Sheathing of the balcony with her own hands: finishing photos and step-by-step instructions for the loggia, video and how to decorate inside

You can make the paneling of the balcony with a lining yourself if you competently approach the arrangement of the premises You can make the balcony cladding yourself if you competently approach the arrangement of the room All of us, those who live on the second floor and above, inherited from Soviet times, such ugly designs, called balconies. These were mostly open spaces with fences made of reinforcement, lined with planks, a roof from the slab of the balcony, which is higher, and the floor, as a wall protruded from the perimeter of the house. Those who are quicker and more economical, tried to glaze these structures, those who did not see the point in this, left everything as it is. Now, the design of balconies - this is a whole science, and implemented projects - these are masterpieces.

    • Finishing materials for the balcony: lining and other
    • It's worth it or not to trim the balcony with the lining: photo of the amazing options
    • Bundling the balcony with your own hands: materials and tools for the work
    • Finishing the balcony with a lining yourself:Step-by-step instruction
    • Bundling the balcony with your own hands( video)
    • Design of balcony finishing with lining( interior photo)

Finishing materials for balcony: lining and other

In the modern world of the balconies make a variety of, in terms of functionality, space. This can be working classrooms, and terraces for eating, and a place for rest with the whole family. In order to give the balcony a kind of living space, it needs to be wisely and beautifully trimmed.

Boarding for the balcony, or siding, as it is also called, is a pretty good finishing material. It is wooden and PVC.For many years her spaces have served the masters without requiring repair or replacement.

Both variants: both wooden internal lining, and plastic, have their advantages over other finishing materials. Their main difference is the appearance of the lined structure, and the fact that the wooden lining needs to be additionally treated with impregnations. But in favor of the tree can be called that made of it lining passes air, which prevents the formation of mold and fungi. The positive aspect of the design of balconies by both types of lining is that the balcony they have trimmed is affordable for almost everyone. This material is not expensive. Wood paneling is slightly more expensive, vinyl is cheaper, but this is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of other materials.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the materials for finishing the balcony and prepare the necessary materials for the work First of all it is necessary to determine the materials for the balcony finishing and prepare the necessary materials for the work.

The advantages of the lining as a finishing material:

  • Has an excellent appearance;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Durable;
  • Diversified in colors;
  • Practical;
  • It's easy to take care of.

If the possibilities permit you, then it is better to trim the balcony with a lining. In appearance, it almost does not differ from conventional lining, but it is equipped with such locks, which make it easier to mount it. Deciduous tree species are considered to be the best tree for the manufacture of lining.

It's worth it or not to trim the balcony with a clapboard: photos of amazing options

If you have not decided yet to finish your balcony with a wooden or plastic lining, or not, you should read the reviews on the Internet and ask specialists. All in one voice you will be told that you can not find the best material for finishing the loggia. You only need to decide what kind of lining you will use.

Balcony with clapboard, the photo of which is presented, has an excellent design, and does not cost so much. If you have the skills of self-facing rooms, then finishing your balcony will cost you even cheaper.

When choosing a material, it should be taken into account that lining can be of different grades. Variety A is more expensive. The surface of the lining, belonging to grade A is polished, and the material itself is made more qualitatively. The material of the lower grade you will have to grind yourself. In addition, experts argue that for the correct facing of the balcony clapboard, you must adhere to several rules.

Using the lining as a finishing material, you can make the interior of the balcony beautiful and modern Using the lining as a finishing material, you can make the interior of the balcony beautiful and modern

Rules for cladding the balcony with a lining:

  • Try to get as few joints as possible;
  • The frame bars are best placed on the most problematic levels: at the knee level, then the hips, then the shoulder;
  • Immediately determine where you will have switches and sockets, and leave room for them;
  • The ceiling on the balcony is best lined with plastic siding, as the neighbors from the top can give you a surprise;
  • Inclined walls are advised to be faced horizontally.

And one more advice, the most important: before facing the balcony with a lining it is necessary to glaze it and warm it well. Otherwise, your lining works will not make sense.

Bundling the balcony with your own hands: materials and tools for the work

To paint the balcony with such material as lining, or siding, is not difficult. Even beginners in construction, interested in the process, can do it themselves.

The self-dressing of the balcony is not a difficult stage, but it will require attention and quality execution. The distortions, inaccuracies and errors will lead to deformation of the structure and new repair. Use the level and other measuring instruments in operation.

For work you will need some building material and tools. Prepare them all in advance, so you will be much more comfortable to work with, and the matter will be arguing faster.

In order to independently finish the balcony with a lining, it is necessary to prepare a construction roulette, a drill, a hammer and other tools In order to independently finish the balcony with a lining, it is necessary to prepare a construction roulette, drill, hammer and other tools.

Tools required for finishing the balcony with a lining:

  • A good perforator, or drill;
  • Medium screwdriver;
  • Large drill bit( 6 mm);
  • Durable wood drill bit;
  • Jigsaw or hacksaw;
  • Building measuring tape;
  • Plumb, level;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Clamps;
  • Ax;
  • Hammer;
  • Stepladder.

Additional materials that you will need are a heater, frame rails, and fasteners.

Finishing of the balcony with the self-alignment: Step-by-step instruction

The interior of the balcony needs to be started with preparatory work. Examine the walls of the balcony. Repair all cracks and fractures. Check the wall for roughness and misalignment. If everything is in order, treat the space with solutions containing antifungal additives. You must be sure that nothing threatens your walls in the next 10 years. After the cladding, you can not easily reach and repair them.

Finishing the balcony with a self-made clapboard, the step-by-step instruction of which is presented in this article, begins with the wall battens. For this, it is necessary to make measurements, and to prepare the necessary number of rails for the crate.

Qualitatively, the balcony can be trimmed, if you read the detailed instructions beforehand It is possible to finish the balcony qualitatively if you first acquaint yourself with the detailed instruction

You need to install the strips approximately in 500-700 mm from each other. Those beams that are located at the edges, set at 5-10 cm from the corners of the balcony. Oblacy should be produced qualitatively, in terms of level. The crossheads should be strictly horizontal or vertical.

Step-by-step instruction how to trim the balcony with the lining:

  • After laying the battens, we lay the heater. It fits between the slats and is fixed.
  • Align the lining of the required length to the level and fix it with screws or nails in the corner.
  • Then, from the same slats, we collect the whole wall, and we trim it, inserting them again and again by combing into the groove.
  • In the corners it is desirable to leave small slots in order for the air to circulate.

Attentively measure the lining of the lining level. If the lining goes obliquely, you have to redo everything. After the lining is finished, it needs to be covered with acrylic lacquer, and after it has dried, wipe it with a sandpaper.

Cladding of a balcony with a clapboard( video)

During the work on the paneling of the balcony, a considerable part of the time is occupied by preparatory work. They can go from two weeks to a month. The same lining can be laid in one day. But, without special need to hurry does not follow. Construction requires careful measurements and precise actions. Try to sew your balcony correctly, and you can equip it with a quiet nook for your favorite business, or a convenient loggia for tea or even a dream.

finishing balconies lining Design( Interior photos)