Garden on the balcony: growing vegetables with their own hands for beginners, how to plant and grow, give

To make a small garden on the balcony can even a person who does not have the relevant experience Make a small vegetable garden on the balcony, even a man can with no relevant experience Currently, Russia is gaining popularity grow vegetables on the balcony. More and more people trapped in the "stone jungle" are mastering this skill. Every person has his own reasons for making a mini-vegetable garden on the balcony. It may be a desire to please his family vegetables grown with their own hands, saving on the cost of vegetables out of season, the desire to have some favorite activity, acquiring new knowledge and skills in the field of botany. Vegetables, berries and mushrooms in winter are much more expensive. Along with this, fresh vitamins at any time are always at hand. Behind them, you do not need to go anywhere. Not everyone has the opportunity to grow anything in the country. Also creates a positive mood, which appears during the observation of their success in growing. The garden on the loggia can become an ornament of the interior.

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Carefree grow vegetables on the balcony

order to grow vegetables balcony, it is necessaryto take into account the orientation of the balcony to the cardinal. This parameter determines the time of seeding of the selected crops. The southern side is more illuminated than the western side, respectively, it is better to start landing at the end of April in the South and late May in the West.

On the north side plants are planted only in June.

When growing vegetables on the balcony, it should be regularly ventilated When growing vegetables on the balcony, it should be regularly ventilated

To accelerate the ripening of fruits, use seedlings purchased or grown using a solar window sill. In order for seedlings to be strong, it is periodically turned to the sun by the other side. Strawberry Victoria likes to be warm. For example, in a heated balcony, it can grow year-round. For growing plants on the balcony, seeds require preparation. This helps to increase the yield.

For this:

  • Seeds soaked in gauze;
  • Keep the day in clear water;Soak in a dark place;
  • Soak in a dark place;
  • 6 times a day change the water, taking out the seeds.

This is necessary so that the seeds do not deteriorate without oxygen. Seeds of cucumbers require soaking for 12 hours. To check the germination and accelerate growth, the seeds are germinated. This requires a moist environment. It is created by placing the seeds wrapped in gauze on a saucer. Marl, in turn, is on a glass plate and comes in contact with water.

How to make a city on the balcony with your own hands

To create a garden, it is possible to use vertical beds. For example, a shelf is placed on the balcony, burlap sacks are placed on the shelves, then cellophane, then the soil is poured.

Vertical bed convenient to plant:

  • greens;
  • Berries( for example, strawberries or strawberries);
  • Radish et al.

Mount pots for plant crops can be on the interior decoration of the balcony Secure pots crop can be on the inside of the balcony finishing

Implemented by soil irrigation, a notch depth of 5-7 mm and sprinkled seeds are covered with earth and cellophane. When the seedlings appear, the cellophane is removed. Plant greens or flowers can be in hanging baskets. Several baskets are connected to each other with a rope. At the bottom of the basket you need to lay a dark cellophane so that you can water the plants. Then you can pour in the soil and plant the seeds.

Very good for this ampel plants.

Experienced vegetable growers, adapt various old things for their balcony garden. For example, you can make from any solid fabric organizer with pockets for planting greens or flowers. From the fabric it is necessary to cut a rectangle according to the size of the wall, on which the organizer will be fixed, stripes of fabric 1.6-1.9 times wider than the rectangle. Stripes need to be treated with braid, decorated like pockets, and sewed. In the pockets, put plastic bags with soil and sow seeds.

A full-fledged garden on the balcony for beginners

A beginner vegetable grower should know a number of secrets not for "balcony teapots."To realize the idea of ​​a home garden in an apartment, it is necessary to provide a certain level of temperature and illumination, to pick up packaging, soil.

For sowing seeds for seedlings, you can use a variety of containers suitable for falling asleep. This can be boxes, plastic cups, pots, containers, bags, etc. An obligatory condition is the presence of holes in such a capacity. This is necessary in order that excess water does not stagnate in the container. Under the packaging put pallets. When there is a need to plant plants, the tanks are selected in such a way that the root system has the ability to grow. Most often, one plant for a full development requires 3 to 5 liters of land.

