Zoning the living room with a decorative gypsum board construction will create an optical illusion, thus increasing the attractiveness of the interior.

In this case, there are two types of zoning:

  1. Open type - the room is divided into two parts only visually. For this it is necessary to erect a false partition;
  2. Closed type - a partition is built, which becomes another wall with an arch or door.

An open type of zoning can include a decorative partition in which there are niches, through-type shelves, etc. With this type of zoning, the partition can be in any part of the room: it can be divided in half or one part may be larger than the other.

There are several ideas for open type zoning:

  1. You can divide the living room and bedroom by using a decorative partition, one side of it will serve as a wall for an artificial fireplace;
  2. A partition with a niche under the TV can also divide the room, while being a decorative addition to the head of the bed on the other side;
  3. Partition with through shelves for terrarium or aquarium;
  4. Semi-transparent decorative design, which does not perform any functions, except for division into zones. Maybe with a backlight of neon lights.

With the zoning type closed, the room is divided into two different rooms, so this event requires a lot of responsibility and serious attitude to the design of the project.

In the closed type of zoning, the partition between the bedroom and the living room becomes a full wall with sound insulation and a door opening.

The wall that separates the room from the bedroom can have a wide opening with a translucent door to provide natural light to both rooms.

We equip the gypsum board room with our own hands

Now the light, simple and not piled up furniture are fashionable. A room with plasterboard recesses, which you can build with your own hands, is quite suitable for this description.

Gypsum board niches can become a convenient place for storage of decorative interior items Niches from plasterboard can be a convenient place to store decorative interior items.

. The niches are divided into:

  1. Functional - designed for embedding machinery, also suitable for aquariums, bar counters, etc.;
  2. Decorative niches do not play any role, but serve only as decoration of the interior. They often place vases, photographs within the framework, decorative objects. With the help of such niches, the situation is supplemented, accents are placed. In the floor niches can be placed any figure, pots with flowers, figurines and stuff. Such niches are combined with indentations in a wall or a multi-level ceiling, their height is not more than 80 cm.

When choosing which color to paint a niche, you should pay attention to the color palette of the entire room. Shades should be combined. The niche should not be too dark, it will create the feeling that a wall with a hole.

The horizontal niche will make the walls longer, they are suitable for short spaces. A vertical niche ideally fits next to a window or cabinet. The presence of a circular can greatly increase the space.

Unusual solutions: drywall in the interior of the living room

Due to the fact that the plasterboard is flexible and easy to install, it is often used to create structures with arches, podiums, niches. In order to fix it, you can use only self-tapping screws, you can even do without sealants and glue. After fixing immediately begins finishing: puttying, painting and pasting wallpaper.

The plasterboard room, executed according to all the rules of functional comfort, has a complete composition, and the whole apartment looks excellent The plasterboard room, executed according to all the rules of functional comfort, has a completed composition, and the whole apartment looks excellent.

Drywall can be useful in many respects:

  1. It can make the room imperceptible:Uneven walls or in the wrong geometry of the room, simulate an open shelf in the room, where because of the low ceilings the cabinets will be out of place;
  2. Decorative niche is just a find now. It can be anything you want, with no special care for it;
  3. Ceilings and arches. Multilevel ceiling allows you to place a source of lighting - LEDs and lamps, arches can be used where there are no doors, for example, in small apartments. The arch can be an zoning structure and correct the flaws in the doorway.

You can successfully use gypsum board in the kitchen as a recess for storing kitchen appliances and other utensils. Shelves for pantry of this material - also a good solution: different sizes of shelves suitable for home canned food, and under the dishes.

Ceiling from plasterboard in the hall( video)

The decoration of the hall or any other room of the house will be easier to implement with such an indispensable drywall. Examples of structures from this material can convey the received beauty and the obviousness of their use. Zoning rooms, interior design - all this in the hands of the owners of apartments, most importantly - to comply with safety rules during repairs.

Examples of designs from drywall in the living room( photos in the interiors)