Exterior finish of the balcony: exterior facing and how to decorate better, close your own hands, interesting ideas and photos

When adjusting the balcony, you should also think about the exterior decoration of the room When equipping the balcony and be sure to think about the exterior premises about what should be exterior trim balconies, most homeowners simply do not reflect. The issue is solved by "caring" employees of construction companies, which simply offer the client various options. It remains only to choose the right, based on the price policy and the appearance of the product. The rest is a matter of technology. However, in order to avoid unpleasant situations and deceptions, it is better to study this question after all.

    • What happens exterior trim balconies
    • There are risks: facing balcony outside
    • Expert advice: the sheathe balcony outside
    • Lessons skill: how to sheathe the balcony outside their own hands
    • Trace: exterior design balcony(video)
    • design and interesting finishing the balcony outside( photo ideas)

What happens exterior trim balconies

External finishing the balcony - it's not only the "face" of the house, but also a full funktsion. With its help, you can warm the room, thereby saving on heating. This is especially true for homes that have an autonomous system at their disposal.

most popular materials for finishing the outside balconies are:

  • sheeting;
  • Vinyl lining;
  • Siding.

To date, the popular material for exterior decoration of the balcony is a vinyl lining Today popular material for exterior trim balcony is vinyl siding

The first option is the most popular, and therefore chosen by the overwhelming majority of customers. Of the advantages can be distinguished loyal price policy and a wide range of color solutions. It is not difficult to sew the balcony with profiled sheeting independently.

Vinyl lining is also quite affordable, but due to the fact that the main material is plastic, in durability, it significantly loses the corrugated board. However, despite this, is actively selected by buyers.

Siding is considered to be the most "worthy" material for the paneling of a balcony or loggia. It is not susceptible to external damage, fungus and mold. In addition, it will not lose its appearance under temperature conditions from -60 to +60 degrees Celsius. The only drawback is a relatively high price, but the long term of operation( up to 20 years declared by the manufacturer) more than justifies it.

Risks are: facing the balcony outside

Another, equally popular option for exterior decoration of the balcony is its facing. This process is quite simple, therefore it is quite possible to implement it with your own hands.

However, it is important to take into account the very serious disadvantages:

  • facecoat quickly fades and loses color;
  • Perform work only in the warm season and in the absence of moisture;
  • A truly high-quality paint can cost an order of magnitude more than the best sheathing;
  • At least basic skills in construction are required;
  • The cladding is very vulnerable to external damage.

In order to quickly and efficiently make the facing of the balcony outside, it is better to seek qualified help from specialists In order to quickly and efficiently make the balcony facing from the outside, it is better to ask for expert help from

. This option at first glance seems quite economical, but this feeling is false. During the first two years, the paint will lose a lot in color, in some areas flaws and chips may appear. Coverage will need to be updated urgently!Unless, of course, you do not want the balcony to look untidy.

In addition, the damaged coating will contribute to the deterioration of the insulation. Its premature replacement may be too expensive.

The best lining is suitable for interior work where it will not be exposed to negative weather factors. Its application to the outer part of the balcony is a risky venture, which is necessary in the most extreme cases.

Expert tips: how to decorate a balcony outside

It's not a secret for anyone that sometimes the balcony is covered with even the most unsuitable materials for this purpose. However, experts do not cease to sound the alarm: such amateur performance can be disastrous not only for new repairs, but also for the health of those who live!

And a mistake can be made not only by self-taught, but also by construction teams offering their services at suspiciously low prices.

And the reason for this phenomenon will be precisely in the use of substandard or inappropriate materials.

For the external cladding of the balcony, many experts recommend selecting only high-quality and safe materials For external paneling of the balcony, many experts recommend selecting only high-quality and safe materials

"False" outer skin can cause:

  • Ventilation failure, resulting in fungus and damp;
  • High probability that the material will very quickly become unusable and will provoke the need for new repair;
  • Toxic emissions that adversely affect human health;
  • High probability of ignition.

That's why, when deciding to trim the balcony from the outside, you need to carefully study the question, get the ideas of professionals and highlight the best proposals suitable for a specific case. The most simple corrugated board is quite inexpensive, but with faith and truth, it will last for many, many years!On it and you need to stop your choice!

Lessons of craftsmanship: how to decorate the balcony from the outside with your own hands

You can also make interesting ideas for designing a balcony on your own.

To trim the outside of the balcony is quite possible with your own hands, the main thing is to prepare materials for work in advance and to familiarize yourself with the nuances of installation The exterior of the balcony can be completely hand-built, the main thing is to prepare materials for work in advance and to get acquainted with the details of the installation

The main thing is to organize the process correctly:

  • Evaluation of the current state of affairs and own capabilities;
  • Selection of suitable design ideas( the design may vary, depending on the wizard's preferences);
  • Measurements of space;
  • Purchase of necessary materials;
  • Implementation of the process.

Initially, a metal frame is erected above the balcony, designed to close it from all sides. On this skeleton the heater is laid, without which process of furnish of a balcony simply does not make sense. Immediately after this, the last stage is carried out - this is a decorative finish.

Step-by-step: exterior decoration of the balcony( video)

Beautiful balconies are not necessarily expensive, so anyone can afford to afford such an acquisition. The most important thing is not to overestimate your strengths and capabilities. A bit of zeal and everything will turn out!A new stylish balcony will for a long time please not only externally, but also its functionality!

design and interesting finishing the balcony outside( photo ideas)