Table on the balcony: folding and folding table, table top with your own hands, photos and drawings, how to make a loggia hinged

A table on the balcony today is not uncommon, but the most important element of this small room A table on the balcony today is not uncommon, but the most important element of this small room is Sometimes it's just a guess, and a small balcony can be downloaded in one day, discovering a chic place for the embodiment of interesting zadumok. For example, turn the balcony into a place for a warm conversation over a cup of coffee. And for this, you need to make a table on the balcony.

      • Fashionable and simple: table on the balcony
      • How to make a folding table on the balcony
      • Comfortable table top on the balcony
      • Stylish table on the balcony( video)
      • Original folding table on the balcony with your own hands(Photo examples)

Fashionable and simple: a table on the balcony

If you have a glazed and insulated balcony, the choice of material for the table is almost unlimited. On the open balcony or loggia, of course, you can put the table only from a durable, wear-resistant material. Often selected metal forged structures.

One of the most simple and very popular ideas is a table of pallets. Often they make a coffee table in the living room, but in the same way you can make a beautiful table on the balcony with your own hands. It will fit both as a place for tea drinking, and as a book table, and as a table for family table games.

You can make a nice little table from one tray on the legs. Today, no problem can be found in the companies that produce and sell pallets. New pallets are being sold, and already used.

Folding table on the balcony can be made by own hands Folding table on the balcony can be made by hand

You also have to buy:

  • Wood tinting;
  • Paint in a can of the right color;
  • Primer;
  • Carved wooden legs.

Pallet - this will be the basis of our table. The table is so simple that the drawings, most likely, will not be needed. So, take the pallet, it has both the upper and the lower plane, one of which must be made even. That is, the gap between the boards should not be. From the tray should remain the upper plane with six intermediate bars fixed on it.

Pallet table: further actions

Every three intermediate bars must be joined together by a board. At this stage, the resulting table top can be postponed. Take care of the preparation of carved legs. The legs must be covered with a primer, and then painted with paint from the can. The color is whatever you think is right.

Table from pallets can fit into any interior The pallet table can fit into any interior

Then you tint the countertop, that is the top plane, and its side elements. And the installation of the legs ends. This is the simplest version, because the table top can be decorated as you please. For example, decorate it with a decoupage or paint with acrylic paints. Finishing décor is sometimes conceived by one, and as a result, new ideas come to the work.

How to make a folding folding table on the balcony

Very comfortable can refuse the folding table on the balcony. It can be a wall-mounted version, there are many ways to apply it. So it is convenient.

What is needed on the balcony for a folding table:

  • Dining - in order to drink the very cup of coffee;
  • Workplace - put the laptop, retire and work;
  • Hanging out with friends - sometimes it's more convenient to do it right on the balcony;
  • Needlework - in daylight, it is convenient to do embroidery, knitting, everything is clearly visible, and the table will serve as a place for placing the necessary materials;
  • As a temporary stand - for example, on the balcony you have a shelving rack, and when you carry them from the kitchen back and forth, such a transshipment base can be useful.

The folding table on the balcony does not take up much space Folding table on the balcony does not take up much space

The table is retracted in one motion, making room on the balcony. But in the disassembled state, it takes a lot of space. Define the shape, size, on paper, draw all the details of the table, then to transfer this pattern to the material. Buy directly the parts, material and accessories.

If the table is wooden, then all the details of the pattern are transferred to the tree, and then sawed out with the tool. Sand the edges with sandpaper, and then the table can be painted. When the paint has dried, collect on the joiner's hinges of the part. This is done with a screwdriver. And then you need to fasten the table to the intended place. Check for leveling of the installation.

Convenient countertop for balcony

The table on your balcony can be either folding or suspended, hinged, wall-mounted. You can buy the finished version, but you can make a table in the home. For example, it will be a wide table top on the windowsill, and next to it are attached stools. And all this will take up so little space that another furniture can be placed on the balcony, for example, a sofa, a locker, an armchair, etc.

The worktop can be decorated with your own hand. Today different stencils are sold, such that a person even without any artistic skills can make a chic design, image, etc. You can make a stained-glass countertop, decorating it with pieces of colored glass or plastic.

You can decorate the table top using decoupage. Find interesting motifs that match the design of the balcony and glue them to the table top, and then apply several layers of special varnish.

The worktop on the balcony can be made from various materials The table top for the balcony can be made of various materials

The worktop can be:

  • Simply white, as if an extended window sill;
  • Made of marble;
  • Simply wooden, varnished;
  • Multicolored - simply glue to the table top thin strips of colorful scotch in turn.

Perhaps you just change the coffee table a little. It then becomes a perfect table for the balcony. You can always decorate the table, apply new coating, paint, fasten new legs, etc. Today it is fashionable and interesting to give old things a new life.

Stylish table on the balcony( video)

Table on the balcony - it's always not so much effort, but a good return on work. You will not regret spending time and making a table. Let it serve for a long time and decorates such a cozy corner of the house as a balcony.

Good ideas!

original folding table on the balcony with his hands( photo example)