Curtains on the balcony ideas and photos: a window with a balcony door, kitchen and living room, bedroom and living room, tulle to the room and blinds

The main requirement, which should correspond to the curtains on the window with a balcony door - ease of use The main requirement that curtains have to match on the balcony door window is the ease of use At all times, curtains were considered a sign of nobility and greatness. In the old days, on the curtains on the windows, it was possible to determine the security of the owners of the house, their inner peace and social origin. Nowadays the situation has changed a little, today there are curtains in almost every house. Of course, the quality of the material and the design of curtains and today you can determine the level of prosperity in the house, but not necessarily. In addition, you can not guess. Currently, some modern styles of interior design suggest a complete absence of curtains on the windows, or replace them with alternative curtain options.

    • What are the curtains on the window with the balcony door
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    • How to choose curtains in the hall with a balcony or a loggia: designer's advice
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What are the curtains on the window with a balconyveryu

Some apartment dwellers prefer the room has a balcony does not hang nor any curtains. Maybe this is logical. If there are curtains or stained glass windows on the balcony, then why spend more on the curtains in the room. It is logical, but not very beautiful. Curtains in the room perform the function of not only hiding the room space from prying eyes. They also perfectly complement the interior. Even more - it's the curtains that sometimes set the tone for the whole design of the room.

Select curtains for the hall with a balcony door can be on the finished photo, and you can come up with your own options for combining products with the features of the interior Curtains for a hall with a balcony door can be prepared by ready-made photos, or you can invent your own variants of combining products taking into account the interior features.

Curtains on a balcony door have one feature: a person must pass unhindered to the balcony, andNot to get lost in them, coming back with full hands.

Among other things, due to the fact that the balcony opens into the premises, it is exactly where curtains usually hang that you need to pull and pull the curtain every time, which is not very convenient, and it is not advisable for the curtains themselves. If you do not, the blind can just tear against the corner of the balcony door.

Types of curtains for the balcony door:

  • Roman blinds;
  • Curtains in the style of Provence;
  • Classic curtains;
  • Blinds;
  • Cassette roller blinds;
  • Plisse.

Also modern designers are willing to use combined versions of curtains in appropriate colors.

Features curtains in the kitchen with a balcony: photo options for curtains

The most demanding option for curtains is the kitchen. The specificity of this room requires on its window the presence of a light, air curtain, which will not interfere with sunlight, because it is from the balcony into the room and so little comes.

Blind to the kitchen with a balcony should provide the possibility of unhindered opening of the door Curtains in the kitchen with a balcony should allow for unobstructed opening of the door.

Curtains in the kitchen with the balcony shown below should not be very cumbersome, preferably not long, and allow easy access to the balcony and return.

Curtains in the kitchen have a number of features that need to be guided by making a choice in favor of certain offers.

Curtain requirements for kitchen window with balcony:

  • The material must be practical and durable;
  • Curtains should be easy to wash and bleach;
  • Do not buy products of dark, gloomy tones;
  • If the room is small or narrow, then with the help of curtains you can visually change the space;
  • Curtains with a fine pattern look like a dirty cloth;
  • The product should be light, do not make lambrequins or flounces on it;

It is most practical for kitchen space to combine a balcony curtain with a window. This option gives you the opportunity to create a single convenient and elegant composition.

How to choose curtains in the hall with a balcony or a loggia: tips of the designer

The hall, just like the kitchen has its requirements for curtains, which you want to hang in it. Although they are slightly different, from the kitchen. Typically, the hall has the function of a living room, a room in which we receive guests, we gather in the evening with the whole family to rest, or just relax after a long day's work. And if the guests rarely visit the kitchen, in the hall our guests spend quite a long time looking at our interior and assessing the decoration of the room.

In contrast to the bedroom, the hall can do without heavy curtains made of thick fabric Unlike the bedroom, the hall can do without heavy curtains made of thick fabric

Curtains in the hall with the balcony should be primarily beautiful. But at the same time they must meet the requirements of the balcony curtains. Practicality here does not give way to beauty, just as if the curtain is not firm and correct, then soon there will be no trace of beauty.

