How beautiful it is to make a cabinet on the balcony photo: the design by own hands and the locker built in on the loggia, the coupe making

Thanks to the cabinet you can improve the performance of the balcony Thanks cabinet performance can be improved by a balcony tradition to put the cabinet on the balcony is old enough, in fact there are placed all interior items that do not fit in the house. The cabinet is required in order not to arrange a dump and hide all kinds of accessories from prying eyes. It will only be necessary to determine the type of construction, with materials from which it will be made with design.

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    • Make a built-in closet on the balcony: photos and materials
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interesting cabinet design on the balcony: photos and examples

It is not necessary to go to the designer, because createAn interesting design of the wardrobe can be beautifully done with your own hands and without assistance. It is enough to put imagination, tools and materials. The design of the wardrobe on the loggia can be very different, you can make it yourself, and some prefer to choose finished models from the manufacturers.

Choose a wardrobe, based on the size and design of the balcony cabinet should choose, based on the size and design of the balcony

best option is for the balcony:

  • Wardrobe;
  • Built-in construction;
  • Corner cabinet;
  • Construction with roller shutters;
  • Furniture on which the door is an accordion.

Built-in models, ideal for those who have a balcony of a classic look, closed on both sides with blind walls. This product does not take up too much space, and you do not need to build a partition on the back of the cabinet. If the balcony room is not closed from 3 sides, then the installation of a classic or corner cabinet is ideal, which will save space.

Master the closet on the balcony with your own hands

Before you build a cabinet frame for cans or other accessories, it is worth paying attention to the main advantages and disadvantages of the structure. The cabinet on the balcony has practically no drawbacks, unless the price, if there is a desire to install the design on request.

advantages it a lot:

  1. You can create additional space to organize the storage of things that do not fit in an apartment or simply do not need it.
  2. If you carefully plan the space of the balcony, properly equip it with lockers and shelves, even from a small and unsightly room it will be possible to make a comfortable room that can serve not only for storing things, but for rest.
  3. Having selected the original design of the cabinet, you can make an interesting and multifunctional element in the interior of the balcony.

The cheapest thing is to make a wooden cabinet on the balcony Cheaper just to make the balcony wooden cabinet

The main thing is to remember that the balcony - this is not the room, and lockers should be neat and spacious, as well as the doors to everything stored inside them, Did not fall out. Before installing high-quality designer furniture, you need to take care of creating favorable conditions( heating, ventilation and waterproofing).

Only in this case you can not worry that the structures for storage of things and accessories will soon lose their proper appearance.

When installing the cabinet with your own hands, you should pay attention to the choice of moisture-resistant materials, for example GKL, treatment of structures with special impregnations that prevent the formation and development of mold, and the practicality and versatility of the cabinet.

We make a built-in closet on the balcony: photos and materials

Before mounting the cabinet on the balcony, it is worthwhile to set three basic questions - how to get started, what to make a frame and shelves?The process of building a cabinet begins with measurements and the formation of a plan-scheme, which will be used to prepare the elements and assembly.

To build a wooden frame, you need a minimum of tools and a proper selection of materials.

The best option is to choose a beam, the cross section of which is 40x40.Among the advantages of the built-in cabinet is the compactness and spaciousness of the

. However, it is worth remembering that dampness will appear on the unheated balcony, which will lead to the formation of rot and mold. Accordingly, if it is not planned to conduct heating, then it is necessary to regularly process the structure with special impregnations, and it is better to choose a beam with a larger cross-section.

As an analogue, you can choose a skeleton made on the basis of a metal profile lined with GKL sheets. It can easily install plywood, chipboard and the like. If the profile is galvanized, the humidity and even the direct action of water are not terrible. Shelves are cut from sheet material.

It can be:

  • Plywood;
  • chipboard;
  • GCR;
  • OSB.

The choice of the web depends on how strong the frame is mounted, so that the structure does not collapse when placing things and various kinds of accessories. The shelves are fastened to the assembled frame. For mounting it is better to use self-tapping screws. Some use corners that are mounted to the wall. This method is not considered the most ideal, as often when drilling walls they can collapse, which will already cause instability of the cabinet and will soon lead to the collapse of the shelves.

Convenient closet on the balcony: photos and recommendations

The closets are quite popular designs, as they are convenient, practical, roomy and especially compact. For the construction of a closet with your own hands will require the availability of certain materials.

It will be necessary to have:

  • Metal profile or wooden slats, for framing;
  • Metal brackets, 2 pieces per shelf;
  • Moisture-proof sheets GCR;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Plastic panels or sheets of chipboard for doors;
  • Guides for doors that must be made of durable metal;
  • Rollers for doors, each with 2 pairs.
Put the closet on the balcony is if the apartment is not enough space You can put the closet on the balcony if there is not enough space in the apartment

Doing work step by step and without breaking the recommendations, you can create a closet that will last a lot of time and will please its functionality. Senachal is taking measurements, creating a drawing. The measurements are taken from the entire loggia. If the cabinet is made of wood, then it is worth paying attention to the evenness of the walls and the floor, since any unevenness can cause defects and damage the integrity of the structure.

If the construction is from a GCR, then alignment is not required, since the cloths will be mounted on a metal frame.

Next draws a sketch, which is desirable to do in 3D.Only in this way can you take into account all the nuances of the room, and also make adjustments to the future product. On the sketch, the thickness of the shelves, walls and each element in the cabinet must be noted. On the final drawing, a markup with clear cabinet parameters must be made. Also, the marks are placed on the floor and walls, so that when assembling it is much easier to install them in their places.

Next, the frame is assembled. Suitable and metal profile, and slats of wood. Mounting is carried out by means of self-tapping screws according to pre-defined holes. Regardless of which type of frame is chosen, from a metal profile or rack, it is additionally worthwhile to purchase a metal suspension. Once the frame is assembled, its skin is made. This process can be carried out by means of plasterboard, self-tapping screws. The corners must be reinforced. At the final stage, the joints are treated with plaster, made on the basis of gypsum and reinforcing tape. Then puttying is carried out. After complete drying, the cleaning and sanding of the coating is required.

Cabinet on the balcony with your own hands( video)

In general, the cabinet is ready. Do not immediately contact the masters who take a lot of money for the design and installation, because the main thing is the desire and following the instructions, and the cabinet can be made by yourself, and there will be no shortcomings in it.

Ideas: How nice to make the cabinet on the balcony( photo examples)