Combining a balcony with a room: a transitional loggia and a design of combining, joining combine and redevelopment

The combination of a balcony with a room helps not only to increase space, but also to realize unique projects in the house Combining a balcony with a room helps not only to increase space, but also to realize unique projects in the house Apartments in modern houses do not differ in special comfort due to the nuances of planning and small area. That's why the owners often resort to combining a balcony or a loggia with a certain room. Such a small trick can not only expand the living space, but also realize all the design ideas in their apartment. But to make a room shared with the balcony, this is not the whole process. It is necessary to think through all the details. What should be installed and what is not?What is the purpose of using a window sill?These issues should be given special attention.

      • Combining the loggia with the room: 2 main ways
      • Combining the balcony with the room: preparatory work
      • How to combine the balcony with the room: dismantling the opening
      • Design room with balcony: positive and negative sides
      • Kitchen and transfer loggia: design
      • Competent pool of the balcony with the room( video)
      • Design of the loggia combined with the room( photo ideas)

Combining the loggia with the room: 2 mainWay

Joining a loggia with a room, especially if it concerns the demolition of a wall, is considered a re-planning of special complexity. In order to make the extension, it will be necessary to coordinate work with certain instances. Permission to do this is not easy, because you need to collect all the necessary documents, and this can take a long time.

You can combine the loggia with the room in two ways There are 2 ways to combine a log-in with a room

There are 2 ways to connect a balcony to a room:

  1. Elimination of window constructions. In this case, simultaneous installation of windows and warming of the loggia are required. In the end result, you can get a comfortable combined space.
  2. Wall fixing. This will significantly increase the room, due to the fact that it will be integrated with the loggia. This connection must include the transfer of the heating system. Therefore, such work should not be carried out without a specialist, and accordingly the permission of certain bodies.

Most people prefer not to go anywhere to get permission. However, in this case, the dismantling will be carried out at your own peril and the risk and consequences may be unforeseen. Therefore, do not neglect obtaining a work permit of this type.

Combination of a balcony with a room: preparatory work for

Before you combine a balcony, you must take care of its frame in advance. The best option is a welded construction with removal. This will increase the resistance to wind, as well as help increase the space inside. For outdoor cladding, siding is most often chosen. It is not so high in price, resistant to temperature changes and has a low thermal conductivity.

Regardless of what kind of work will be carried out in the future, the balcony or loggia must be necessarily insulated and glazed. Windows of two or three cameras in double-glazed windows will help to avoid heat loss in the room.

Combining a room with a balcony, do not forget about its insulation Combining the room with the balcony, do not forget about its insulation

In order to reduce the wind pressure after the area is combined, you can install only one window that will open. As for the side sections, they can be insulated and sidewalled - this will help protect the balcony and the loggia from external factors.

All walls except the combined with the room must be insulated. In the process of work, waterproofing and vapor barrier are mandatory. Extend the heating system to the balcony is often not allowed, so the material for insulation should be approached with special responsibility. Specialists recommend using Penoplex or Penofol for this purpose.

These materials are attached to the surface with a mounting glue or dowels. The remaining clearances are removed with the aid of a mounting foam. In the event that Penofol is used, it is applied with a foil side to the balcony, joints must be sealed with foil tape. In order to feel more comfortable, a floor is installed on the balcony or balcony, and in the room itself, the number of heating sections is increased.

Regarding the installation of a warm floor on a joint balcony, it is recommended to use a special mixture that has elastic properties and is able to withstand temperature changes.

How to combine the balcony with the room: dismantling the

opening Before dismantling the opening, read the plan of your apartment, as in most houses the complete remote partition between rooms is a gross violation. This is due to the fact that the outer wall can be a carrier, and in the process of unification it is possible to damage the integrity of the entire building. With regard to brick houses, it is possible to eliminate the opening entirely with the window sill, but in some situations will require strengthening the structure.

In case you have to remove only the window unit, tools will require a hammer and a hacksaw. The glasses are removed, and the frames are knocked out.

Before dismantling the opening, read the layout of your apartment Before dismantling the opening, read the plan of your apartment

To dismantle the walls, you will need to take a bolgar and a puncher. With the help of these tools, you can remove the brick and concrete. In this case, you need to remove or transfer the radiator. To this end, coordinating the actions with the rest of the tenants, water is blocked, the old pipes are cut off and installed in a new location. Since after uniting the living area will increase its volume, it will also be necessary to increase the heating system.

After all the debris from the dismantling is removed, proceed to the finishing of the slopes. They should be carefully plastered and leveled with a putty. As for the external system, it should be carried out in the same way in which the balcony is decorated. Photo examples show that the combined balconies can be a successful addition to the nursery.

Design room with balcony: positive and negative sides

Attach living room, hall or kitchen to the balcony is a profitable solution. The balcony can be an excellent place for tea drinking, a coffee table and even a miniature sports hall. In any case, this is the perfect extension of any room.

The positive aspects of this design can be considered:

  1. Significant expansion of the space. This will be relevant for apartments in which one or two rooms.
  2. Remodeling creates additional comfort. This allows not only to feel more comfortable than tenants, but also significantly increases the cost of an apartment in the residential market.
  3. The combined balcony can increase natural light, rooms or kitchens.
  4. Such an organization is capable of creating a unique design. The options are varied. The living room can become a cozy library, the children can buy an additional game room or wardrobe, combine the balcony with the bedroom, add curtains and get a place to relax. The result depends only on the imagination of the owner.

In our time there are a large number of instances that can help to develop a plan, as well as to carry out redevelopment and consolidation. Also in their competence, the coordination of projects for the reconstruction of the premises.

The room, combined with a balcony, has a number of advantages The room combined with the balcony has a number of advantages

As for the negative sides, they are also present.

Here are the key:

  • The repair process is long and complex, requires competent drafting and processing of documents;
  • It's not always possible to remove the entire wall. Sometimes a window sill and a threshold should be left, which may not be included in the plans of the owners;
  • Preparation for work requires special skills.

Read all the nuances, and decide for yourself whether it is necessary to do it yourself or better to contact a specialist.

Kitchen and transfer loggia: Design

It can not be said that the owners of modern apartments can boast a large area. If we talk about the kitchens, it is rarely possible to accommodate everything that is necessary for comfortable use.

If you have a transfer loggia, the connected loggia will visually expand the interior.

This room does not require global dismantling, just remove the window unit.

The combined kitchen with a loggia will visually increase the space of the room Combined kitchen with loggia visually increase the space of the room

As for the remaining parts they can be used under:

  • Table;
  • Bar counter;
  • Tumboo;
  • The top for the hob.

Combined loggia with kitchen, the new area will allow you to use everything as rationally as possible.

In order for the new area to be warm, take care of the heating in advance. Holding a warm floor or installing an electric radiator is the most profitable solution. As for the amount of furniture that can be put on the loggia, it depends on the area and quality of the plate.

Competent association of a balcony with a room( video)

Combining rooms with a balcony or loggia, allows you to create a completely new room that can have a unique design. And how these two rooms will be combined, and what kind of interior they will have, depends on individual wishes and on the characteristics of the balcony or loggia itself. In any case, the final result will exceed all calculations, and please the eye further time.

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