Ceiling on the balcony with your own hands: insulation of the ceiling, how to insulate the loggia with foam, video and roof on the top floor

Warming the balcony is an important process in the decoration of the room Thermal insulation of the balcony - an important process in the decoration of the room This used to store sledges, bicycles and basins on the balcony. Today, more and more apartment owners are learning to use this space for more aesthetic purposes. Sometimes there is a table, comfortable chairs, and on the balcony you can drink delicious morning coffee. Still there you can make a mini-game, a workshop for the mother-needlewoman or even a small office. But for these purposes, the balcony needs to be equipped, including it will have to be insulated.

    • Use foam: insulation of the ceiling on the balcony
    • Foil PE: How to insulate ceilings on the balcony with his hands
    • Mineral wool: how to insulate the ceiling on
    • balcony How is the insulation of the ceiling loggia Penoplex
    • Warmingpolystyrene ceiling on a balcony
    • warming of the balcony ceiling( video)

Use foam: ceiling insulation on the balcony

One of the most popular and etc. Feet of materials for thermal insulation of the ceiling - foam. This insulating material consists of gas-filled plastic. Note that if you plan to lay foam under the decorative panels, then you can take a material with a density of 15 kg per square meter, if it goes under the putty layer, then a foam with a density of 25 kg / m2 is needed.

Balcony can be insulated with foam sheets Balcony can be insulated with sheets of foam

What advantages has a foam:

  • Good thermal insulation and sound insulation;
  • Easy to install;
  • The material is cheap;
  • Universal - it can be mounted on concrete, and directly under the roof, it can be insulated by both basic means and intermediate, in combination with other materials;
  • Environmentally friendly material.

But, of course, there are some drawbacks to it. First of all, it is the fragility of the material. In addition, he is unstable to the fire. Under the influence of technical fluids, it collapses. Fortunately, foam has good modern alternatives.

polyethylene Foil: how to insulate ceilings on the balcony with his hands

There is a multifunctional insulation, which combines a layer of metal foil and polyethylene foam. Usually such material is mounted on the balcony concrete ceiling, under the roof it will be problematic to lay a thick foil. This material is used as an intermediate layer - insulating and moisture resistant.

Foiled polyethylene for the balcony - moisture resistant polyethylene Foil for balcony - humidity resistant

This material many advantages: if we combine it with other heaters it is possible to reduce toxic emissions, as well as to strengthen the waterproofing. It keeps the heat well and blocks the flow of cold. It perfectly keeps both steam and water, not allowing the main warmer to get wet and, accordingly, to collapse. From the disadvantages of the same can be noted that the foil is subject to various chemistry like varnishes and paints.

Mineral wool: how to insulate the ceiling on the balcony

Perhaps, this is the most inexpensive option of warming the ceilings of balconies and loggias. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy imported goods, domestic producers produce quite a competitive material that will cost you less. But the brand is a brand, if you do not want to try import substitution, that is, brands whose high-sounding names are responsible for quality.

Pros of mineral wool as insulation:

  • Excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation;
  • It painlessly tolerates temperature fluctuations;
  • It is not expensive;
  • No need to level the ceiling before laying.

Mineral wool is inexpensive, and stacking it is quite simple Mineral wool is inexpensive, but it is quite simple to lay

But here there were some shortcomings. We have to say that it misses water vapor, because we have to do a separate layer of waterproofing. Due to the large weight of the heater, you will need a wooden crate or a simple metal frame. Well and it is necessary to tell about chemical danger of mineral cotton wool, during repair it is necessary to use a respirator and a mask.

How is the insulation of the ceiling of the loggia with the

foam pad

Penoplex is called heat insulation material, which, it might be said, came to replace the old good foam plastic. It has high water-resistant qualities, good density( in contrast, for example, from expanded polystyrene).Once it was just called the brand, which produces extruded polystyrene foam, and today the latter is called the name of this brand.

What are the advantages of a penoplex:

  • It has low water resistance, it does not absorb moisture, it does not lose its properties even in a humid environment;
  • The material has a low weight, but it has high strength, even with a thin plate it will be easy for you to work;
  • It does not crumble and no "mice from under the roof" it does not bite;
  • The material does not crumble;
  • It is environmentally friendly, hence non-toxic;
  • The claimed service life is 50 years, but this is a minimum, it will last longer;
  • The material has low thermal conductivity;
  • It does not break even with the heating of rounded surfaces.

There are materials capable of destroying penoplex, it is acetone and other solvents, oil paint, gasoline. Just do not mix these materials in one repair area.

Penoplex for balcony insulation - the material is very durable and reliable Penoplex for balcony insulation - the material is very durable and reliable

There are material and disadvantages. The ignition of this material does not support, but smoldering, which means it melts, releasing toxic smoke. From the long exposure to sunlight, the material collapses. Yes, and for noise insulation it is not the highest.

It is believed that the combined insulation of the loggia with penoplex and penofol is more effective. The latter is laid on top of the penoplex to the outside with a foil side. And if there are joints, they need to be glued with reinforced tape.

Thermal insulation with a ceiling polystyrene on the balcony

Today you can see the video lessons of warming the balcony ceiling. Including you can use it on the last floor. Styrofoam is an improved styrofoam, to put it simply. Only it is more durable, stronger than its predecessor.

Expanded polystyrene is an improved styrofoam with the help of which it is possible to insulate a balcony or a loggia Expanded polystyrene is an advanced foam plastic with which you can insulate a balcony or a loggia.

It weighs a little, it is strong, it is a good heat insulator. It is able to absorb a large amount of water, without fear of destroying the material. It is easy to install, it will fit under the laying, under the panels and under the puttying. There are no major shortcomings, except that they can be considered a relatively high price.

Insulation of the ceiling on the balcony( video)

Insulation of the ceiling on the balcony is a must if you have plans for the balcony. And by insulating the floor and walls, the balcony can be combined with the room or make it a functional isolated room. Successful repair!