In the loggia you need to use all of its space, both horizontally and vertically.

This is achieved through a variety of vertical pyramids from pots, hanging boxes, shelves, shelving. Soil must match the vegetables grown on it. You can prepare it yourself or find it in the store. The main requirement for the soil is that it must be loose.

Sun-loving plant cultures should be placed closer to the window Sunflower plant crops should be located closer to the

Soil options:

  • A mixture of peat, turf, humus and mullein in a ratio of 5: 2: 3: 2;
  • A mixture of humus, mullein, sod land in the proportion of 7: 1: 2;
  • Mixture of 2 parts of humus with 1 part of sod land;
  • A mixture of 2 parts of humus, 1 part of compost soil, 1 part of river sand and ash( 3 cups per 20 liters of the resulting soil).

All soil components are best prepared from autumn and stored in a cool place. To get a good harvest of courgettes, for example, on the balcony you need to arrange additional lighting. If the plants are planted in the winter, then it takes 8 hours, in addition to natural daylight, if in the spring, then 4 hours. As sources of additional lighting for the home garden, phyto and fluorescent lamps can serve. They are located first directly above the seedlings, then when it grows up, they rise higher. In the summer, on the contrary, sometimes it is necessary to hide the seedlings from the light, so that the sun does not burn them. Shaded with paper or gauze.

What can be successfully grown on the balcony

Maintaining the required temperature regime is very important for the development of plants. Depending on the life cycle of the plant, the appropriate temperature is also required from 14 to 26 ᵒС.Therefore, a thermometer should be placed on the balcony. In winter, plants are grown only on the insulated balcony. Along with the temperature, the key moment determining the further development of seedlings is humidity. Dry air is unacceptable for growing plants on the balcony.

A beginner of the vegetable grower is interested in the question of what can be grown - the balcony grows well:

  • Vegetables;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Berries;
  • Spicy herbs;
  • Green.

On the balcony you can grow cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, radish. Also plant vegetables of medium-sized varieties, for example, carrots or eggplants, pumpkin. Since the area of ​​the balcony is small, then to grow zucchini, potatoes will not work. It is better to use the recommendations of experienced vegetable growers.

On the balcony you can easily grow Bulgarian peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers On the balcony you can easily grow Bulgarian peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers

Grow berries on the balcony - it's not only tasty, but also beautiful. Most often, they plant strawberries, Victoria and strawberries.

Some varieties are fruited from late spring to October. For the mini-garden is suitable the following greenery: parsley, celery, coriander, chard, salad, dill. Spicy herbs include savory, mint, thyme, lemon balm and others. They are widely used for cooking various dishes. These herbs have a different form of leaves and shades. In this regard, they will serve as a beautiful decoration of the balcony. At home, it is possible to grow honey agarics and oyster mushrooms. It is extremely important to create the necessary level of lighting and humidity. Growing snow can require less.

Proper cultivation of mushrooms on the balcony

In order to grow mushrooms on the balcony, you need compost. To prepare compost, use chopped straw, corn, sawdust, and husks from seeds. These components must be boiled in any container for 2 hours. After this, after having drained the water, the resulting mass is placed in PE bags of 4.4 kg.250 grams of mycelium are added to it.

You need to hang bags in a dark warm place. After 3 days, cuts are made in them. After 2 weeks, the appearance of fungi. Then the bags should be placed on the balcony, observing the necessary humidity, air temperature, lighting level( 12 hours).

Garden on the balcony( video)

So, to organize a garden on the balcony, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the growth of plants. Most often, they grow vegetables, berries, greens, spicy herbs, mushrooms and flowers. This allows you to get everything you need without leaving home.

balcony design in the country with their own hands( photo ideas)