Kitchen design with a balcony: combining and combining, photo of the loggia and the interior with a bar counter, the exit is small

If the layout of a small kitchen contains access to a balcony - this is a huge advantage If the layout of a small kitchen contains access to a balcony, this is a huge advantage. Balcony is an assistant to any hostess, where you can store certain products, solder or leave hot dishes that can not be allocated space in the refrigerator. Especially it concerns the holidays. The only drawback that a balcony, combined with a kitchen, can have is its patency. But this happens only if the balcony is one for the whole apartment. In other situations, it is difficult to identify the negative sides. It remains to understand in more detail how to best design the kitchen with a balcony.

    • Kitchen combined with a balcony: 5 ideas for using the space
    • Rest area and kitchen with a balcony
    • Design of the kitchen combined with a loggia: increase the area competently
    • Kitchen interior with a balcony: additions complexity
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Kitchen combined withBalcony: 5 ideas for using space

Kitchen design, and combining it with the balcony in most cases depends on what purpose it will be used. Everything starts with a repair, which, unlike the standard one, is more complicated. Kitchen of this type should be as functional as possible, for this, a connected balcony is connected to a common room. It can serve as a beautiful recreation area, a magnificent winter garden or a dining area.

Kitchens that have access to the balcony are considered much more attractive than their standard options Kitchens that have access to the balcony are considered much more attractive than their standard versions.

The kitchen, which is combined with the balcony, can bring not only comfort, but also functionality.

The combined kitchen and balcony are able to perform many functions. If they are combined, space expands, but in this case it is possible to lose, then an additional room, which the hostess so often needs. It is appropriate to use balcony partitions to divide the zones, if the balcony is combined with another room.

In order for the kitchen and balcony to be used as much as possible and still have not lost its aesthetics, planning is very important, you can use different ideas for design design with every meter taken into account.

Here are the 5 most important of them:

  1. When you are engaged in a design project, note that instead of the usual kitchen window, you will have a balcony door, so do not place a kitchen table or work area in the draft area. Of course, this does not apply to sufficiently insulated balconies. Take care that all people at the table are not exposed to cold air currents.
  2. If your balcony has good insulation, use it as a cellar to store a blockage. It can also be a pantry or a workshop. If your living space is large enough, and the balcony is not insulated, organize a winter garden on it. And in the summer there will be a magnificent area for recreation. Far from everyone can boast of this. Examples can be viewed in the photo.
  3. In the process of repairing the kitchen and the balcony, try to use material of the same type and uniform style. This is a winning option. Even if the balcony and the kitchen will separate the door, they will still complement each other. In addition, it is an ideal way to visually expand a small space.
  4. It is very important to choose the right curtains, the overall design depends on this. Perfectly fit in the interior curtains, rolls, made from a special cloth that can be washed. Roman blinds can save space. And visually make the room higher and hide the balcony door are capable of fabric curtains.
  5. If there is a need for glazing of the balcony or its insulation, then to save the budget will help dismantle the old structure and replace the sill on the bar. As well as a standard worktop. Very often this opening is made in the form of arches.

As you can see, these simple tips in practice, can give your kitchen and balcony a unique originality. It's up to the project.

Rest area and kitchen with balcony

Combined kitchen with balcony, this is a very important step to comfort and comfort. If you approach the decoration of the balcony as a recreation area with a mind, then this can become a favorite place of household members in the house. Having established here a small sofa, a lamp and a TV set, and you will get a cozy corner, for which any mistress will thank you.

A small kitchen with a balcony is simply superbly executed precisely in this key, since here it is initially meant to find the most practical solutions A small kitchen with a balcony is just perfectly executed exactly in this key, because here it is initially meant to find the most practical solutions

Having designed a design in a certain style, you can get a full zone for comfort. For example, Chinese design can be combined with the classic style, which will be decorated in the kitchen. Balcony with a comfortable zone is able to complement the interior of any kitchen.

