Sheathing of the balcony: finishing the loggia inside, photo and how to decorate, interior upholstery with her own hands, the better to trim

Correctly renovated balcony will give you the joy of using it Correctly renovated balcony will give you the joy of using it Repair on the balcony is a very important process that requires a special and individual approach. Only in this case, the work will be performed not only correctly, but also efficiently.

    • What is the finishing balconies inside: photo and examples
    • to understand, than to sheathe balcony inside
    • Tips: How to sheathe balcony insulation in their own hands
    • Eco-friendly interior balcony wood
    • Compare thanbetter sheathe balcony inside: MDF or laminate
    • determine the better sheathe balcony inside of professionals
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    • Design and finishing inside the loggia( photo ided)

What is the finishing balconies inside: photo and examples

Sheathing balcony or loggia inside need for additional insulation, because often in apartments because of balconies and loggias, in which a plurality of defects in the skin, there areDrafts. The cover also serves to improve the aesthetics of the room and create comfortable conditions. It is popular to panel the balcony with MDF panels, it is not difficult and desirable after the insulation has been made.

Before repairing the loggia, decide whether it will be warm or not Before starting repair loggia decide, it will be warm or not


  • main paintings of MDF and particleboard is wood fiber.
  • The fabric is covered with a decorative film during processing.
  • The material is able to simulate any surface.
  • Feature of the material in sound absorption and ideal evenness.

The last feature shows an advantage over the balconies, finished with plastic. The drawback of MDF and chipboard is that they do not want contact with dampness and high humidity. That is why it is best to revet the balcony, which is heated to exclude the formation and spread of mold and fungus.

We understand what to do with a balcony from inside

The covering of walls and ceiling must be maintainable so that in the course of time it is possible to carry out restoration if necessary. Before you trim the balcony from the inside with your own hands, you need to decide on the choice of material.

Interior paneling of the balcony with wood is inexpensive and environmentally friendly Lining balcony wood is inexpensive and environmentally friendly

Any socket is selected according to certain criteria:

  1. material should have a long service life.
  2. Cloth necessarily worth choosing practical, that it was easy to take care of, and did not absorb the dirt.
  3. Attractive appearance is no less important factor.
  4. If the installation is done by hand, then choose the finish with the easiest installation.

There are a lot of requirements, but there is one more thing, and this is the cost. Everyone chooses finishing materials on the budget and taking into account the feedback, since it is not possible for everyone to invest a decent amount. Precisely because, in addition to the above criteria, it is worth paying attention to the merits and demerits of the materials themselves.

Tips: how to trim the balcony with a heater inside with your own hands

Previously, the internal cladding on the balconies and loggias was not required, as these rooms were used as a warehouse, where they exposed all unnecessary trash. Now this trend has gone to the distant past, and these spaces are used as an additional quadrature of a dwelling.

Very often designers prefer to increase the area of ​​a room due to a balcony or a loggia, demolishing part of the partition between them. Naturally, such global changes are better spent at the stage of roughing works, but in any case, with the usual finishing or when combining, you need to choose a heater.

Use for insulation can be different material, the main thing - to use it correctly use for thermal insulation material can be different, the main thing - it correctly applied

balcony walls can be sewn through the use of:

  • Mineral wool;
  • Polyfoam;
  • Penoplex;
  • Penofol or isolone;
  • Polyurethane foam.

It is possible to trim the ceiling with mineral wool, foam, foam foam. Upholstery from mineral wool is inexpensive, it is best placed on the crate of wood and metal. Complexity can be called that when laying you need help, since it is absolutely excluded that the sheathed parts fall on the head and even more so the face.

You definitely need an assistant who can support it.

Cover the ceiling with technology professionals and only consistently. Stacked or metal crate. The heater is installed. The parabarrier film is stretched. Sewed with the material selected for finishing.

Eco-friendly upholstery of the balcony with wood

Which material to finish the balcony qualitatively and most beautifully?The most common canvas is considered to be the tree, in other words, the actual use of lining.

