Cucumbers on the balcony: balcony cultivation, on the window step by step, how to grow in plastic bottles, reviews and grades

Grow cucumbers on the balcony is realistic Growing cucumbers on the balcony is quite feasible Many gardeners and truck farmers are so bored in the summer season that even in winter they are trying to make something on their own balcony. And they are making progress!And sometimes there is simply no summer house, there is nowhere to plant plants, and we have to arrange a small balcony garden. This is no miracle, but a common practice that collects good reviews.

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Prerequisites: how to grow cucumbers on the balcony

Of course, you can arrange such a vegetable garden only on a glass balcony, and desireWarmly insulated. Ideally, the balcony should be on the east or south-east side. If the windows are a balcony or a loggia on the north side, then the cucumber will not have enough lighting. Even if you use artificial light at home, this is not enough. Culture does not endure drafts, and this must be taken into account.

Planting seeds:

  • Growing cucumbers on the balcony can be seed method, when you buy seeds, look for the grade to be a balcony;
  • If these are hybrid varieties, they should be shade-tolerant, self-pollinated, they should have short interstitial sites, as well as compact fruits;
  • Seed can be planted in a container for indoor plants, it should be a container with drainage holes, and also with a special tray for water drainage( well, if the container in which the seedlings are light, so as not to overheat in the sun);
  • Seeds need to be sown in universal soil, this soil is based on peat and perlite, in one container - 25 liters of land;
  • Seeds are sown usually in April-May, when the light day will be longer.

Cultivate cucumbers on the balcony can be seed method You can grow cucumbers on the balcony using the seed method

Why not seed the seeds in winter?In this case, the process of bud formation will be necessary for the period when plants are in the room conditions of the window sill. And as a result of this, ovaries can fall off and active growth of branches begins. Cucumbers will have little light, but at the same time, to take them out on the balcony is still early. If the varieties are early, then within a month and a half fruit will mature.

Tanks: growing cucumbers on the balcony

It is important to prepare the correct landing soil. Cucumbers love nutritious ground, because it can be a mixture of garden land, besides the overgrown compost and specially created soil for garden crops. To improve the composition, as already mentioned above, perlite is added to the ground.

Before you start growing cucumbers, you need to prepare the planting soil Before starting to grow cucumbers, it is necessary to prepare the planting primer

One bush needs 5 liters of soil, no less - this is for full maturation. It is necessary to decontaminate the soil. To do this, steamed it with boiling water or pour a fungicide. At the bottom of the tank you need to lay a drainage layer 3 cm thick. Then you pour the earth, you need not topple it from above. After this, thoroughly moisten the soil, and after shrinkage, pour out the soil.

Care: cucumber balcony F1, growing on the window

Care is very important and the procedures that you will do for the future harvest. With all the fact that you buy seeds of a special balcony grade, they still need care. For example, you need to pritenyat plants on hot days, so that the sun does not burn the leaves.

Cucumbers, which are grown window-balcony method, you need to pinch Cucumbers that are grown by the window-balcony method need to be pricked

Also in the care rules are:

  • Mulching, which allows to retain moisture in the soil - it can be mulch from sphagnum;
  • Also in the heat, you can put a container of water next to the planting to increase the humidity on the balcony;
  • Evening hours - time for copious spraying of cucumbers;
  • Daily watering of plants is mandatory, cucumbers love moisture.

Hybrids, grown by the window-balcony method, you need to pinch. Plants that actively grow, pinch at the stage of 11-12th leaf. And already at the end of the season, somewhere in the middle of August, containers with cucumbers should be wrapped with covering material, the same sacking. This will not allow the roots of plants to overcool.

Cultivation step by step: cucumbers on the balcony

So, cucumbers can be planted in April on the balcony. This can be containers for flowers, sometimes grown cucumbers in plastic bottles. Care is almost the same as for cucumbers in the greenhouse.

Balcony growing consists of the following stages:

  • Soil preparation;
  • Waste procedures for seeds before planting;
  • Seeding;
  • Plant feeding;
  • Formation of the cucumber whip;
  • Care and control of plant growth.

Balcony cultivation of cucumbers consists of several stages Balcony growing of cucumbers consists of several stages

If some steps are described above, then it is worthwhile to describe separately the stage of feeding cucumbers. Of course, regular irrigation is not enough. When two weeks have passed since the appearance of the first shoots, you need to fertilize and feed the cucumbers.

The first fertilizing with the calculation for 10 liters: 5 g of ammonium nitrate, 15 g of potassium nitrate, 30 g of superphosphate, 5 g of magnesium sulfate. The next top dressing will come in 10 days. The same calculation, 10 l: bird droppings 1 to 20 diluted in water, add 20 g superphosphate, and again 15 g of potassium sulfate.

Tips for growing cucumbers on the balcony

And the balcony may have the same problems as in the cultivation of cucumbers in the area. Pests and fungi are not so dangerous here, but yellowing of leaves, a small number of ovaries - all this is possible. Therefore, good care is required.

Cucumbers grown on the balcony, it is necessary to tie up Cucumbers grown on the balcony must be tied up

Tips for growing cucumbers:

  • Once a week, you need to remove the antennae;
  • The earth around the stem should be periodically loosened;
  • Pinching should be timely;
  • Be sure to tie the plant;
  • Soil moisture should be maintained by special spraying;
  • Maintain proper climate control.

If you install additional lighting, keep track of its duration. Of course, a lot depends on the correct grade. Suitable varieties: Khrustik, Manul, Berendey, Courage, Balagan, City cucumber. The best hybrid varieties, marked "balcony" or "for balcony cultivation."

Balcony cucumbers: growing( video)

You can grow a decent crop of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants on the balcony. Maybe it's time to try to open a summer season on the balcony?Excellent results!