Restoration of balconies: repair and strengthening of balcony slabs, who should repair in a privatized apartment

Restoration of balconies is a costly process, requiring strength and reasonable approach Restoration of balconies - costly process that requires effort and a reasonable approach sometimes gets an apartment in quite a good-quality home, but the condition of the balcony is appalling. If it is not emergency, it can not be used in this state, and it needs reconstruction. If you are confident in your strengths and abilities, you can do the work yourself.

    • How is the repair of the balcony slabs
    • When you need repair: building balcony
    • alarm condition balcony or the replacement of the balcony
    • Problem question: who should repair the balcony in privatized apartment
    • stages: restoration of the balcony slab
    • Reinforced reinforcement of the balcony slab
    • competent restoration of balconies( video)

How is the repair of the balcony slabs

Many people mistakenly schiayut that balcony slab - a slab ledge. But this is not so, there are many ways to fix the plate. And to know how the plate is fixed, in each specific case it is necessary.

methods fastening balcony slab:

  • applied cantilever floor slab;
  • Pincer or clamp in the structure of the external wall of the building;
  • Suspension of the plate to the inner transverse bearing shutters or to the ceiling;
  • Support on the console of internal walls or console columns;
  • Support on steel, attached reinforced concrete or wooden structures.

Repair of balcony slabs will differ depending on whether it is a brick or panel house Repair balcony slabs will be different depending on whether it is brick or panel house

The strengthening of the brick house balcony slab provides a method of trapping. In a panel house, balcony slabs have a support for reinforced concrete structures using overlapping. And in frame buildings the slab of the balcony is strengthened by beam technology.

By the way, many people think why the design can not be solid, so that the slab is made immediately with a ledge under the balcony. But this method automatically reduces the life of the building as a whole. Because it is fraught with corrosion of the reinforcement penetrating deep into the board, and the overlapping will lose its strength.

When repair is required: reinforcement of the balcony

As far as the balcony plate is broken, and if it is necessary to strengthen it, only the specialist can determine it. Professionals should evaluate all defects. But the need for major repairs, of course, is immediately visible.

Types repair balcony slabs:

  • Minor repairs;
  • Medium;
  • Emergency;
  • Capital.

Repair of the balcony can be several types Repair balcony slabs is of several types

If you see cracks on the surface of the plate, do not rush to acquire the appropriate materials and cover up with a solution. It is necessary first of all to find out what is the degree of corrosion of the destruction of the reinforcement. Sometimes, from the outside, one can not see how deep the cracks are. If they are not deep, then minor repairs and medium repairs can be done with their own hands.

alarm condition balcony or the replacement of the balcony

How do you know whether the state of emergency the balcony, which implies this definition?Once again it is worth repeating that professionals should evaluate the destruction. But you can preview the balcony and see what restoration is needed.

The degree of destruction of the balcony should be assessed by professionals degree of destruction balcony professionals must evaluate

alarm condition is determined by the following features :

  • armature is exposed;
  • Deep cracks appeared at the joint of the slab with the wall;
  • Concrete is destroyed on top of the slab, and it is stratified from the bottom of the slab;
  • Fragments of the slab are collapsing.

Of course, in this case, you can not touch the device yourself. Called the team of installers and buses( and possibly more than one unit).Typically, this plate can not be strengthened, it needs to break out of the load-bearing wall.

Problem question: who should repair the balcony in the apartment privatized

It is said that often the topic really becomes a problem. Because of the confusion in the legislation, these questions appear. According to the rules, the balcony board must be repaired by the management company. But the railing, the grilles, the parapet - the owner of the dwelling already answers for this.

According to the law, the balcony stove is required to repair the management company According to the law, is obliged to repair the balcony slabs management company

But disputes do arise. And here you can not pull, if you see that the state of the balcony is emergency, and the company does not rush to help with repairs, write an application( and not one) to other controlling authorities. Time works against you, and if disputes and litigation are delayed, you may have to repair the plate at your own expense.

If you live in an apartment building with more than one such balcony, act together. Look for a sample application, check to see if you were answered in time. Sometimes the problem is solved very quickly, and sometimes it's like a series, a series of proceedings for a series. Seek truth, because this, first of all, is a matter of security.

Stages: restoration of a balcony plate

Moisture is the main cause of damage to balcony slabs. Inside the cooker, water can become an activator of the reinforcement corrosion. If we are talking about the old Khrushchev, for example, the protection of concrete from moisture decreases, and water easily flows to the fixture. And such an armature logically loses its bearing capacity, it means that it expands, and the balcony collapses.

Restoration of a balcony plate should pass step by step Recovery balcony slab should be phased

the recovery phase of the balcony slab:

  • must clear the balcony, all superfluous to make, remove debris, remove crumbled concrete;
  • The valve must be cleaned of rust, today there are many special products on sale;
  • welded reinforcing mesh to be stacked on the surface of the plate, to fix the special plugs( it must be drowned in the concrete screed);
  • Next comes the fastening of the formwork boards along the perimeter;
  • The reinforcement mesh is filled with a solution of sand and cement, followed by "ferruginous";
  • Next you need to plaster the bottom surface of the plate, but first treat it with a primer.

important point - the thickness of the concrete screed must be greater than the thickness of the reinforcing mesh at two or may three times.

When the reinforcement of the board is completed, the surface of it must be covered with a layer of waterproofing. If the balcony is not yet encumbered with glazing, this moment is mandatory( so that later do not complain that the balcony is flowing).This can be roll or coating insulation.

Reinforced reinforcement of the balcony slab

There is an important detail - the floor slabs that rest on the fence, stretching zone in the lower part, because it was there that fastens reinforced fittings. But the slab of the balcony is cantilevered, the stretching zone is already at the top, because there reinforced reinforcement requires an upper zone. This is a fundamental point.

If the slab of the balcony is poured, the location of reinforcement reinforcement should vary If the slab of the balcony is poured, the location of the reinforcement reinforcement must change

Therefore, the reinforcement reinforcement location must change if the slab of the balcony is poured. If necessary, the balcony slab is not cantilevered, but with the necessary supports on the pillars of steel, reinforced concrete, brick, etc.

Thermally separate the balcony slab from the slab. Otherwise it will turn into a through cold path. It will help in this any modern insulating element, the installation of which you master.

Competent balcony restoration( video)

Repair and restoration of balconies is often a matter of exclusively professionals. It's one thing if you decide to tint the grating of a metal fence, the other is if the balcony itself needs repair. The right decisions!