The wooden balcony creates a gazebo in the garden The wooden balcony creates a gazebo feel in the garden

Euro-paneling is sold in a wide range, but if there is a desire to do something more original, it should be preferred:

  • Simulations of the bar;
  • Block House;
  • A terraced or conventional planed board.

The difference is in appearance, as well as in the way of installation, the cost and the amount of material that will be required for the cladding. Such material as euro-lining is unique due to the presence of special block locks on each element, due to which there is a slamming during installation, which means that additional fixing with screws or screws is not required.

Considering the options of wood, which you can embody the balcony nicely and at the same time with minimal costs, it is worth paying attention to the advantages of the paintings. They have a long service life, and if you carefully look after them, for example, regularly impregnated with a primer and varnished, then on average such a covering can last about 15 years without losing its proper appearance. The practicality of the tree is determined by the presence of a varnish coating, which prevents the penetration of dampness, dirt and dust into the canvas.

In addition, it is easy to take care of the lacquer coating.

The material has excellent aesthetics and attractiveness. It is not difficult to carry out installation and does not need to contact specialists, which saves a lot of money and time. Wood is considered to be a maintainable linen. In the sale there are special mastics and putty on wood coating, allowing cheap to create different pictures of the decor.

Compare the better the balcony inside: MDF or laminated chipboard

As for the performance characteristics of MDF, then they are simply excellent. The average service life is 20-30 years. Panels are practical, as the surface is not porous, smooth and for maintenance it is enough to simply wipe with a damp rag. They are attractive in appearance.

Whichever material for the finish you choose, most importantly - observe the installation technology No matter what material you choose, the most important thing is to follow the

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    installation technology. It is possible to choose the material whose surface will be imitation of any kind of wood, regardless of texture and color.

    It is the best option to replace natural wood, the cost of which is very high and for its arrangement, many requirements must be observed. As for the maintainability of the panels, they are fragile, and it is desirable to carry out the installation very carefully. When the coating is broken, it is permissible to use sealants or putty, but if the break is too large, then the whole element will have to be replaced.

    The price is quite democratic and the product is in the group of available building and finishing materials. It is possible to choose sheets of different sizes and shapes. Balcony cladding, in addition to the above materials, can be carried out in a variety of ways.


    1. Some use sandwich panels.
    2. Others are siding.
    3. The third is suitable plastic wall panels.

    Materials are in demand and distributed all over the world, but the most traditional way, which is obviously cheaper than the rest, is the selection of drywall sheets. Among the pluses can be noted the presence of a perfectly flat surface, ease of processing, since it is not difficult to cope with it even a professional. Create a finish on the balcony with gypsum board is simple, inexpensive and does not require special skills. In addition, the gypsum sheets do not require finishing at all, since they already have an even layer.

    Determine the better to trim the balcony inside by the reviews of professionals

    As for the remaining criteria, the drywall not only corresponds, but also comes to the fore in the background of the rest of the cladding. By the durability of the canvas can serve for decades, provided that the conditions of detention will be observed. In other words, if the canvas is constantly getting water, and the product is not moisture-resistant, then it will soon deteriorate.

    If you use plasterboard in finishing, subsequent cosmetic repairs will require a lot of effort If you use gypsum board in finishing, subsequent cosmetic repairs will require a lot of effort.

    The material can be painted, pasted and even applied to it with textured plaster. Accordingly, it can be safely called practical. The room, decorated with sheets of plasterboard, looks neat and has straight angles with straight walls. To install paintings do not need much time and effort. It is enough to install a metal crate from the profiles. In some cases, the crate is made from a bar.

    As for maintainability, the only drawback of the blade is its fragility. When installed, it is very easy to break it, and therefore it is worth to be as accurate as possible, after all, it can not be restored.

    Professional balcony cladding( video)

    According to such data, one can conclude that there is an incredible amount of materials, and each of them is unique in its own way. The balcony can be covered at least with bamboo, but the main thing is that the room is cozy, comfortable and warm. Naturally, you need to choose the finish that visually aligns the walls and maybe even expand the space. Thus, a room of 3 m2 will seem more suitable for operation.

    Design and finishing the loggia inside( photo ideas)