If during the repair you are not going to be insulated, then in this case a summer veranda and an established table for tea drinking is a great solution.

What could be better than a morning coffee or evening tea in the fresh air. All this will be perfectly combined with a well-designed balcony

Kitchen design combined with a loggia: increase the area competently

If you combine a kitchen with a loggia, you can increase the useful space that even the living room can not boast. Expansion is especially important if the kitchen is small. But in this situation, the insulation of the loggia and the organization of heating on it, is an integral part of the repair. Due to the fact that these two zones will be combined, you can create an additional working area or organize a cozy dining table by the window.

The kitchen, combined with a balcony, which is designed in this way, is simply obliged to have only the most modern equipment The kitchen combined with a balcony that is designed in this way is simply required to have only the most advanced

equipment. After the alignment is completed, think about the exit. The doorway can be converted to an arch or half-arch. It can also be left the same, but at the same time, it is ennobled or supplemented with a decorative column.

All this depends on the design in which the kitchen and the loggia will be framed. As for the window sill, if it is not cleaned, you can organize a magnificent bar counter or a luxurious countertop. By complementing this space with light effects and hanging glasses, you will get a unique and original design.

Kitchen interior with balcony: additions complexity

If you move all the working equipment to the combined balcony from the kitchen, you can completely empty the space of the room, leaving only the table and thus organize a dining room. However, such an organization is very difficult to implement, since the transfer of communications will allow only to arrange everything compactly, but it will be much more difficult to use. It's a little easier to do the opposite. Transfer the dining table to the balcony, if it is small, can help folding table and chairs to take out. It will be an excellent dining area.

For every housewife, the kitchen is the main room in the house. And it For every hostess, the kitchen is the main room in the house. And it's not a secret that everyone wants to make this room as comfortable, spacious and comfortable as possible

Why do not designers recommend moving the refrigerator to the balcony?It would seem that the area of ​​the kitchen from this much to be freed, but here there are their nuances.

Installing the refrigerator on the balcony, it will be located as if in a niche, but, nevertheless, the space will visually become cluttered.

And if you during the repair have taken care of the electricity on the balcony, you can safely put there, a microwave oven, a coffee machine, an electric oven, a bakery and other crayons kitchen attributes. This will affect the increase in space in a small apartment, as well as in a one-room studio apartment.

Bar counter on the balcony: layout in combination with the

functionality The last time the idea with a bar counter instead of a window sill is gaining popularity. Due to the fact that there are a lot of ideas for design, you can create a practically professional bar. It is enough just to add the bins, columns and shelves and the multi-level bar is ready. In order for this home corner to be expressive - add interesting lighting that can distinguish the rack among the entire interior.

Since the bar counter on the balcony or loggia will be part of the interior, the material should be in harmony with the overall situation, and if the balcony is connected to the kitchen, then it is required to maintain a common style with this room As the bar on the balcony or a loggia would be part of the interior, the material should be in harmony with the general situation, and if the balcony is connected to the kitchen, it is required and compliance with the general style of this bathroom

I must say that this option is notonly. It is not necessary to use a window sill between the balcony and the kitchen to make your dream come true. If you do not want to combine the balcony and the kitchen, or you currently simply do not have the opportunity to do this, there are many options that will help create a bar counter, straight on the balcony. So, for example, it's very popular to have a corner stand. This solution looks very original, especially in the form of a wave. Do not lag behind the popularity of the round bar.

If you want to save finances or you do not need redevelopment, implement a bar counter, simply by increasing the window sill near the parapet.

This implementation will help to relax and relax well, holding a glass of your favorite drink and breathing fresh air.

Cozy kitchen design with balcony( video)

What about the kitchen design with a balcony?This area is a great field for the embodiment of fantasy in the repair. If to reflect, then the applications of the balcony, which is combined with the balcony a lot. Someone is organizing a working room there, a living room, a garden or even a playroom. All actions depend on what kind of desire the family has and, of course, from your imagination.

design combined kitchen with balcony( interior photos)