Lighting on the balcony: on the loggia light, fixtures and photos, how to conduct electricity to the outlet, LEDs

You can make the balcony more functional by installing lighting on it The balcony can be made more functional by installing lighting on it Modern technologies allow the use of a balcony not only for drying clothes and places for smoking. We are increasingly asking ourselves how to use this space most effectively in accordance with the needs of the family. In order to create a functional space on the loggia, it is necessary to solve the problem of lighting the space. How to solve this problem on our own, we read below.

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Do you need lighting on the

loggia Before starting work, you need to answer the question of how you plan to use useful meters. Here everything depends on the needs of a particular family. To equip the office with a loggia, a full-fledged resting place where you can pass the time with your favorite book on long winter evenings, or perform laborious work in the room that requires visual tension, you will have to bring the lighting in line with the necessary norms.

Lighting on the loggia is necessary in the event that you spend time on it in the evenings or at night Lighting on the loggia is necessary if you spend time in it in the evenings or at night

Neglecting the norms of illumination will save a lot on electricity if the balcony is used as:

  • Storage pavilions;
  • Utility room;
  • Drying places for clothes;
  • Workstation.

Take the time to study these requirements, and the means to resolve this issue. This will help solve the problem of coverage in substance, and not return to this topic after a forced visit to the oculist.

Quality light on the balcony

After you have decided on the appointment of the room, you need to decide on the method of lighting the balcony. Modern technology allows you not to limit your fantasies with Ilyich's light bulb, contemplating space sadly. Manufacturers offer very unexpected ways to solve the problem. Each of them has its own merits. The classic way to create a room suitable for finding in the evening and night time - to bring electricity to the loggia. Indisputable advantage of electric lighting is our habit of this good of civilization, its accessibility and ease of use.

If you prefer traditional lighting, you will:

  • Carry out a number of electrical work;
  • Choose the lighting device;
  • Prepare for increased utility bills.

It is not recommended to install a powerful light bulb on the balcony It is not recommended to install on the balcony a powerful light bulb

An alternative to electricity are lamps that are powered by batteries and batteries. A positive moment in the use of these devices is the ability to function at all temperatures and there is no need to contact the services of an electrician. When choosing this method of lighting, be prepared for the fact that charging the battery or replacing the battery will require your periodic participation.

To ensure environmental safety, it is necessary to provide a method for disposing of batteries and batteries.

An economical option for lighting a balcony is a solar-powered lamp. The original device is absolutely simple to use and does not require subsequent maintenance, and the skills to install it. Its only drawback is the need for sunlight. For happy owners of loggias on the sunny side, this will be a convenient and free way to solve the problem of lighting space. If the balcony is located on the north side or on the first floor of the building, then it is better to refuse such an acquisition.

Combined lamp for balcony

Analyze your needs and decide on the type of lighting or the use of combined light sources. The main light source should harmoniously fit into the overall design of the loggia.

When choosing a model, remember:

  1. Pompous chandelier looks appropriate in the reception hall.
  2. For small rooms, a laconic wall or ceiling lamp is suitable.
  3. Avoid models with dark or colored shades.
  4. Prefer the closed luminaires, or lamps with easily removable decorative part. This will save time when cleaning the room.

Choose a lamp is necessary, based on the style in which the balcony is made You need to choose the lamp based on the style in which the balcony is made.

When organizing a work area on the loggia, the space may require additional lighting. It is convenient to use mechanisms with a large radius of rotation or spotlights, to enhance visibility in a particular zone. This can be in demand for evening reading, sewing or doing other activities that require good local lighting.

Great space for creative imagination gives decorative lighting. Its placement along the wall will allow to expand the space optically.

To create a calm and relaxing atmosphere on the loggia, you can hide the highlight among flowers and plants. With the help of decorative lighting, you can draw attention to the panel on the wall, or focus on another subject of the interior. To perform these functions, the LED strip or solar-powered lamps are perfect. The combination of two or more kinds of lighting gives originality to the room, and makes the stay on the balcony comfortable for work and rest.

How to properly light on the balcony

Before you conduct electricity on the balcony, perform certain activities. Make notes in the places where the lighting devices will be located. Draw the location of the switches. If your needs are not limited to the presence of a light bulb on the ceiling, calculate the number of sockets required. Before starting work, you will need a wiring diagram and a current load reserve calculation. To perform the installation work, you can invite an electrician or do it yourself, provided that you have sufficient knowledge or are ready to master them.

It is necessary to determine the power source:

  1. The connection from the common apartment cover is the most laborious option. In this case, it is necessary to conduct wiring through the entire apartment.
  2. Connection to the junction box is more preferable. However, this does not eliminate the need for cosmetic and restorative activities in the room.
  3. Washing from the outlet is the easiest way, provided that you do not plan to equip the loggia with powerful electrical appliances.

You can light the balcony by making a hole in the wall with a drill You can bring light to the balcony by making a hole in the wall with a drill

After determining the source, you must bring the power cable directly to the balcony. This requires a punch. Choose the length of the drill required to create a through hole in the wall between the loggia and the room. Its diameter should be sufficient for laying a channel with a cable. The removal of wires to the balcony through the hole in the window frame is a simpler solution, but less aesthetic.

The wiring can be installed in 2 ways. Closed wiring is installed prior to the beginning of the finishing work and is carried out if you attach great importance to the future design of the room. To carry it out, it is necessary to make the stitching of the surface, the seam is closed with putty.

After completion of the repair, the wiring becomes inaccessible to dismantle it or change the connection if necessary.

The installation of open wiring is less labor-intensive, and is ideal if you have already done repairs on the balcony and feel sorry for spoiling the walls, or do not attach much importance to the design of the balcony. In the event of a short circuit and a malfunction, it is easy to access. Open wiring requires protection from damage and moisture. Put it in a plastic canal, this will enhance safety and give aesthetic appearance.

How to light the balcony with your own hands( video)

When performing electrical work, think first of all about compliance with fire safety requirements and rules, and in gratitude you will receive numerous cozy evenings on the renovated balcony.

Ideas lighting on the balcony( photo examples)