Cabinets on the balcony: locker make corner, photo built-in, loggia of plastic and PVC, storage is small

Add to the interior of the balcony and make it more functional by using a practical closet To complement the interior of the balcony and make it more functional, you can use the practical cabinet Balconies in modern apartments have long ceased to be empty and to be an ordinary space that serves as another window to the street. Owners who have a certain prudence, use every meter with sense, trying as much as possible aesthetically to arrange it. There are many ideas for the design of the balcony and each decides which one will work best. Most often this area is used for the purpose of storing unnecessary things or salt. Well, in order for all this to get a decent look, the cabinets come to the aid, which have all the conveniences and roominess.

    • How to make a cabinet on the balcony: 6 features in the arrangement
    • Locker on the balcony: on the importance of the parameters
    • Materials for the built-in cabinet on the balcony
    • Plastic cabinets for the balcony
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    • Design of the cabinet on the balcony( photo in the interior)

How to make a cabinet on the balcony: 6 features in the arrangement

Proper organization of space on the balcony is very important in order to further itAl multifunctional. In this can help the built-in wardrobe.

Most often, furniture is used as a cabinet on the balcony, which is no longer needed in an apartment. This piece of interior can be cumbersome and do not match the parameters of the balcony itself. In such a situation, you can not create a corner cabinet. He also will not be able to perform all the functions that are assigned to him due to inappropriate capacity or inconvenient location of the shelves. In addition, such furniture is not able to let you use the windowsill on the balcony to the fullest.

To arrange a balcony, it is best to select a closet that will be made to order according to your measurements For balcony arrangement it is best to select a cabinet that will be custom made according to your measurements.

The best solution for properly organizing space is a cabinet that will be made to order. Such interior objects are made taking into account all individual parameters and wishes.

To be more precise, the cabinets for the balcony are manufactured using the following 6 features:

  • Individual parameters;
  • Construction of doors;
  • Materials for work;
  • Colors;
  • Internal filling;
  • The purpose with which the cabinet will be used.

With the help of modern technologies and materials it is possible to create a unique and convenient cabinet that will be equipped with the necessary functionality. In this case, the owners themselves decide how to make this furniture, how many shelves or boxes they need, in order to use as close as possible to comfort.

Locker on the balcony: about the importance of the parameters

Most often balconies have non-standard parameters, so the installed cabinet can be small and seem untypical. That's why the design must be unique and selected specifically for a specific situation. The cabinet installed on the balcony should make maximum use of the area that is allocated to it, and at the same time not restrain the remaining space.

It is very important to think in advance how doors will be opened. Specialists recommend installing roller shutters or sliding systems.

Such constructions make it possible to place additional furniture next to the cabinet, and without access to it will always be open.

If you decide to place a cabinet on the balcony, then first carefully remove all measurements, so as not to be mistaken with the selection of furniture If you decide to place a cabinet on the balcony, then first carefully remove all measurements in order not to be mistaken with the selection of furniture.

As for the sliding system, it basically consists of several doors that are located from the floor to the floorThe ceiling. The most convenient are medium and small cupboards. Such an installation is able to keep your things from getting dust, and also hide superfluous details from prying eyes, while creating an excellent design.

For low cabinets, most recently, choose an accordion door. It has an attractive design and takes up little space. Photos are able to convey the entire aesthetics of this installation. The disadvantage of this door can be considered a bad waterproofing because it does not fit in a closed position.

Swing doors are still reliable and convenient to use. Do not forget that next to these doors you must always leave a place to access the locker.

Materials for the built-in cabinet on the balcony

In order for the cabinet on the balcony to be in harmony with the interior, the specialists pay attention to the finishing material that was used to decorate the balcony surface.

Be sure to remember that even a glazed balcony has high humidity and is subject to temperature changes.

When choosing the material for the manufacture of the cabinet, you must always take these factors into account.

Particular attention when choosing a built-in cabinet should be given to its quality and basic characteristics Special attention should be given to the quality and basic characteristics of the

when choosing a built-in cabinet. The tree is always a classic option. This material is beautiful and reliable, besides it has a number of aesthetic and practical qualities. To ensure that the cabinet of this material lasts long, and its quality does not deteriorate, you need to take care in advance to protect the balcony from a temperature drop and excessive humidity.

A good option for creating a balcony cabinet is the use of PVC panels or laminated chipboard. Such materials are much cheaper, not choosy to operate, and also perfectly suited to make a closet on the balcony with their own hands. A wide range of colors allows you to create the right design and emphasize the configuration of any balcony.

Plastic cabinets for balcony

Among the above materials, plastic is the most inexpensive, practical, moisture resistant and easy to clean. The range of plastic is large, a wide range of colors, so you can choose it for almost any balcony. The main drawback is its excessive exposure to mechanical stress.

The material quickly changes its color due to sunlight.

Currently quite popular are plastic cabinets, which can easily be placed on the balcony Plastic cabinets that are easy to place on the balcony

are quite popular today. This can not be said for metal plastic cabinets, they are more reliable, durable and durable. And their insulating properties can protect any contents of the cabinet. Doors that are hermetically sealed, prevent ingress of dust or change the temperature inside, so conservation or vegetables will be safely stored.

Choosing cabinets for a balcony( video)

Cabinet on the balcony with competent use of space, can make the room cozy and multifunctional. The closet in the apartment has always been of great importance for the storage of things, the same can be said about its placement on the balcony, because it is there that most of the rubbish, which can not find a place in the house. Work out the layout and create an ergonomic design of the cabinet on the balcony, and the extra things placed correctly, will no longer catch your eye.

cabinet design on the balcony( photo in the interior)