Beautiful living rooms: interior photo of the room, very beautiful room, make in the house, how to paste and decorate in the apartment

The living room is an important room in the house, it must be framed in the best possible way The living room is an important room in the house, it must be framed in the best possible way. The living room is one of the most important places in the house. It is there that spend most of the time guests and the owners themselves. On how this room looks, it depends how pleasant time will be in it. The living room, decorated stylishly and beautifully, will become the object of admiration for the friends and pride of the owners.

    • How to create a beautiful living room interior
    • Basic tips for making a beautiful living room
    • Selecting a wallpaper for the living room: what to look for
    • How to decorate the living room nicely: competent furnishings
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How to create a beautiful living room interior

When thinking about decorating a living room, the owner of the house should not only think about how to makeIt's beautiful, but also how to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. It is this room that should become the "face" of the family, where everyone can relax and enjoy free time. The first step that should be done by a person planning to decorate the living room is to carefully think through the interior. Undoubtedly, before starting the planning, the owner of the room is recommended to look at various pictures that will help to select an attractive design. There are many different interior styles that will suit the living room.

Designing a living room, remember that it should be, above all, cozy

Popular styles

  • Modern, based on simple shapes, neutral colors combined with bright elements;
  • Minimalism - a small amount of furniture and other decor elements;
  • The athletics differs in that it combines incongruous - various pieces of furniture that are similar for some one feature, for example - to color;
  • Classical style differs strictness and consistency of forms, symmetrical arrangement of interior items;
  • The main features of the high-tech style are strictness, a clear alignment of things in their places, as well as the absence of sharp shapes and colors;
  • Loft, which is gaining popularity, is characterized by a small amount of furniture and a combination of different architectural styles.

Not always it turns out simply to find a photo and to make on an image and similarity in the house.

Before starting work, it is necessary to take into account many aspects that will help to avoid mistakes in the design of the living room:

  1. First, you need to estimate the size of the room. A lot depends on this - the color of the walls, the floor, as well as the size and quantity of interior items that can be placed in the living room. So, for example, overall furniture and dark walls do not fit in a small room, while small furniture can visually get lost in a large room.
  2. Secondly, not only the dimensions of the living room, but also its shape are important. For example, a long room can visually zonirovat in two parts - the first to appoint guests, and the second - to watch TV or read books.
  3. From the very beginning it is important to consider what color design and style the living room will have. Buy furniture is already based on selected design details.

Always consider the size, shape and other features of the room when it is designed Always take into account the dimensions, shape and other features of the room when it is designed.

In any case, before buying materials for living room arrangement, you need to carefully consider the general style of the room, drawing attention to its shape and size. And most importantly - remember that the hall is the "face" of the whole house.

It is therefore very important that everyone in this room feel comfortable.

Basic tips how to make a beautiful living room

After choosing a certain style, the planning process of the living room begins. Designers recommend to allocate the main place in the hall, which will attract the main attention.

As a rule, as such decor elements are very often used:

  • Fireplace;
  • TV or home theater;
  • Table, on which the host will put treats for guests;A large and beautiful aquarium, etc.

Also, many experts recommend adding a "zest" to the living room, which will be watched with interest by the guests. It can be, for example, a picture. The classic style is suitable for a landscape or still life, the color design of which will be in harmony with the main scale of the hall. And those wishing to surprise guests can put a bright abstraction on the wall.

A bright accent in the living room can be a fireplace, a coffee table or an original carpet A bright accent in the living room can be a fireplace, a coffee table or the original carpet

If there are niches in the wall, do not be upset, because any lack of room can be done with dignity.

Designers recommend to make a hidden cabinet in it, which will save considerable space. Another option is to equip the niche with shelves, on which there will be family photos, statuettes, etc. When decorating the style of the living room is also worth paying much attention to the choice of curtains. They should be in harmony with the basic color of the room. The main thing is that the curtains do not create a dissonance in the apartment. Too sharp a difference from the style of the living room can make them an obsession to the interior.

The choice of wallpaper for the living room: what to look for

If the owners of the apartment decided to paste wallpaper in the living room, then it is also necessary to adhere to the basic rules. After all, the general atmosphere of the hall depends on the color and style of the walls. Beautiful wallpaper will not always look the same in this or that room. When choosing the color and pattern of the canvas, it is recommended to rely on the main interior of the room, as for each variant of the design of the hall different styles are suitable.

For a guest room it For the guest room, it is better to select warm pastel tones

The main tips for those who wish to wallpaper the room are:

  • It is recommended to select light wallpaper tones in small living rooms;
  • Fine patterns or vertical strips on the wallpaper linen visually expand the space;
  • For large rooms with high ceilings, you can also choose light shades, but also more saturated colors;
  • Cold colors are most often not suitable for living rooms, such wallpaper is better reserved for the design of the bedroom.

How to decorate the living room nicely: competent furnishing

In order to furnish the hall with furniture, you should also maintain the main chosen style and take into account the dimensions of the room. For example, in a large living room the corner sofa perfectly fits in front of which will be a beautiful table. And in a small room designers recommend to put a small sofa with a pair of padded stools or small armchairs.

For a small living room is perfect for a small sofa with a pair of ottomans For a small living room, a small sofa with a pair of ottomans ASD5ASAS

is perfect. A modern solution is to place furniture not in the wall, but in the center of the room. In many cases, this visually increases the space. A special comfort of the living room can add a competently chosen carpet. In size, it should be such that it would fit a sofa, armchairs and a table. Large walls, which became popular in Soviet times, some people consider obsolete.

But in fact, they are highly functional and, in addition, in our time there is a huge selection of furniture that will look modern and stylish.

It is recommended to pay much attention to lighting the room when arranging furniture. The only chandelier hanging on the ceiling is an outdated option. Designers recommend adding several light sources to the room. It can be living room lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, etc. Such lighting will make the room more cozy and fill it with soft light.

How to decorate the room beautifully( video)

In order to make a beautiful living room at home, it is not necessary to hire designers. It is only necessary to seriously approach the issue of choosing a style and follow the basic advice. With a competent approach and a rich imagination, everyone can make a beautiful cozy living room with their own hands.

Variants of beautifully decorated halls( photo)