Plastic doors to the balcony: balcony double-glazed windows and a width of metal-plastic, completely behind the glass, the size

There is a wide variety of plastic doors, differing in shape, size and quality of fittings There is a wide variety of plastic doors that differ in shape, size and quality of the hardware. Nowadays, the doors market has many different options for balcony doors. Someone will choose the immortal classics - wooden balcony doors, and someone likes modern versions of plastic doors. How not to get lost in the variety of materials?What are the windows?Today, let's talk in detail about the types of doors for balconies and loggias, let's talk about their advantages and disadvantages.

    • Balcony door: double glazing
    • Balcony door width: define the opening
    • Metal-plastic balcony doors completely with glass
    • Balcony door size
    • Wooden balcony doors
    • Installation of plastic doors to the balcony( video)
    • The design of plastic balcony doors( photos in the interior)

Balcony door: double-glazed windows

The balcony door with double-glazed windows is now the most popular typem clearance balconies. They have a number of advantages and are relatively inexpensive. Perfectly fit in both classic and modern interior. Such plastic constructions are made of profile, fixed in the points of connection. This design allows you to achieve maximum strength and reliability. Among the advantages of plastic doors is the excellent soundproofing properties

The popularity of modern plastic balcony doors is high due to the following advantages of :

  1. Wooden doors are very sensitive to moisture and temperature changes, easily deformed, but plastic is notAbsorbs water and is resistant to both cold frosts and heat.
  2. The plastic door is much easier to adjust with the built-in correction mechanisms, you can adjust the door yourself or in the process of installation by professionals.
  3. The plastic construction has a minimum weight and thermal conductivity, which is achieved through internal cavities.

The plastic door to the balcony guarantees protection from drafts and good sound insulation. The double-glazed windows do not allow the cold to penetrate into the room, so even in frost the temperature in the apartment will not be below +20 oC.Quality furniture fits securely the door in the opening, which in the future will not give you any problems in the adjustment. Aluminum inserts are very light and are not susceptible to rust.

The width of the balcony door: define the opening

The standard width of the balcony door is fixed in the GOST standard and it is equal to 610 mm. This size is due to the fact that most of the country is dominated by frosty winters. Also in most Soviet-built houses, a balcony or loggia is provided for storing various things, but not for recreation. The small door was very uncomfortable, so now in modern buildings the width of the balcony door is wider.

Modern designs of balconies imply this premise as an additional recreation area, the narrow doors of which often chop off these ideas at the very beginning. Rarely, who risks with the permission of the BTI to expand the balcony openings.

Now the problem of narrow doors is solved using modern plastic doors and windows on the balcony to visually increase the space.

Metal-plastic balcony doors completely with glass

The glazing of a balcony or a loggia consists in the installation of a block structure, that is, a door, and the plastic windows are fastened simultaneously to achieve the same style of decoration. At present, metal-plastic doors with glass are increasingly used. This glass can completely fill the door, which allows you to achieve maximum illumination, and can also only cover the door halfway. Combined system allows you to easily adjust the degree of opening the door. During the manufacture of a balcony metal-plastic door, the same materials as for windows are used. This is done to create a harmonious design.

If the room is small, then the balcony door should be chosen with a large glass If the room is small, the balcony door should be chosen with a large glass

The following advantages of the metal-plastic doors can be named:

  • High strength, achieved by welded joints of the corner joints of the profile;
  • Standard double-glazed window allows to achieve maximum thermal insulation and noise insulation;
  • Quality fittings provide easy opening and tilting;
  • Modern materials make the construction unaffected by temperature and moisture changes.

Metal-plastic door with glass is completely, in fact, a huge window. Also, the width of such a design is greater than in the usual plastic, although they are similar in appearance. Doors made of metal-plastic are very tight, comfortable and easy to use, their mechanism is easy to adjust. They are resistant to moisture, because they are made of galvanized metal, but at the same time they are quite cheap. Due to its properties, there are metal-plastic windows and doors for a very long time.

The design of such doors, where the glass completely fills the frame, allows you to visually increase the space, let as much sunlight in the room as possible. Ideally, this solution for modern apartments and cottages, as well as for rooms with poor lighting. The door, completely glazed, looks unusual and at the same time very easy.

There are currently types of metal-plastic doors for balconies and loggias that differ from the opening:

  • Single-leaf doors, in which case the door leaf is a separate element and has no connection with the window;
  • Two-leaf doors, which are installed only in a wide doorway( two-fold).

Most often use a single-door door, which is the standard of swing construction. It consists of a leaf with a width of 70-80 cm and is equipped with a folding mechanism. This is an excellent option for overlapping the entrance balcony openings. There are structures with a window with a folding mechanism. To change old doors to new ones is easy, thanks to a convenient design.

The size of the balcony door

Currently, there are several ranges of door balconies.

The size of the balcony door should be chosen depending on the area and design of the room The size of the balcony door should be selected according to the area and the design of the room.

Specifically :

  • 700-900 cm wide and 2000-2100 cm and height for the door;
  • 870-1350 cm in width and 1400-1480 cm in height for the window.

Exceeding these limits is extremely rare. These parameters of windows and doors made of plastic are specially designed taking into account the optimal light entering the room. Also it all depends on the type of apartment, the size of the room. If the room is large, then it is simply not advisable to put small narrow doors in it. All the norms can be found in GOST.

Wooden balcony doors

In addition to modern plastic and metal-plastic structures, wooden structures remain popular. At present, we can say that the tree is an outdated material that, compared to plastic, loses noticeably.

However, the modern design of balcony doors made of wood can appeal to all natural lovers:

  • The wooden unit has low noise insulation and poor protection against frost;
  • Not suitable for every interior - will have to tinker with the choice of wood color;
  • The material is very susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity - deformations are very common;
  • Wood costs more than plastic, and care requires more;
  • Wood is environmentally friendly material;
  • Compared to plastic, the tree does not last very long.

Wooden balcony doors are ecologically and beautifully aesthetic qualities Wooden balcony doors are environmentally friendly and have excellent aesthetic qualities

Deformed wooden balcony doors start to close badly, they can not be adjusted. Now there are many beautiful and expensive wooden constructions, but they are better suited for a warm climate, and not for the cold winters of our country.

There are also swing-type PVC structures - they are modern and convenient, like plastic. A glass door made of plastic is better to glaze a modern apartment. The tree is better for a house in a warm place. The herd size of the doors can be found in the GOST.

Installation of plastic doors to the balcony( video)

If you decide to install a balcony outlet with plastic doors - this is an excellent solution. You can draw up a loggia using double doors. Such a pair looks unusual and stylish. The swing-and-tilt design in both plastic and wooden doors makes it easy to open doors and fix them to achieve the optimum indoor temperature. Portal doors are suitable for cottages and villas to let in more light. In general, there are many different doors for balconies, modern designs allow everyone to choose something of their own.

Design Plastic balcony doors( photo in the interior)