Glazing of the balcony with plastic windows: how to glaze the loggia with your own hands, step by step instruction with a photo

balcony glazing plastic windows - is the best option to save warmth, comfort and comfort glazed balcony - this, of course, not a luxury, but a very practical action. Today, more and more, due to the balconies, they expand the living space, combine them with the room, or make some functional area in the balcony part. Therefore, the correct glazing protects against street dirt and noise, the balcony takes on a modern look.

    • Why is it right: how to glaze the balcony plastic windows
    • not hardship with plastic: how to choose the right plastic windows
    • Step by step guide: glazed balconies with their hands
    • Species glazed loggias plastic windows
    • External appearance and Finnish how to glaze a loggia with plastic windows
    • Quality glazed loggias plastic windows( video)

Why is it right: how to glaze the balconylastikovymi windows

have PVC windows of many fans. Attracts people and a modern look, both the price and the quality. And there are a lot of advantages to this type of glazing.

Advantages of plastic glazing:

  • The broadest price range - there are budget options, and there are elite offers, non-standard;
  • Color options are also diverse;
  • Windows perfectly protect against noise, dirt and dust;
  • Thermal insulation properties are enviable;
  • Ease of maintenance, durability.

Plastic windows have many advantages plastic windows have many advantages

You can select the variant of the balcony of plastic - it can be swivel design, folding, sliding, swing-out. All designs, except for sliding, differ opening the sash in the horizontal direction, in the vertical, or both ways. Sliding doors open as a sliding door wardrobe, or up. However, these valves, most likely, indicate a cold type of glazing.

Do not suffer from plastic: how to choose the right plastic windows

The installation of double-glazed windows is a service that is affordable, but you can not call it cheap. To qualitatively glazed loggia or balcony, you need to seriously consider the selection of kits. And here there are some nuances.

What to look for when choosing windows:

  • quality windows, must not have the slightest damage - either on the glass or on plastic or on accessories;
  • The profile must be rigid, with a metal insert approximately 1.5 mm in thickness, well, if it is galvanized steel;
  • If you make a warm balcony, the double-glazed windows must be three-chamber or even larger, energy-saving type;
  • The fittings are responsible for the dynamism of the window structure, it must be of high quality, from a manufacturer with a good reputation.

To qualitatively glaze the loggia or balcony, you need to seriously consider the selection of kits To qualitatively glaze loggia or balcony, you need to seriously consider the choice sets

By the way, in addition you can order a mini ventilator to the balcony or loggia was never stuffy. You can also buy anti-burglary fittings, and this is today in the range. If you order double-glazed windows on the site, many portals offer online calculators, you can in advance calculate the amount that will need to be paid.

Step-by-step instruction: the glazing of the balcony with your own hands

The classic technology of balconies glazing consists of several stages. First you need to prepare the space - remove all the old designs. Leave on the balcony railing and frame, they will be the basis for new profiles.

Then the work is built like this:

  • Fix the balcony visor from steel for roofing with polymer coating with anchor bolts or dowels. Silicone sealant sealed joints.
  • The PVC profile is then mounted with anchor bolts. Recheck the level, if there are any irregularities, fix the profile with dowels, and in the lower part - with an anchorage.
  • The frame itself is installed in the same plane as the parapet, on the inside. The drain is fixed to the bottom of the frame, check again to see if the profile is set exactly.
  • Joints are treated with mounting foam. You hang the doors, close the openings with double-glazed windows.
  • After this, the sill is mounted, it is done by screws. The space between the window sill and the profile is frosted.

The classical technology of glazing of balconies consists of several stages The classic technology of glazing of balconies consists of several stages

That's all - every step requires care and caution. Again, remember that the accessories must be of high quality, with the slightest doubt it is worth replacing it. And then you can insulate the balcony, arrange it, etc.

Types: glazing of the loggia with plastic windows

The first type of glazing under consideration is frameless. This is a cold glazing with a convenient sliding system. Such frameless glasses along the guides move into the side, rotate by 90 degrees, or the curds are assembled together. At the same time, the light flux and the review are not limited. It is advisable to apply only in the southern regions.

French glazing is glazing in the floor. Sometimes, from the bottom are installed sandwich panels or forged fencing( for safety reasons).But only to insulate such a loggia is also impossible.

French glazing with plastic windows looks very impressive French glazing with plastic windows looks very impressive

Panoramic glazing of the loggia means a low window sill and large window openings. The opening you can glaze with multi-chamber plastic windows, so that the loggia is insulated. All these types of glazing are not so common, because they are more focused on the decorative component.

Remote view and Finnish: how to glaze the loggia with plastic windows

In the first case( remote glazing), you need to weld a special frame that expands the space and strengthens the parapet. Thus it is possible to establish thus a wide window sill, and also pendant volumetric drying. Not always possible this type of glazing, you need expertise of the loggia and an established individual project.

Finnish glazing is one of the types of sliding glazing of a balcony or loggia Finnish glazing - one of the types of sliding glazing of a balcony or loggia

Finnish glazing is a sliding glazing, assuming 4 rails, they are moved by curls. They cling to each other, and then move together. If the window is opened completely, the opening will be released in ¾ of the entire glazing. To ensure that the structure is sealed or nearly so, a brush seal is needed. This will allow at minus temperature on the street in the room to keep the temperature, even 10 degrees higher.

Quality glazing of the loggia with plastic windows( video)

Glazing of balconies and loggias is a process that will save you from further repairs for a decade or more. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider different announcements, compare the offer and learn to understand, whether you are offering a high-quality design, and whether the price is too high.

Good choice!