Living room design Khrushchev: the interior in the panel house, a project room with kitchen

living room design Khrushchev (48 photos). Methods of zoning. Lighting and color scheme. Selection of interior elements


Table of contents

  • 1 organization of living
  • 2 Methods of zoning
    • 2.1 Taboo for Khrushchev
    • 2.2 Tips on zoning
  • 3 Lighting and colors
  • 4 Selection of interior elements
  • 5 A few words about the curtains
  • 6 Summing up
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Start of construction of the Khrushchev family houses dates back to the mid-50s and continued until the early 90's. The rooms in these homes do not differ spacious dimensions and ceiling height rarely reaches 2.75 m.

Based on these features, and should be developed in a design room Khrushchev.

The design of the living room in KhrushchevAmong other things, there are also several types of Khrushchev plan. They come in single, two and three. The area of ​​living rooms in them varies from 15 to 59 m².

organization of living

Usually the room under the hall in the Khrushchev have a small area. To extend it, resorted to redevelop - combined living room with a kitchen or a room with a hallway. When re-planning of the walls can be demolished not completely, producing a partial dismantling.

Combine the living room with kitchen can be as follows:

  • Partially dismantle the barrier and do in the formed aperture arch.
    Interior living room Khrushchev

    Interior living room with kitchen

  • Quite popular as is the option of complete demolition of the walls with the construction in its place of columns, and perform a decorative function and are zoned.
  • Another way - the partial dismantling of the walls with the installation of the bar. Replacement of bath rack, fulfilling the function of the border of the two zones may be a sliding glass partition.

The two- or three-room apartment living room interior in a five-storey apartment can be divided into two zones - a dining and recreation.

Tip! If the kitchen in the apartment is spacious and the dining room can be arranged on a part of its territory, making monofunctional hall.

Methods of zoning

Here fit is not all ways that are generally applicable to other types of premises.

Taboo for Khrushchev

What to avoid when zoning:

  • different floor finishes in adjoining areas will conceal the space, while the same type of coverage in all areas, on the contrary, will increase the area of;
  • should avoid contrasting color patches, as each of them will reduce the space concerned and bright design of the walls in the living room, and colorful decor;
  • should not be used in the finishing of the walls of large paintings - large objects in a small room will reduce it even further.

Tips on zoning

Nevertheless, the living room design project in the Khrushchev may still operate with a number of design methods of zoning:

  • Great - lifting the floor level without changing the coating material;
  • good zoning possible with the help of well-straddling furniture;
  • multilevel ceiling and lighting are among the priorities.
    Interior room in the panel house

    Design-through living room

Lighting and colors

These aspects should be given particular attention. So, in the hall better to withstand the overall color gamut relative to the entire apartment. However, the colors of surfaces in the room itself relative to each other must differ.

It is necessary to refrain from finishing the ceiling in the dark color, even if the surface is glossy and shiny. The low ceiling would be even lower, though the room and visually it will seem longer.

The design of the living room in Khrushchev suggests finishing the walls in bright pastel colors - light green, light blue, light pink. Saturated bright colors visually reduce the space and soon become bored.

living room design in the panel house

Bright colors in the design

In the matter of lighting should be noted that access to natural light is one of the priorities. But artificial illumination must be diverse. The classic mistake here are the installation of a chandelier in the center of the ceiling, and ignoring local and decorative lighting.

Topical application of local hidden lighting and spot lighting, mounted in the ceiling, niches in the walls and furniture.

living room interior design in Khrushchev will not accept the use of the massive lighting. Chandelier should be mounted as close as possible to the ceiling surface and not be long.

Design lounge project hruschevke

The abundance of small lighting

Selection of interior elements

First of all you must carefully choose the furniture and textile elements (curtains and upholstery). Living room a small area should not be made overly functional, overloading its furniture and accessories.

In the matter of selection of furniture a good solution is to install convertible models that can take various forms and take up minimal floor space.

Tip! You can also use the built-in furniture, the main feature of which is the lack of housing - its role is performed by the walls and ceiling. And although this type of furniture is higher in value compared with the classic, it allows you to use the space more efficiently.

The principles of selection of furniture:

  • it must be of small size and does not occupy a space all;
  • new upholstery or upholstered furniture to be repaired should be well combined with the color scheme of the walls;
  • Pick up the furniture with which it will be possible to implement zoning;
    Interior design living room in Khrushchev

    Properly chosen furniture

  • glass and mirror surfaces play a role not only decorative, but also visually expand the space, keep this in mind when choosing furniture;
  • install modular furniture, which can be placed TV and other equipment.

A few words about the curtains

In the interior of the living room in the panel house, as well as to the Khrushchev-type houses will fit every type of curtains.

In order to correctly pick the curtains in the living room, use the following rules:

  1. If the design of the small room is designed in a simple style, it is better to use the Japanese curtains.
  2. Curtains on the grommet suitable for any modern style.
  3. An interesting embodiment are pleated curtains based anti-dust composition.
  4. swags use in the living room is better to avoid Khrushchev, they help reduce the visual height of the ceiling.
  5. Tulle provide ease and access to sunlight, never spoil the interior painting.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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