The design of curtains in the hall must be in harmony with the entire decor of the room. On the window behind the balcony, do not hang dark or very thick curtains. If so it is necessary on design, then let night curtains be better dark, and let the curtains preserve tenderness, lightness and air form. Materials from which you can sew curtains for the hall, can be very different.

Curtain accessories in the hall with balcony door:

  • Chintz;
  • Nylon;
  • Silk;
  • Flax;
  • Capron;
  • Cotton;
  • Guipure;
  • Tulle.

When choosing sewing curtains and their composition, aim to ensure that for the balcony door there is a separate element of a common large curtain that will allow you to move freely to the balcony or loggia and back.

Curtains in a bedroom with a balcony door: photos of the best solutions

The most modest, in terms of requirements for choosing curtains for a window with a balcony, is the bedroom. Here you can arrange everything the way you want. Only you will enjoy here the chosen version of the design of curtains. The requirement of a separate composition, of course, remains, but to fulfill it or not, it is up to you to decide.

By adjusting the light streams with a combination of tight curtains and curtains, you can create a suitable atmosphere in the bedroom at any time of the day By adjusting the light streams with a combination of tight curtains and curtains, you can create a suitable atmosphere in the bedroom at any time of the day.

Curtains in a bedroom with a balcony door, photos of which can be seen in this article, Functional responsibilities of the room and harmoniously fit into the design of the entire interior.

It is advisable to avoid large folds, ribbons, bows, or other elements on the curtains with the balcony door, which will interfere with opening the door. For convenience, the curtain can include asymmetric webs of different lengths, harmoniously interconnected.

What requirements must the curtains in the bedroom meet:

  • Promote relaxation and relaxation;
  • Prevent entry into the room of a bright, scorching sun;
  • Have a nice appearance;
  • Night curtains should be dense, so that in the daytime a muffled atmosphere, similar to the night one, could be created;
  • The color of the curtains should help relieve stress and soothe.

In addition, often at night we want to open a balcony block or window so that as much sleep as possible, fresh air enters the room during sleep. The curtain hanging on the window should not prevent this from acting.

Ideal curtains for French-style balcony doors

In recent years, the most fashionable and stylish steel design ideas for balconies and balcony doors in the French style. Such novelties include a panoramic glazing of the balcony or balcony window from top to bottom. This design looks beautiful, has a lot of advantages over other types of decoration of balconies, but also makes its own adjustments to the life of the owners who decided on this experiment.

Curtains on French balconies should be functional( easy to move apart or climb up) Curtains on French balconies should be functional( easy to expand or climb up)

Curtains for French-style balcony doors are selected individually, depending on the wishes of the customer and the design of the room where they will be. There are those who do not want to have any curtains on such windows. Most prefer cassette roller or Roman curtains, which maximally open the window and let the daylight into the room.

If you have decided to make classic classic curtains on this window, then you should know that the panoramic window has its own features:

Features of the panoramic window with a balcony door:

  • Through it, the maximum comes in sunlight, which means that the curtainsWill burn strongly and turn yellow.
  • Headset - night and day curtains, should open the structure as much as possible during the day and close at night;
  • The composition of curtains should allow unimpeded opening wide swing doors to the balcony;
  • Curtains should be beautiful, and conform to the modern French style of decorating the room, which has an open view.

Most of all for the design of curtains for French-style windows welcome a combined version of curtains, which consist of cassette rolls and tender curtains.

Choice of curtains on the balcony: ideas( video)

So we dismantled almost all kinds of rooms in our apartment, in which there can be balcony doors. From our list fell childish, but not for nothing. Do not equip the children's room where there is an exit to the balcony. Is it dangerous. In addition, from the balcony door often inflates, and the health of your children can be threatened.

Design curtains to the balcony( photo ideas)