Panoramic glazing of the balcony: warming of the loggia and how to insulate the windows, stained glass and photo, doors and floor

Glazing the balcony with panoramic windows, you can make it more beautiful and cozy glazed balcony panoramic windows, you can make it more beautiful and cozy Transparent balcony gives the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and give the highlight of the interior. It is best to plan a panoramic balcony at the stage of building a house, then it will fully correspond to the facade of the room. Most often, a stained-glass balcony is found in elite houses and emphasizes the presentability of its owners. This glazing is used when a beautiful panorama opens from the window.

    • Forms glass panoramic balcony
    • Proper insulation balconies with panoramic windows
    • Pros and cons of the panoramic glazing loggias
    • How to insulate a panoramic balcony
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Forms glass panoramic balcony

Transparent balcony promotes good access of light, so in the summer hostsshould think about cooling. In winter, windows need to be protected from fogging by installing a heating system. Such a glass interior has the advantage of a visual increase in the room space. Modern designs allow the manufacture of windows made of high-strength material, which contributes to the insulation of noise and the preservation of heat. The complexity of using such structures is based on constant care.

Panoramic balcony allows you to fully inspect the area in front of him panoramic balcony allows you to fully inspect the area located in front of him

There are several types of glazing :

  • Frameless;
  • Frame;
  • Cold;
  • Warm.

Frameless construction means complete absence of frames and racks. Along the perimeter of the balcony, aluminum rails are laid, equipped with rollers, on which double-glazed units are installed. The wheels help to move the windows, if necessary. The whole design retains a decent appearance for a long time, as the metal is painted by spraying powder, and the fasteners are made of stainless steel. The advantage of this glazing is a convenient withdrawal from the inside and outside, which does not require the call of a climber, if the construction is on the upper floors of buildings. The shortcomings include the inability to install a mosquito net, and to ensure high thermal insulation.

This design does not provide a complete airtightness of the balcony, as a result of which the moisture will leak in the rain, and sound can not be avoided.

Frame glazing is considered the most reliable, but this design disconnects a single plane. This method of glazing is carried out with the use of various materials: plastic, aluminum, wood, glass composite. The plastic constructions include the installation of a mosquito net. They are quite massive and suggest an additional strengthening of the bearing plate. Finishing with the addition of aluminum is performed in a cold and warm version. Easy construction can be installed in different rooms.

Cold glazing can be made, either as a frame or frameless way. Such a design will be able to protect against dirt and dust, but in winter time it will not save you from the cold. A distinctive feature will be the ease of the model and visual weightlessness. In winter, the temperature inside the loggia will differ only a few degrees from the temperature with the street, preventing the transmission of wind.

Proper insulation balconies with panoramic windows

insulated balcony or terrace with panoramic windows requires additional work. It is necessary to understand that the loss of thermal energy will occur due to the large area of ​​the glazing.

All crevices on a balcony with panoramic glazing are recommended to be fixed with a mounting foam All slots on the balcony with panoramic windows is recommended to seal the mounting foam

Emphasize that it is necessary to:

  • number of windows and the distances between them in the pane;
  • Profile constructions;
  • Installation technology.

When installing windows, it is desirable that the glass unit contains several glasses with the greatest distance between them. The profile must be at least 8 cm and contain a thermal bridge. Installation of windows implies strengthening not only on the mounting foam, but also on tight fastening elements, which will ensure the immovability of the structure.

Balcony is a portable building structure and therefore requires additional insulation of the ceiling and floor. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures for its internal heating.

The film heating option can be mounted even on walls and on the ceiling. Such heating takes place very quickly, but the system also cools down in the shortest possible time. Film heating is suitable for a small space, and will help create a comfortable warmth there. The heating cable will allow the floor to be insulated in large spaces. Before laying it, it is necessary to cover the foam and pour the intermediate screed.

Another method of insulation, this is the combination of a loggia with a room. At the same time, the doors to the balcony are removed, and the volume of the loggia is combined with the room. This approach to heating increases the consumption of electricity and heat, which provides an apartment. In a residential building, you must agree in advance all the necessary documentation for the dismantling work. It is best to insulate the balcony during the construction of the building.

Pros and Cons of Panoramic Glazing of the Loggia Loggia

Panoramic glazing contributes to a close perception of the surrounding world, comfort and non-transferable soaring sensations. However, there are advantages and disadvantages in this design.

Loggias with panoramic glazing look stylish and attractive The loggias with panoramic glazing look stylish and attractive


  • Panoramic view that improves the mood and desire to plunge into nature or the urban environment;
  • Increase in the amount of light, which saves energy;
  • Solidity, and at the same time lightness of design, allowing to indicate the status and taste of the owner;
  • Protection from external noise and burglary, thanks to a reliable design of double-glazed windows;
  • Increase in the volume of the room, due to the extended scope of the review;
  • Constant care of windows;
  • Strong room heating in summer;
  • Appearance of fogging or frost on the windows during cold weather;
  • Glass does not interfere with the influence of public opinion.

The main disadvantage of panoramic glazing is its legalization in higher structures. If at the initial stage of the construction of the house there was no planning of panoramic glazing, you will have to go through the authorities to resolve it. Legalize the redevelopment is necessary, because behind this there is an administrative offense.

How to insulate the panoramic balcony

The difficulties of the balcony insulation consist in the constant loss of energy consumption of heat due to the large space of the window system. Polyfoam and mineral wool laid on the floor are an effective tool in the fight against the penetration of cold. In addition, it is necessary to make a protective system on the walls and ceiling of the room. This will maximize the heat in the building from frost. The best option is the use of foam, which can be applied, both glue and frame.

Make a panoramic balcony warmer possible by installing under the floor covering an infrared or water-heated floor It is possible to make a panoramic balcony warmer by installing under the floor covering an infrared or water heated floor

The adhesive method is characterized by applying a thin layer of glue on the surface to be glued. Then penox slabs are laid on it, which are fixed with additional screws. The skeleton method is a more complex process. For it, it is necessary to install a waterproofing, then from a metal skeleton to create a heat-insulating layer, which is filled with impenetrable material, roofing material or parchment. Polyethylene is installed on top, which serves as an additional barrier to prevent moisture.

Professional Panoramic Balcony Glazing( video)

The time and effort will pay off when staying in a comfortable room, and a unique design will indicate the individuality and creativity of the owner. A glazed balcony in the apartment will help create a complete picture of the interior.

Design of a panoramic balcony( photos of examples)