Balcony block: installation and photo, video on hand, dimensions and installation of PVC, how to install the most plastic

The balcony block allows to keep heat, tightness and fits in almost any interior The balcony unit allows to keep heat, tightness and fits in almost any interior. The modern version of the balcony window, combined with the door, has a wonderful view and creates excellent comfortable conditions for different rooms. Metal-plastic balcony block does not need special care and is a guarantee of a long service life and durability. Many of the positive qualities of this design also depend on the correct installation and the manufacturer of PVC raw materials. The choice of fittings used in this or that profile is of great importance in the operation and quality of the products.

    • Installation of the balcony block: varieties of structures
    • How to correctly measure the balcony block
    • Installation of the balcony block in the panel house with your own hands
    • Metal-plastic balcony block: advantages of the
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    • Design of the balcony block( photo in the interior)

Installation of the balcony block: varieties of structures

For different types of premisesthe metal-plastic construction used balcony blocks of different type and purpose. A certain functionality of the fittings distinguishes three main groups, characterized by the opening of the balcony door, the window and the control of the regulation of airflow during opening.

The main types of opening mode:

  1. The swivel mechanism allows the window or door structure of the unit to be opened in one position and has a clamp at three points of the vestibule.
  2. The swing-and-fold mechanism allows opening in several modes and has a clamp at five points or more.
  3. Sliding mechanism is recommended for use in small rooms to save space and space.

The French balcony block lets a lot of light and visually unites the balcony with the room The French balcony block allows for a large amount of light and visually combines the balcony with the room

The various filling of the balcony openings allow to fully implement the design ideas and aesthetic design of the room. The created project assumes several variants of use and application of designs.

Types of balcony block designs:

  1. Classic balcony block - is represented as the bottom filling of the door with an opaque sandwich panel and the upper transparent part of it. The doors of the balcony block can also be completely transparent and belong to the classical type.
  2. French balcony unit - has a complete transparent filling of the entire structure. Emphasizes the originality and modernity of the interior.
  3. Portal - One of the varieties of the French type. Has a sliding opening system and a wide exit area.

Portal and French balcony units, unlike the classical ones, do not have radiators located under the window. At minus street temperature, double-glazed windows in the lower part can be misted or covered with frost, so when installing such structures it is recommended to install heating equipment near the unit.

How to correctly measure the balcony block

The measurement of the balcony block is an important detail directly in the installation and construction. The slightest inaccuracy in measuring the opening can lead to sad consequences and further difficulties in installation.

The measurement of the balcony opening determines the exact dimensions of the structure for its factory assembly Measuring the balcony opening defines the exact dimensions of the structure for its factory assembly.

Recommended scheme for measuring the balcony block:

  1. Initially, the total width of the balcony opening on the outer slopes is measured. To the resulting size is added 3 cm, since the entire structure must completely enter the opening and from the outside do not have any gaps.
  2. Then the doorway is measured and the resulting width is added in size by 1.5 cm.
  3. To obtain the exact width of the balcony window, it is necessary to subtract the width of the resulting door dimensions from the total width and subtract 5 mm, since the connecting profile is taken into account during installation.
  4. Further measurement is made on the vertical of the external slopes. The height of the door and the balcony window is measured, taking into account the installation of additional accessories( window sill and ebb).

The old wooden structures are different in width and depth. This factor must be taken into account when measuring and accurately calculate the size of the required structure.

Assembly of the balcony block in the panel house with their own hands

The installation of the balcony block in the panel house begins with preliminary preparatory work, both the design itself and the balcony opening. With their own hands to produce a similar action of great labor will not be, if there is a building experience.

Preparatory stages of installation of the balcony block:

  • Remove the sash of the window and the balcony door in the open position;
  • Remove the glazing beads inside the structure and take out the double glazing neatly;
  • Fit accessories and brackets for mosquito doors and nets;
  • On the outside, glue the seal;
  • Prepare holes for fixing anchor bolts;
  • Connect the structure with a connecting profile using clamping screws;
  • Dismantle the old structure, if necessary;
  • Remove the opening from debris and excess fragments of the old frame.

Clips and a uniform porch in the installation of the balcony block must be checked before using the mounting foam The clamps and even spout in the installation of the balcony unit must be checked before using the mounting foam

The connected structure is placed in an already prepared opening and leveled in the plane with special wooden supports or wedges. The horizontal is adjusted using the level. Through the prepared holes in the profile, drill holes for fixing the anchor screws are drilled and screwed directly with a screwdriver.

After the final installation of the spacers, it is necessary to check all standard diagonals of the frame, vertical and horizontal levels.

After the final installation of the frame, the double-glazed units are inserted and packed with beads. The door is hung and all the opening modes are carefully checked. The ebb and sill is set. Final finishing works can be carried out with full hardening of the mounting foam.

Metal-plastic balcony block: design advantages

Balcony constructions made from PVC profiles have a number of definite advantages and positive qualities. In comparison with wooden analogues in the consumer market, metal-plastic doors and windows have proved themselves well, both in use and in service life.

The long-term use of the metal-plastic balcony block does not change the appearance and properties Long-term use of metal-plastic balcony block does not change the appearance and properties of

Advantages of PVC structures:

  • Duration in operation. Durability of the product is 25 years or more;
  • Tightness. Increased isolation from extraneous noise and street dust;
  • Thermal insulation. Minimal heat loss and protection from penetrating cold;
  • Perfect design. Suitable for both residential and technical rooms;
  • Aesthetics. Allows to penetrate a lot of sunlight.

Metal-plastic constructions have some negative characteristics. Given the summer hot temperature, especially when exposed to the sun, the material has an increased toxicity and is an environmentally-low-grade product.

Installation of the balcony block with your own hands( video)

The balcony block of metal-plastic - a modern design, which is very practical, durable and unpretentious in maintenance. The maximum that requires attention in it, in addition to cleaning the frame and glass - accessories, and then, after a long period of use. If the operating conditions do not include any violations - the design is able to serve a much larger wooden prototype.

Design balcony unit( photo in the interior)